Xbox One now in full production with improved CPU performance

Xbox chief marketing officer Yusef Mehdi just spoke at the Citi Global Technology Conference and said Microsoft is now in full production for the Xbox One and producing in mass with plans still on for a November 2013 launch.

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Kayant1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

With the design of the XB1 it makes sense they are able to do all these small overclocks before launch.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1689d ago

Cant wait for the massive increase in performance i expect to play KI at 1080p and 120fps.

golding891689d ago

1.75 GHZ from 1.6 GHZ. very nice upgrade boost. No doubt.

Foxgod1689d ago

The pope is just butthurt that all of the games he will play are locked at 30 fps.

FrigidDARKNESS1689d ago

If you ould like to see the increase in performance check out the latest demo of DR3 fr pax prime and compare it to the gamescom and e3 build.

shoddy1689d ago

They still have last gen ddr3 ram

Foxgod1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Dead rising 3 was indeed very smooth running on Pax.

DDR3 is current gen, as its the current standard for cpu related ram.
Just like Gddr5 (which is based on DDr3) is the current gen ram for gpu related computing.

The next standards (DDR4 and GDDR6 wont be out until 2014).

ProjectVulcan1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

The clocks were always going to be defined once the chip yields were known. If they were good, you would get better clocks. In this case it seems they are fair to middling. The target was 1.6-2.0ghz and they are somewhere in the middle.

Its a 10 percent increase over a 1.6ghz baseclock. Not exactly going to blow the doors off but hey.

Sony have probably been doing the same fine tuning of clocks as they see what sort of yields they get coming off the production line.

Its pretty important you don't go too high or you throw away too many chips. This isn't like a PC part here where stuff that doesn't make the grade you can cut bits off and flog cheaper.

It all has to work at the defined speed and voltage tolerance exactly the same as the first machine rolls off the line or its junked.

hazardman1689d ago

@ shoddy

You mean the same DDR3 ram found in 99.9% of PCs.

wsoutlaw871689d ago

its found in pcs but the better graphics cards are using gddr5

darthv721689d ago

@vulcan, i dont disagree with your thoughts but keep in mind the PS4 will also incorporate an internalized power supply. the amount of heat generated by the chips, coupled with that of the power supply will have to be taken into account for proper cooling.

So if sony stuck with stock clocks of 1.6 to keep heat lower, they could still have the edge in performance with the memory as well as board layout reducing the traces between components.

MS has the larger case design and no internal power supply so that gives them a bit of breathing room to work with finding the sweet spot for their chips to heat dissipation ratio.

Eonjay1689d ago

The PS4 is said to have maximum of 2.75 GHZ according to the readily available FCC papers. What is the official word. Last I heard it was supposed to only do 2Ghz on retail consoles.

ProjectVulcan1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

I seriously doubt they even changed the voltage for this darthv72. If their projected minimum was 1.6ghz and they hit 1.75 at the same voltage then the power and heat difference in such a small CPU is negligible, next to nothing.

You have to remember even if Sony run their CPU @ 2ghz with a small voltage bump, these consoles are designed with heavy duty power saving capabilities. They have vastly superior performance per watt. The CPU design both consoles are based around is one you can put in a tablet....

They'll be full of gates so that you can turn off bits and pieces individually to save power. I seriously doubt either of them has a TDP in excess of 200 watts and I would guess probably even less than 175w.

Original phat PS3 was about 210w max load and original 360 about 190.

I can't see PS4 having anything less than a bunch of heatpipes directly over the main chip to be able to fit in a case that small. Its not a worry producing a bit more heat, as long as your cooling design is up to the job.

If you don't engineer in a fair bit of overhead then you're an idiot. So learnt the guy long since fired responsible for Xbox 360's original cooling design....

malokevi1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Awesome news... next up, pulling the tape from hotchips off the corner that gpu and accounting for the missing transistors....

dGPU? :)

The tables are set to turn in a big way when the AMD nda deadline hits.


KZ demo revealed the Ps4 cpu clock to be set at 1.6ghz. 2ghz rumor turned out to be dev kits.

trafalger1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

m$ likely took a very reserved clockspeed because of what happened with the x360, every time someone turned the system on astronauts would see it from the space station. now that they know how cool it runs (its also supposed to very quiet) they can push it a little harder.

“This will be the biggest launch we’ve ever done by a wide margin in terms of units shipped at launch,” Mehdi said."

this is very interesting. i imagine both companies will be eager to update us any chance they get with hardware sales. the days of sony being silent during npd reports will be long gone. it looks like the ps4 will be doing much better in the u.s. but the big question will be how the xbone does outside of that region.

JokesOnYou1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Good info, so I have a few notes that come to mind based on this news:

Last gen Microsoft made changes to xbox 360 just months before launch the first 360 didn't roll off the assembly line until 69 days before Nov 22nd launch, if they are working under a similar timeframe with X1 that would be about Nov 22-27, depending when was the exact date they started full production, but considering they've improved production streamlines and are doubling efforts from past experience with 360 I'd say anytime in Nov is certainly possible.

I wouldn't make any hard predictions about performance/final specs, I mean even prior to these improved specs X1 was a very capable machine, now with new information showcasing how incredibly customized the X1 architecture is, we know the GPU was bumped from 800 to 853 and now the CPU from 1.6 to 1.75 yet theres still some things not clarified from the Hot Chips conference like the 8gb of flash memory and 15 special purpose processors, etc. It will be interesting to see if some of these things end up not adding anything significant to the overall performance or if that 8bg of flash helps reduce the OS footprint/efficiency for allocated 3gb of RAM either way bench tests will be very interesting but truth is as I've said all along these 2 consoles will be relatively identical in performance.

So the bottom line once again is money, ideas, dev tools, time, resources and most importantly talent are going to be the deciding factors in exclusive quality even more so than any gen ever before. Both sony and Microsoft clearly have talent, with sony imo having a couple more 1st party, while micro has a major cash advantage, consequently I believe this gen is going to be extremely competitive even more than the last and I think micro holds the X factor since clearly they can buy talent(3rd party exclusives to make up the gap between sony's 1st party) so depending on how they execute their overall Kinect, Media/TV strategy while remaining focused on core games for the longterm micro could really have something special on their hands; either way all this point to it being a long and awesome gen for all gamers.

EVILDEAD3601688d ago

@ Jokes,

Well F-ing said. +bubz Best post
I've seen on 4g for awhile. I can't wait
for November.

I'm getting an Xbox One at launch but there no way in hades that I won't own both consoles and a Vira by the end of next gen. Too many great games coming down the line.

It's funny looking back when nobody believed me when I said this grn was coming this year. Lol.


1688d ago
ProjectVulcan1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


If you think the consoles will be near identical performance wise you should probably read your own quoted semi accurate source and particularly the part that says the GPU performance gap is pretty huge and Sony easily wins performance wise because of that.....

That site themselves only said what everyone else with some tech knowledge has pointed out. Nice fancy system design for Xbone to work with all the media functions but it'll still essentially get trounced by Sony's better gaming hardware.
Read the article and go down the bottom. It's all there.

Ritsujun1688d ago Show
UltimateMaster1688d ago

Why is everyone saying DDR3 is last gen?....
God, I swear, some people know nothing about technology...


Obviously, The GDDR5 is at least 2.5 times faster and can get far better performances than the regular DDR3 when it comes to games.

But calling DDR3 last gen is just so completely ignorant and stupid.

The PS4 is still superior regardless this CPU increase, but it's not going to suck tremendously. It's just the PS4 will be superior in many ways and will have much better graphics.

In the end, High-End graphics is irrelevant if you have a poor Game Play experience, let us not forget that. Graphics aren't the only thing that makes a game great.

Lou Ferrigno1688d ago

haha 120fps?.. Slow motion gaming?.. I think you may be on to something here ;)

user55757081688d ago

doesn't overclocking increase the risk of overheating?

Death1688d ago

Overclocking a budget processor can definately lead to over heating. When a processor is stamped, the initial batch is typically a better yield due to the freshness of the tooling. These are typically pulled aside and marketed as black tie or something similar to show they are of a higher quality. The over-clocking community buys these processors.

AMD is custom making the chips for both consoles. Due to the quantity of processors that need stamped, they are rated much lower than they should since tool degradation is calculated in during the design process. Microsoft isn't over-clocking, they are pushing them closer to what they should be capable of. The box design and size are what compensate for any additional heat build up. Sony's smaller design prevents them from doing the same.

esemce1688d ago

Lol never gonna happen. You will be lucky to get 1080p @60fps.

dantesparda1688d ago

Come on Sony, you're sleeping on it here. You gotta up your game. First they up their GPU to 853mhz and now theirZCPU to 1.75, all the meanwhile what are you doing? just sitting on your @ss? Come on Sony you're slipping. And i know the Sony fanboys are gonna go all disagree on my @ss, but i just want a better product. This makes it look like MS is trying alot harder, while Son y just sits on their butt, being all complacent with what they got. Screw that, make it better

abzdine1688d ago

"Xbox One now in full production with improved CPU performance"

of course! better luck next time

KazHiraiFTW1688d ago

Now witness a price increase to $549.99

BlueBlood171688d ago

Jaguar chips are built with an optimum clock speed of between aroun 2-2.2 GHz... The PS4 FCC documentation stated that some cores can go up to 2.75 GHz if absolutely needed! I expect this to be used intelligently, with certain core speeds increasing when others aren't being used. :)

dantesparda1688d ago

Why are people disagreeing with making it better?! Fanboys are retards!

nypifisel1688d ago

I take it you're being sarcastic? 150mhz really won't show at all. And before anyone starts throwing shit around I take it you OC as much as I do, but if you did you wouldn't disagree with me. The end!

dantesparda1688d ago

Screw that, i want the PS4 to have at least a 2ghz CPU and i wish its GPU was 850mhz or more.
Heck I wish it had the other 2 missing CU's (to bring it to 20 CU's). Im not trying to diss the systeem or Sony, i just want the system to be better.

I mean seriously the systems arent even out yet and they are already struggling to do 1080/60fps. So more powerful the better. At least MS is pushing to make their system better than initially announced. What the hell is Sony doing? Just being happy and satisfied with their specs while MS keeps upping theirs?

Over at DigitalFoundry they are already claiming that the X1 CPU is more powerful than the PS4's, they think its got a 30GB bus from CPU to the DDR3 RAM, while they think that the PS4 only has 20GB bus, and the CPU is already running at 1.75ghz vs 1.6ghz and with the X1's sound processor it's further taking a strain of the CPU, while the PS4 just has mp3 decompressors for sound. I want the PS4 to be alot better than the X1, not just a little bit better. So stop disagreeing with me just because you's think im dissing Sony. Im trying to push them

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aceitman1689d ago

well it went from 1.6 ghz to 1.75 which the spec sheet said 1.6 - 2 ghz so that's expected at least we know its locked at 1.75 ghz .

black0o1689d ago

they gotta do what ever minimizes that GAPE

starchild1689d ago

I think you have been watching too much porn. Don't you mean 'gap'?

k2d1688d ago

Of all the contexts in the English language you bring up porn. That says more about you than him ;)

KazHiraiFTW1688d ago

M$'s butthole has been reamed so hard by Sony the last few months I don't think there is any chance of that GAPE getting any smaller.

kewlkat0071689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Yes, your only able to do these overclocks without yield issues.

The xboxOne seems to be quite flexible and have had some room to gain a little here and there for overall system performance.

I hope it's one efficient box with that custom architecture. I'm excited for the Fantasy football app but I'm in ESPN and Yahoo leagues which won't be available till Next year...grrr

dmeador1688d ago

Same, I was hoping ESPN would be available at launch. I'm thinking about gaming the system, and making a team with my players, haha.

kewlkat0071688d ago

Hey I wonder if that is possible.

NextGen24Gamer1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

•Custom Jaguar x86-64 cores at 1.75 GHZ, two clusters of 4 cores
•68 GB/sec peak bandwidth to off-chip 8GB DDR3 memory.
•204 GB/s peak bandwidth to 32MB of on-die storage.
•47MB of cache
•8G DDR3 and 8G FLASH
•Coherent Shared Memory
•Memory sharing & bandwidth (HSA HUMMA)
•DX11.1+ GPU @ 1.71 BILLION POLYGONS A SECOND ( This applies only to the core GPU )
•264GB/s total memory bandwidth
•GPU CONTAINS 15 co-processors ( seperate from the core GPU )
•Audio offload processor 15 GFLOPS

Xbox One CPU Schematic

Notice all the extra co processors aside from the core GPU. Its this core GPU TFLOPS figure used in comparison to PS4's GPU TFLOPS. It will be interesting as PS4 in its entirety only has 7 co processors. Xbox One has 15 on the GPU side alone.

Be interesting to see how this turns out. Microsoft did say dont always believe whats on paper. And that it may turn out that design is better than numbers. They look to have the design to back up their claim. Tey did pay AMD 1.2 billion more than Sony for their APU design. So sit there and think about that for a second. Why would MS pay AMD 1.2 BILLION dollars more than Sony for lesser APU Tech? Hmmmmm...Something not adding up??? The promise of 4k gaming by MS but not Sony....How can that be with Sony having the better announced specs on PAPER???? If you put the pieces of the puzzle together, it's right in front of your face!

So they upgraded both the CPU & the Core GPU clock speeds. They have upgraded and shown NEW internal tech (8gigs of flash & 15 co processors) that wasn't known when they first announced the Xbox One.

They have one last thing to announce in regards to the Apu/Dgpu. When they announce that, they will also announce the release date.

My guess is TGS....All the worlds gaming press will be there and it's on Sony's Turf!

Think about it, what has MS been waiting for? You have to know that they already know the release date, they are waiting to make an impact....

Kuse1689d ago

I want to believe you man but getting Xbox to open up about anything seems to be moot, It just seems like a lot of speculation and rumors.

I'm buying an Xbox One Day 1, I just love the lineup of games and future games to boot.

iamnsuperman1689d ago

Did you really just put TGS at the end of your quote. TGS is the worst place to announce a release date because that market doesn't care. It is going to happen via a press release or Major Nelson's blog thing

NatureOfLogic1689d ago

"Microsoft did say dont always believe whats on paper."

And do you believe everything MS says? They said that because the facts are, they have inferior hardware compared to PS4.

black0o1689d ago

TGS .. lol
u know that (T)okyo (G)ame (S)how .. as Tokyo in japan

Bzone241689d ago


You do realize that whether or not that market cares or not, that word will get out if it's announced there. You are acting as if a ship will have to be sailed to deliver the news to the rest of the world from there.

HammadTheBeast1689d ago


You have absolutely ZERO knowledge of what you just wrote.

Please stop just copy pasting PR.

Eonjay1689d ago

Nice specs but PS4 still wins. Microsoft is claiming 1.31 TFlops worth of graphics power. They would NOT claim less than what it is. Sony is claiming 1.84TFlops worth of graphics power.

Thats 500GFlops more. That will matter. It is what it is.

Indo1688d ago

4k gaming requires alot of power and a nice cooling system to even keep a stable 30fps on a PC. And seeing how the XBOX One is stacked, it be really hard to see 4k gaming hsppen on the $499 box.

DoesUs1688d ago

LOL @Elite....a small increase in clocks, but it's still inferior. They are trying the only thing they can to get that gap down. And some of that other stuff you listed, no! But your love for MS is well documented so you'll cling onto them for dear life. In the real world things are much different though.

windblowsagain1688d ago

Does not have 204 gb's/

102 gb/s

You can't just add bandwidth together,lol.

264 gb/s rofl. Don't be silly

BallsEye1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


Look who's talking. The sony technician, always posting about tflops and other crap. So what's your computer science degree?


Watch Hot Chips before you post your "opinion". I'm pretty sure MS techs taking the stage there know better than a random n4g kid.

LordDhampire1688d ago

can anyone link me this 8Gig flash memory everyone is talking about, I haven't seen anything for it

EVILDEAD3601688d ago

Wow @ Elite. Did not know MS paid that much more for the design.

Guess I have been out of the loop.

It will be interesting if there is something more to it.

I just find it odd that it feels like some people on here and elsewhere seem to feel this way this late in the game.

Microsoft's approach at TGS will be interesting regardless.

The announcement date for the console is today though.


Computersaysno1688d ago

I don't understand why there are still questions marks or people saying Xbone is as fast as ps4 or its close. PS4 gaming hardware is just faster. End of story. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar and knows nothing about technology.

Death1688d ago

The reason people still disagree the Xbox is as fast or faster is because neither console has been released and Microsoft hasn't fully released specs.

Computersaysno1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

We know plenty enough of these consoles there is no mystery whatsoever to anyone slightly technically informed PS4 is going to walk all over Xbone in terms of game performance as soon as the programmers get a grip on it after its first year.

Anyone that keeps denying it has their head in the dirt. Xbone is a media box with an considerably inferior GPU and inferior memory access. Microsoft wasted hundreds of millions of transistors on trying to structure the memory buses to compensate for slow DDR3 memory, and millions more on video and audio DSPs to make their multimedia functions work properly at the great expense of the machines GPU performance.

Its going to be destroyed on multiplatform games by PS4's proper, games focused custom hardware, there should be no doubt, there is no question, there is no ambiguity.

Bookmark this comment and you'll see soon enough why I am confident about that and wonder why you even doubted it. and i'll quote for you:

" have a clean kill for Sony on performance.

Microsoft made a really impressive SoC that is a multimedia monster with a bit of gaming ability, technically speaking it is quite impressive that they pulled it off. Not to take anything away from the hardware designers but Microsoft management simply aimed wrong. Sony made a gaming machine, Microsoft did not. Sony made a clean design for coders, Microsoft did not. Microsoft made a complex technical masterpiece that is in a no-mans land between a <$100 Android media center and the PS4. Sony just did right for gamers and won the battle."

sync901688d ago

What aload of nonsense! Keep trying, you sound as bad as MS.

imt5581688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

So, CPU speed goes up for 9% from 1.6 to 1.75 Ghz
or 150 Mhz. A minor upclock or from 102 GFlops to 112 GFlops.

1.31 TF GPU + 0.112 CPU = 1.42 for XO.

1.84 TF GPU + 0.102 CPU = 1.94 for PS4

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imdaboss11689d ago ShowReplies(4)
mark134uk1689d ago

with all this pushing i predict a average xb1 lasting 1 year before it dies

sony doesnt need to play catch up there already leading

1689d ago
pedrof931688d ago

Ps4 cpu is rumored to be 2 ghz while Dev kit is confirmed 2.75ghz

sak5001688d ago

talk out of your mouth not your @ss.

Death1688d ago

I'm pretty sure his source is N4G...

DarkAzureIIIX1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

The FCC said that they are Identical so both are 2.75ghz

pedrof931688d ago

Your saying that Ps4 cpu speed is 2.75 ghz ?

That's not possible.

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Mithan1688d ago

Yes but it doesn't really make a difference. The PS4 and Xbox One are virtually identical performance wise as will become obvious next year as games come out.

The only people making an issue out of it are the retards on the internet that are technomorons and don't realize that the games are going to be the same.

Look at the current generation? The PS3 was stronger than the 360 on paper and it made zero difference. In fact, most games looked better on the 360 due to ease of programming.

People should just purchase the system they want and forget about it.

hardcorehippiez1688d ago

and bingo your straight on point ease of programming. this time sony has extra power along with ease of programming which is making for the more capable console for gaming .