The Last Guardian For PlayStation 4? Possible TGS Surprise?

The Last Guardian is far from being scrapped, and one of Team Ico's developers gives GamerFitnation the scoop on how. The question is will it be for PS4 and if so will it be shown as TGS? Read the full article to find out more.

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iamnsuperman1720d ago

Like Half Life 3 I fear this game will just be one of those long running myth jokes

darthv721719d ago

well, even duke nuke'm forever eventually came out. Even if it did take....forever.

ArchangelMike1720d ago

Naah, Sony will bring it to market. unlike HL3, TLG is confirmed to still be in development.At this stage, it is likely to be a PS4 title.

Mr-SellJack1720d ago

The Last Guardian has much more possibility to be made,look at FFXV..,.....
Half-Life 3 is still in the planning section for crying out loud!It would release in 2015-2016 when they build a new engine and virtual reality is a thing,atleast we had gameplay footage for TLG's evidence

MrUndrhill1720d ago

I wish Aliens Colonial Marines had stayed that way.

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nick3091720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

It will come to ps4, im not worried. + dont want it rushed

CocoWolfie1720d ago

i actually trust the devs which i think is japan studio, they make some really good games, i always see them on great titles so hopefully your right ^-^

ZBlacktt1720d ago

"+ dont want it rushed"

That had my laugh. It's been in production now like 7 years. But yeah, whenever it drops it drops. :)

nick3091720d ago

They shifted development from ps3 to 4 or beyond, itll take a bit

KwietStorm1720d ago

I don't think there's any chance of it being rushed..

nick3091720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Rushed in terms of shifting development from ps3 to 4. Its gonna take at least a year till we see gameplay.

ZBlacktt1720d ago

Where are you seeing that it's moved the the PS4? Everything I've found says rumor. Or do you mean the dev's working on that game moved on to other games that will be on the PS4?

nick3091720d ago

Why would sony release a ps3 exclusive after 2013?

ZBlacktt1720d ago

Because they are still supporting it. Why would GTAV do the same? It too is a rumor to come to next Gen. It gives people hope. But all rumor until Dev stated otherwise. At least PD is saying GT6 could end up on the PS4. Where others have said no or nothing.

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CocoWolfie1720d ago

has anyone seen that vgcharts? its not accurate one bit, it always seem to show less that what devs say theyve sold but the last time i checked it has 150k pre-orders which is amazing for a game which has like 1 trailer and no sight of when itll release :')

yellowgerbil1720d ago

well when the trailer was the most beautiful thing animated since wall-e and got the same reaction NO doubt it is pre ordered and awaited.

josephayal1720d ago

A dual release would be acceptable

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The story is too old to be commented.