Xbox One vs PS4

Since the original announcement of the Xbox One back at E3, Xbox was very clear about its used game policy. If you purchase an disc based game from a retailer, as soon as you play that disc on your Xbox it would be registered virtually to that Xbox and could only be shared with ten “family” members. Meaning the game could no longer be lent out freely or traded in at retail stores. Xbox One would also require daily online check-ins in order to play any single or multiplayer game. If you couldn’t sign into Xbox Live at least once every 24 hours then you were more or less screwed.

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GarrusVakarian1691d ago


But PS4 first for me :p

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1691d ago

Xbox One vs PS4

Jason Vorhees (ps4) vs wimpy 80lb nerd (xbone)

GarrusVakarian1691d ago

People like you are the reason this website is so full of fanboy wars.

b163o11691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Lmao "RobotChickensMostOne-Sid edFights".

Wimpy kids screams "That'sIt!" Rolls into a Goliath.
Goliath picks up chairs and slings it into a wall.

That's the first thing that came to mind when I read your comment...

XB1_PS41691d ago

I'm not gonna lie, I preordered my xb1 first. No doubt in the future I will get a PS4. Right now though. I like the day 1 lineup, also I want a dvr. The PS4 is too hard to get right now anyway.

DatRealBoy1691d ago

@sofresh you know ps4 have a dvr right

Gamingcapacity1691d ago

Not sure about the part where they mention that both companies took a "if it aint broke, don't fix it" approach. Both controllers have seen drastic changes and a lot of improvements judging by the hands on I've read.

I'm still waiting for a true and proper hardware comparison by tech minded people. Is there any that somebody could link me to?

TomShoe1691d ago


It's not like I need to explain why.

scott1821691d ago

I am waiting for a good PS4 bundle to be available again.

mxrider21991691d ago

@ so fresh xbox ones dvr records up to 5 (or 7 cant remember which) mins on streams to twitch ps4s dvr records up to 15 and stream to twitch ustream and other social sights and can upload vids to utube facbook etc

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MysticStrummer1691d ago

No contest.

PS4 me.


DatRealBoy1691d ago

lets start that


Sci0n1691d ago

Noo she was banned!? FreeMariaHelFutura!!

black0o1691d ago

again ?? lol


M-M1691d ago

PS4 for me.


Hicken1691d ago

Expect to get hit with spam on these comments. Doesn't seem that it'll do anything, sadly.

I'm waiting on some more games that interest me. Well, I should say I'm waiting on some exclusives that interest me. So far, it's only Titanfall, and I don't need an XB1 for that.

MysticStrummer1691d ago

"Expect to get hit with spam on these comments."

Yeah Maria forwarded me at least part of a conversation with a mod.

This site makes no damn sense.

N4G encourages and even thrives on flame bait, but flaming in the comments section is frowned upon. The mod even admitted Maria said nothing incorrect, but brought down the ban hammer anyway.

Hicken1691d ago

Yeah, I read it, too. Not sure I get it.

No, I'm sure I don't.

Far worse comments on a more frequent basis by others, and they're still able to post.

I just don't get it.

MRMagoo1231691d ago

WTF so maria gets banned but elite24gamer is still running around spreading complete BS lies and he is fine ???!

yeh sony biased site for sure /s

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cvflyboy1691d ago

I say ps4 for the hardware and exclusives, but hey if you are a camera enthusiast then the xbone is a great choice. :-)

sincitysir11691d ago

I'm a one gal kinda guy. Xbox is Miley Cyrus and ps4 is Catherine zeta jones. She knows what she's doing ;)

Sevir1690d ago

I'll just stay with the PS4. Dual console ownership is far too expensive and eventually one simply gets more usage. No use in having a machine that will barely get usage. Money well spent on Nov 15th, 2013. :)

To everyone psyched for November 2013 it's gonna be the best holiday season in a great while. Next Gen launches for gamers everywhere.

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YNWA961691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Preordered both, because I like games, not clicking on links on why I should not buy a console.... Damn me for that if you must...

Gold punch, good for you, but other people do watch TV and do other stuff too, but as I said, good for you...

ABeastNamedTariq1691d ago

Why not both? Hehe.

(Natalie, you will be mine on November 15th! Trisha, wait for me!)

blackbeld1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Why not WiiU and PS4?

WiiU and PS4 is a better combo.

XB1_PS41691d ago

By that logic, so is the Wii U and XB1.

waltyftm1691d ago

Wii U, are you having a laugh, this is a next gen versus not a last gen and a half.

blackbeld1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )


Because the PS4 has more raw power #dealwithit
WiiU got Zelda!

Xbox games I do not like it and most of them are multi-platform games.

XB1_PS41691d ago

@blackbeld Yeah, I'm a PC gamer first. Please don't get into this "power" thing you speak of.

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BallsEye1691d ago

woah so many disagrees for people who want both/ N4g is infested with kids who get toys from their parents. Fanboys destroying gaming. I remember, back in the day me and my friends wanted to have as many gaming systems as possible, to play as many games as possible! It was awesome. Now the american way kicked in which is " my sh!t is better than yours no matter what and FU". I'll be buying Xbox One for me and my family, later maybe ps4 if it gets games that will interest me. I want project spark with kinect mocap for my games already! (yea it works! Project Spark YT)

BlueBlood171691d ago

I'm just sick of them never giving an honest bloody verdict!

GoldPunch-TR1691d ago

Of Course PS4. Because I am gamer not TV Viewer.

Hicken1691d ago

I view TV. Just not so much through my game console.

So yeah, PS4.

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