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BF4: Two flight ceilings for jets & choppers confirmed. choppers won’t be able to “orbit camp”

Battlefield 4: Two different “flight ceilings” for jets and choppers confirmed. choppers won’t be able to “orbit camp” (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ATi_Elite  +   352d ago
Good cause in real life Choppers CAN'T climb to 40K feet like Jets!
Hicken  +   352d ago
Depends on the chopper, and I don't think you can go that high in Battlefield, anyway.
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ambientFLIER  +   352d ago | Intelligent
Bezki - Um, yes, it DOES.

"On June 21, 1972, Jean Boulet of France piloted an Aérospatiale Lama helicopter to an absolute altitude record of 12,442 metres (40,820 ft).[35] At the extreme altitude the engine flamed out and the helicopter had to be (safely) landed via another record breaker — the longest-ever autorotation in history."
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Hicken  +   352d ago
Obviously, you can't take just any chopper up that high. Just like all other average aircraft have general operating ceilings that can be overcome with the proper modifications.

Military choppers obviously don't have the necessary mods, so of course they shouldn't be going that high. But, at the same time, there isn't 40k worth of vertical airspace on Battlefield maps.

Edit: Also, Intelligent bubbles to ambient. Trust a FLIER to bring the facts.
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BeathuberCH   352d ago | Spam
Hicken  +   352d ago
Stupid, but tasty.
malokevi  +   352d ago
Awesome news. I never get much use out of either, unless I'm a gunner on a chopper, or decide to hop in a jet only to crash it a few minutes later... but it always annoyed me when I would get killed, and the killcam would be wayyy up in the sky.

This will increase realism, and definitely piss off a few chopper pilots.
KazHiraiFTW  +   352d ago
You know what they should also fix, the retards who play as support and never drop ammo
nades_all_night  +   352d ago
DICE can fix a lot, but I don't think they can fix stupid.
sprinterboy  +   352d ago
They could possibly incorporate a auto drop from the player like if someone is within a few feet of a support soldier it auto drops ammo or if your a medic auto heal, this way the diff classes would actually help without the player pressing a button to drop them ammo/ medi pack etc. This could possibly work maybe
Kleptic  +   351d ago
^i've always thought that would be a great idea...

getting close to a support character will slowly give off ONLY primary weapon ammo, and the character you're near will not get any xp for it...so, if you run into typical random 'Xxplayer_terrible_new_hob by_neededxX', you at least get whats needed most...its also not hard, because the 'do not drop anything' players also rarely ever move...anywhere...so just keep him alive for a few seconds, and leave his ass...

but equipment and/or secondary ammo needs a box dropped...and xp is given to the player that drops it, just as it works currently...

would remove A LOT of problems the veterans have with the seemingly non-stop river of absolutely terrible new, er...actually how long they've played has nothing to do with it...i've seen col. 100's that don't know how to drop ammo or health packs...
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ATi_Elite  +   352d ago
OK normally Choppers can't climb that High which is why if you die on Mt. Everest your dead body is staying there because they are not gonna get a "Special Once in a Lifetime Record Breaking Chopper" to come get your dead Corpse!

ANYway I guess I should've been more CLEAR and said "Military ATTACK Helicopters" can't fly that high!

Ghee Whiz anything I guess to validate a Rage Disagree LOL!
Vip3r  +   352d ago
Good. One thing I don't like are the Heli Hellfire snipers.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   352d ago
OMG I LOVE THIS NEWS!! I'm a 100 rank heli pilot and getting owned by noob jet pilots who just are great at flying in circles and straight down at super slow speeds eventually killing me from above..no way to counter that..hope they do something about those Iglas and Javs
Kleptic  +   351d ago
um...this news does nothing towards what you're talking about though...right?...as in heli's now can't go as high as jets...you'll now always be vulnerable from a jet above...

this is a very jet-centric move, i'd say...I mean people always bring up realism with bf3...but does this ceiling limit really fix anything?...yeah, an AHZ1 can't climb to crazy altitudes...but an F18 can't stay in the air at 30mph with its landing gear down, either...one was fixed, the other...probably not...
KiLLeRCLaM  +   351d ago
Just as long as they can't go at 30mph with gears down im happy cuz I get killed by noobs who come straight down from above at slow speeds and always kill me cuz they have mastered that..so annoying and not fun at all..Hope tv missiles hitting jets and heli get fixed too.. I have 30k kills with heli but should have about 10k or more that never registered.
ZBlacktt  +   352d ago
Man, good fixes as the camp trolling was bad in BF3, lol. People would fly over in a Helio, jump out and steal your jets, lol.
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TheFamous1  +   352d ago
After seeing some Shadow Fall gameplay I am having second thoughts about my BF4 bundle.
Aleithian  +   352d ago
Tough choice. You're not going to get the same craziness and randomness in KZ as in BF. The latter simply has more variables with the vehicles and the destructible terrain. But then you'll get a more intimate and graphically detailed experience with KZ.
Hufandpuf  +   352d ago
"But then you'll get a more intimate and graphically detailed experience with KZ."

Which even then doesn't amount to much if the gameplay isn't good.
Aleithian  +   352d ago
Agreed. Personally, I'd say that BF is the safe choice.
Aleithian  +   352d ago
Can't wait. I'm going to be crashing so many helicopters and planes all over the map, courtesy of my shitty piloting skills.
PsyMonk3y  +   352d ago
I do agree that orbit camping is cheap but the only reason chopper pilots do it now is because the Stinger/Iglas are now so op that every person on the map runs around with them shooting them every 5 seconds at us!!

If dice just made the reload time and distance on Stinger/Iglas shorter then chopper pilots wouldn't feel the need to use such cheap tactics!
Mainsqueeze  +   352d ago
They would still use cheap tactics, their would just be less of a chance for anyone else to kill them...
PsyMonk3y  +   352d ago
Almost nobody used this tactic until after the last DiCE chopper nerf and Stinger/Iglas buffs.
Kleptic  +   351d ago
stingers were ridiculous at launch...could reach across a map...coupled with the 6 month 100% broken gunner flares (which, instead of fixing, they just removed entirely haha)...it was retarded...

so they nerfed the poo out of stingers...no one but idiots complained...then...they nerfed the heli's against infantry, and buffed the igla's again...people flipped...then they put some sort of limit on the lock on distance for stingers/iglas...which confused people...so they tweaked it a few times...and we're even more lost than when we started...

all the while...igla's were only not a tactic for a month or two...with everyone and their dentist uploading a 100+ kdr video from the gunner seat, i'm not surprised that DICE figured lock on anti-air was a must to remain 'fair' or something...
USMC_POLICE  +   352d ago
Fix the fact that I only can get disables and not kills in a plane. Two rockets and I disable them. Two hits on me I die wtf.

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