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GTA V – New details revealed, More than 50 bridges in the game

New GTA V details revealed by PCGames.de in a new preview of the game (Grand Theft Auto V, Xbox 360)

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US8F  +   668d ago
Talk about scope. I want to spend months on this game not doing any mission but just checking out every part of the map...... and do some drive-by's

Also " cutscenes work fluid. like when going in a marker there is no short balckscreen, instead the camera goes cinematic. same goes for the end of the cutscenes." I don't know about you guys but this is a big accomplishment seeing the immense size of the game and being able to do that as well on current generation.

I'm really scared of what Rockstar is capable of doing next generations
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   668d ago
Agreed, R* deliver the same quality that 1st party studio's do. Can't wait to see what they can do with next gen consoles.

But i'm admiittedly a R* fanboy, so i'm biased :p
StoutBEER  +   668d ago
That's okay. I think most people are Rockstar fanboys. :D
Audiggity  +   668d ago
Color me yellow and slap a black star on my forehead...

Fanboy through and through.
FriedGoat  +   667d ago
All that British talent.
brodychet  +   667d ago
Ha, i'm glad these bridges aren't blocked by Roadwork and 4-6 Star Law Enforcement XD.
UltimateMaster  +   667d ago
Rockstar Rocks!
Irishguy95  +   668d ago
Chances are while checking out the map you'll have a sudden urge for a police chase...which will end with you in a tank battle on top of a mountain while masturbating furiously.
lnvisibleMan  +   668d ago
'...masturbating furiously'
A sure way to get a 5 star wanted level.
YNWA96  +   668d ago
Jeez, hate to see what will shoot out of the tank.... ;)
Played with classical music I hope....
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OmniSlashPT  +   668d ago
Sometimes I cant believe this is current gen reading some news and articles about the game. The size and detail of the worlds seems massive, something that we've never seen this gen. R* is raising the bar, even for next gen titles.

I wasnt very hyped for GTAV, but from the past trailers and news, oh god, this seems like the game that will start next gen while being current gen!
StoutBEER  +   668d ago
So the bridges were the most interesting part? I think not! Fluid motion in and out of cutscenes, no blackscreens. That's awesome.
Psychotica  +   668d ago
Me too, it took me 3 years to finish GTA 4, I can only imagine how long it will take me with this..
3-4-5  +   668d ago
I could do NOTHING in this game and have 300+ hours of actual non-forced fun.

This is how you pack content in a game.

EVERY game should be this.
Audiggity  +   668d ago
I wish every game was like this... but, then we'd have like 6 games to choose from :o)
Shane Kim  +   667d ago
Thank god every game is not like this.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   668d ago
Every detail revealed about this game keeps leaving me more and more impressed and makes me less and less patient to wait for it to release. 2 weeks seems like forever now lol.
dj3boud  +   667d ago
oh.. in GTA IV there were 13.. 50 in GTA V! how long will it take to fly under all of them :P

Edit: Lol! i just commented before reading the article
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drsfinest72  +   668d ago
think about this..
GTA III-liberty city(NYC)
GTA vice city- Miami
GTA San andreas- cali LA
GTA IV- liberty city again
GTA V- san andreas again
so GTA VI- vice city remake? i think itll be cool
SIRHC13  +   668d ago
VIce City. VI.

Oh yeah.
-Foxtrot  +   668d ago
If they do Vice City which I hope they do they will need to add more islands. The best thing I can think of is have Vice City in the bottom right hand corner of the map, add more islands above it spread out and then from the bottom to the left hand side of the map have an Urban/Country side as a massive main land
BehindGames  +   668d ago
100% game of the year
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Irishguy95  +   668d ago
I want to explore the sea
Plagasx  +   667d ago
Unda da sea
hankmoody  +   668d ago
I preordered the special edition directly from Rockstar.

I also made sure to check off the box that said, "In purchasing this product, the buyer is well aware of the lack of a social life that will come of it."
Benjammin25  +   668d ago
Wow! Bridges!
Neixus  +   668d ago
Nice to see the no loading cutscenes thing, as far as i know, only uncharted / The last of us have done that on console.
Big feat that GTA V is doing that aswell,considering it's open world and really big
SKULLFACE  +   668d ago
well i think its safe to say that its a big map.
SephirothX21  +   668d ago
Dammit. I was hoping for 60. That's me ruled out then. /s
nooneknows  +   668d ago
I wish they'd just show us a gameplay walkthrough.

I mean the games releasing in two weeks and its gone gold. Pre-orders are high, who's going to drop them?

TBH, they show journalists this but not the people who are going to buy the game and support them?

CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
Audiggity  +   668d ago
It's all about the psychological impact... Rockstar is like the chick you take out on a date, and you know it is going to end well.

Drinks are flowing, laughter is abundant, dinner is good... but she never takes off that damn turtleneck!

R* doesn't show skin too often (I was surprised with what they've shown so far to be honest). R* wants YOU to dive in for the first time, as they bask in pride while 5 million current gen consumers are deflowered by GTA V on day 1.

They do this so 7.5 million people will want to do the same thing for GTA VI on day 1 (in 2018).

They've mastered marketing/PR in the industry. "CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " is exactly what they want you to feel right now.
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nooneknows  +   667d ago
Wow, you get my thumbs up and a bubble.

Amazing explanation.
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YourSavior  +   667d ago
I would rather play the game myself than watch a walkthrough. 13 days isn't that long.
claud3  +   668d ago
You can not beat the masters of open world
YodaCracker  +   668d ago
I don't even care about next gen. GTA V is all that's on my mind. The PS4 and XB1 can wait 'til next year!
falviousuk  +   667d ago
And all achieved with only 512MB of RAM
urwifeminder  +   667d ago
Sweet glad we straitened that out Ai fish bad bridge good lol sleep so much easier.
kratos321  +   667d ago
graphics is amazing eagerly waiting to play game
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GenericNameHere  +   667d ago
The article mentions PS3, but why no PS3 tag in BOTH the article and here? You biased, BehindGames? So if someday a journalist does a hands-on with Dark Souls II on the PS3 (the game is multiplat), I guess you'll only include a PS3 tag, and not include a PC or Xbox 360 tag despite the game being on those platforms too?

... I'm just keeding. Next time, you should definitely tag a console a game is on though, despite the game being played only on one console.

Anyways, nice to hear more info!! 13 days left and I'm starving for any new info on this game! So close yet so far!! :'(
Simco876  +   667d ago
Health regens 50% only, you have to look for Health packs or eat something

dreamoner  +   667d ago
Yeah. Searching for a hot dog stand for 5 mins at 10% HP was a bitch in GTA IV
xYLeinen  +   667d ago
no more than 5 % of total GTA players will explore everything, begging the question, why make it that big?
Simco876  +   667d ago
The real question is "why not"?
dreamoner  +   667d ago
As long as it's living,breathing,detailed etc. world, bigger is better, more realistic.

Do you know anyone who explored everything in their RL city?
KentBlake  +   667d ago
"checkpoints are set very well"

That makes me extremely happy.
Kidmyst  +   667d ago
I suppose there will be a Trophy/Achievement to fly under all bridges.
AceBlazer13  +   667d ago
Cool 50 bridges for me to fly under.

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