Page 3 models used to promote Atari's Crossword title

London commuters are being given the chance to meet two Page 3 stunners at London Victoria Station, in a publicity stunt to promote Atari's upcoming Nintendo DS title, The Sun Crossword Challenge.

Page 3 stunners Vikki Blows and Sam Cooke will be at the station from 8am on Friday April 18 and will be able to help passers-by to complete a giant interactive crossword. The Nintendo DS game will also be playable on the day.

There'll also be the opportunity to have your photo taken with Sam and Vikki, although we've not had confirmation that you'll be able to touch them with your stylus.

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Zarfoz3693d ago

They sure look good. :-)
Phil in action, eh?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43693d ago

Vikki Blows!;-D I'm saying NOTHING!;-D
Shes very pretty;)

ItsDubC3693d ago

Only kids play the DS so this ad campaign will fail.

/end sarcasm

Mr_Kuwabara3693d ago

Wow, that woman is so bangable. She's just screaming in that picture, "bang me, bang me" lol.

Srry, couldn't resist...

whoelse3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )


1 or 2? First or Second girl?

Personally from those pictures id pick 1 (Vikki Blows)!

DarKnight13693d ago

Wow what an odd campaign strategy...
Didnt know London minors were such pervs lol.
But thats the best addvertisment in my book. But somehow i dont see the game livving up to that hype.

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