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Assassin's Creed is Dead

This is Rebel's Gaming post by Kirk Deis on why Assassin's Creed is DEAD. (Assassin's Creed, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)

Jackhass  +   813d ago
They're worn out this franchise quick.
ExposingLames  +   813d ago
Half assing the game and having major bugs and glitches really turned the series into crap. Especially the MP. After AC3 I swore I would never buy another one and will keep to that. Just don't know if that games quality speaks to all Ubisoft titles.
nick309  +   813d ago
Yet it sells millions. Why? Pretty much alive and well. Though not the same, still sells great.
listenkids  +   813d ago
Only clicked to post this
Sovereign59  +   813d ago
Unless I stop having hours of fun doing stupid little things like dropping dead guards off of rooftops to cause panic below, Assassin's Creed will never be dead, not to me at least.
starchild  +   813d ago
Yep, there is so much to do in every game and to me it's a lot of fun. I love the traversal gameplay, the combat, all the various side missions, the historical settings and characters, and the overall storytelling.

They are simply fantastic games in my opinion. But like any successful thing, there is a certain percentage of people who have to be contrarians and start hating on that thing.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   813d ago
Specially in AC3, there were a ton of fun stuff to do, some stuff like that assynchronous online beacon hunt by the end and the boat combat actually let me wanting more!

If wasn't for the bugs (and I won't make excuses for it there, they were plenty) it would easily be my best game from 2012. So I think it's as far away from dead as it could be.

It doesn't mean I'm all pumped for AC4, thought... Arguably it's a little too soon (and other great games I have priority will release around the same time), so maybe I'll hold by purchase 'till early next year (by then I'll either already have a PS4 or will be getting one, depending on the price they announce here), but getting it none the less.
GameSpawn  +   813d ago
I wouldn't ever go to the extreme and say the series is dead. The series is suffering from the "Call of Duty" effect though. The series is pumping out games almost yearly and being "subjectively" watered down.

It hard to deny how much Assassin's Creed has changed from AC1 and AC2. I really think the series plateaued around Revelations and Brotherhood. AC3 did bring a lot of new things to the table but it lost the heart and soul the earlier games had in terms of how objectives could be accomplished.

My problem with AC3, glitches aside, existed in the STRICT linearity of the missions and their objectives. You were forced to complete MANY of the missions in a very exacting and specific way, especially when you were attempting a perfect run getting the bonus objectives. In earlier AC games you were simply told to take out an assassination target and, rarely, in addition take them out either without alerting anyone or with a specific weapon like the hidden blade (didn't mean you couldn't dive attack with it or casually stroll by and "poke" them). This exacting form of gameplay meant you were no longer allowed to explore multiple avenues to the same goal. This all to me killed a lot of the "fun factor" previous titles had.

Another minor problem with AC3 was the changes to the notoriety system. They made it far too complex and at times it made running away very difficult. They have noted that AC4 has a more simplified rule-set for notoriety and detection to overcome some of the pitfalls of AC3's system. I don't expect it to be near as simple as AC1, but more like Brotherhood and Revelations (hopefully).

In short, my bullet list of the pros (++/+) and cons (-/--) of AC3's changes/additions are:
++ Ship battles
+ Hunting/Crafting/Trading
+ Weather/Season/Time changes
+ New Assassination/Kill Combos
- Notoriety/Detection System
- Obscure mini-games
- Lack of "parkour" friendly architecture (I realize this is due to the choice of time period/setting)
-- (Forced) Mission Linearity

Does all this mean AC3 is an atrocious game? No, many of the new elements make up for some of AC3's less desirable features. If you're a completionist the forced linearity caused by the optional objectives might get on your nerves in a few missions, but nothing too game breaking.
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Kirkusm  +   813d ago
That's exactly what I'm saying. "It's not the same." It'll always sell but the franchise has become like a record. The more it's played the less the quality can be heard.
medman  +   813d ago
Of course it's dead. Funny thing though, why does the dead thing sell millions of copy?
Bzone24  +   813d ago
People love the dead. Walking Dead is a perfect example of this.
theWB27  +   813d ago
Each game gets a 2-3 year dev cycle and the storylines are better than 90% of games released. I'm biased though, it's by far my favorite franchise.
CultOfPersonality  +   813d ago
Same here, AC is my favourite franchise!, but the MP has never Interested me, but ac4 is looking like the best AC since 2 IMO
starchild  +   813d ago
I agree with you. If the development cycles were only 1 year long the games would suffer and likely be crap. But they give the games the care and attention they deserve and as long as they continue to be good, I will continue to buy them.

I love the historic settings, characters and story lines in these games. And I love the variety of gameplay in each game. Most games don't have nearly the variety that the Assassin's Creed games do. Assassin's Creed 4 looks like it will be the best of all.
hankmoody  +   813d ago
Having trouble finding the urge to play through AC3. I will admit though that the multiplayer is still a hell of a lot of fun. And also, AC4 looks more and more interesting. Releasing one of these things every year is just too much AC in general if you ask me. The series felt special at first but now it just feels like overkill.
ZBlacktt  +   813d ago
AC3 is absolutely nothing like AC4. Please keep that in mind.
kneon  +   813d ago
I found getting through AC3 to be a slog. I just didn't care about the story or characters so I ignored nearly all optional missions just to get through it.
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fsfsxii  +   813d ago
It won't die as long as idiots keep buying. And they keep begging for original IPs
ZBlacktt  +   813d ago
Yet, watch, mark this post. This will be one of the most talked about games ever to come at the start of Next Gen ( AC4BF ). I've seen it, I've played it. As have many others who've been to gaming conventions. This is mind blowing Next gen game play and graphics. I mean I've never seen a game look this good on a console. There is so much very fine detail in this game you are just never going to want to stop playing it.

Now, after reading this little story. This guy has no clue, no idea at all about AC and it's history. So not worth the time or effort this article is.
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Williamson  +   813d ago
AC4 does look good and it seems like a lot of things to do in the game, but the story got ruined in ac3 and pretty much died.
_FantasmA_  +   813d ago
Just because it sells, doesn't mean it doesn't suck. The stories are okay, except for the science fiction part which doesn't fit well with the other historical aspects of the game. People buy cigarettes and fake food all the time, that doesn't mean its good. So yes, artistically this game is dead, but zombies and fanboys will keep buying it.
starchild  +   813d ago
I hate arrogant people like you who try to pass off their opinions as facts. I would love for you to tell us which games you think are great so that we can tear them apart and tell you how pathetic the narratives and gameplay are.

The Assassin's Creed games are very good in my opinion. The sci-fi elements work just fine. I've read sci-fi all my life and I don't understand what you think is so incongruous about the sci-fi and historical elements. It makes perfect sense to me.

So go on being the cool contrarian hipster that you think you are. It only makes you sound like a douchebag who thinks he is better than other people because he likes unpopular things.
_FantasmA_  +   813d ago
Cool story bro. I said an opinion. Only butthurt fanboys like getf you mad when someone doesn't share the love for something you have. You love AC, I get it, that doesn't mean everyone else wants to be like you. I hate arrogant people like you who think that when someone dislikes something, they must be stupid and wrong.
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CrimsonDragon90  +   813d ago
Not really a fan of the series, stop playing after AC 2, but how can a series be dead if people keep buying the games. Dead is when sales are low and people don't give a crap about it anymore. But after watching some footage of AC4 it looks interesting might get it. They should do a WWII AC or a Fedual Japan AC. Or How awesome it would be if they made an AC set in Persia and mix the gameplay with some of the early prince of Persia games.
beebap  +   813d ago
Ac3 was better in many ways but also lacked in ways that made ac2 3 releases so memorable. I for one I'm not sick of the franchise, can't wait for AC4 being a pirate is gona be so much fun. Anyone think there be more pirate games.
ErryK  +   813d ago
I'm pretty sure the title should be "Assassin's Creed is dead to me" because a lot of people still play and like it.
Kirkusm  +   813d ago
Is it asking to much to wanna love it?

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