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Dear Microsoft, Stop Making It So Hard to Defend You

GeekParty's Jake Valentine writes an open letter to Microsoft.

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TheNewSquid1482d ago
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NYC_Gamer1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Why defend any company?we need to stop acting like these companies are our friends/ we aren't getting paid by them.

US8F1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

It is not a matter of defending a company like a friend but defending a company based on genuinity and good business. shoving things down on your consumers is bad business, as if they are our parents and telling us what and what not to do. Making the consumer happy means more money for the company which makes them happy

Microsoft's case, not so much. It started in disaster and I hope it doesn't end the same way, for the sake of competition atleast. I hate that they were full of dishonesty from the get go, and so much gimmicks to sell their over priced console.

Regardless, people would buy their system because they love their exclusives, but for me, no exclusive is going to make me sell my rights for gimmicks. Even if they reversed most of the things now, its too little to late for that.

I swear if Sony did the same thing, I would stick to PC gaming, and I would be more than happy with that. Thank god they didn't

Neonridr1482d ago

so the PS3 wasn't an overpriced console?

hop3lessfray1482d ago

Exactly. It's nice to be able to look back at the PS3 and see how Sony was able to turn it around. For the sake of competition, it would be nice if they could turn it around as well.

Things are better when both consoles are strong.

US8F1482d ago


It was but I bought it 2 years after it was released. Did Sony force anything on us when they released it other than the price? Did they lie to us and make 180 degree reversals after they claimed it wasn't possible when asked? there is more to say but you get my point.

IcicleTrepan1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


Firstly, Microsoft did not lie. It was a cluster by any standard, but they didn't lie. And no they didn't force anything on you unless they at gunpoint made you buy the console that isn't even out yet. boo hoo on your little immature tears.

Secondly, shouldn't you be more concerned about your government lying to you and forcing things upon you (for real) than a video game company? Give me a damned break.

You act like Microsoft shredded your favourite stuffed animal.

hop3lessfray1482d ago


They kinda forced Sixasis a bit (Lair) before they released DualShock 3.

adorie1482d ago

How was it overpriced when it had Blu-Ray? Not to mention HDMI and wi-fi, OUT of the box.
The PS3 was supposedly worth something like a thousand dollars and Sony were losing tons of money on each system.

"in before: not my problem"

darthv721482d ago

@US8F...some would argue that bluray was forced because the quality of the games at the time were no better than DVD quality.

sony was even questioned if they could have released a PS3 without the BD drive and while it would have been possible, they were more interested in pushing forward the acceptance of the format than actually making use of its space.

the usefulness of the capacity came in time but until a game like MGS4, the capacity was not used to the benefit of the format. it was for movies which was the driving idea from the beginning.

So Im glad sony stuck to their idea of keeping bluray just as i am glad Ms will stick to their idea of including a kinect with every xb1. the appeal of what they offer is not something that is universal (not everyone will like it) but you have to give them credit for believing strongly in their product to keep it relevant.

And I would not go so far as to say "defending a company" more like just educating those with closed minds that its okay to be receptive to something different. you never know if you will like something if you arent open to trying it out for yourself.

YNWA961482d ago

I am glad Sony turned it around, but companies do make mistakes, errors and so on, and I know MS screwed things up, but to be honest, it has been merciless and extremely personal for some people here, while pretending Sony never made mistakes and that they are the Messiah... have your gripe against MS, no problem, but get over it... to come on every article, and see the same whining, even when its a good article/news or whatever... its pointless at this stage.... I do not know about others, but I am sick of seeing people here, complaining, attaching a bunch of links, and never actually articulating something by them self, enough is enough, please...

hop3lessfray1482d ago


Forced? Perhaps, but it was an absolutely brilliant move by Sony.

Microsoft could have easily supported HD-DVD natively, but their decision not to may have cost the format.

Sony could boast the fact that every PS3 owner was also a Blu-ray owner, helping the format's sales. It's the same gambit Microsoft is trying with Kinect: every Xbox One owner is also a Kinect owner.

adventureghost1241482d ago


So when they microsoft said "We cant change the Xbox One's policies with a flip of a switch," and then completely reverse them 3 days later that wasn't lying? About forcing things on to you, he's refering to if you bought the console, they tried to force DRM and a nearly constant connection to the internet. About government, how do you know what country he is from? His government could be fine. Not to mention that Microsoft has ties to the NSA, and was, without a doubt, going to use the kinect to spy on its users.

quenomamen1482d ago

Agreed, if these was a car company, fast food company, wachine machine company there would not be so many fanboys making excuses.

n4rc1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Yea they did.. Remember back when ps3 would run Linux?

How quickly did they own up to the hack?

Keep acting like Sony has a perfect track record if you want.. Doesn't make it true

And its not a lie.. They are essentially rewriting all software to make it happen.. Its not a flip of a switch no matter how easy it is to say so

tordavis1481d ago

@us8f - yes they lied. They took away Linux, they took away backwards compatibility and they flip flopped on rumble support.

Just sayin...

Freedomland1481d ago


They took away all these features so that they can reduce price and to improve security.

kreate1481d ago

Sony forced bluray on us as much as microsoft forced dvd on us like how sony forced cd on us like how nintendo forced the wii-mote on us.... etc etc.

Than kratos, master chief, mario was shoved down our throats .... etc



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GarrusVakarian1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

If anything, you should USE a company, get what you want from them (in this case games) and leave it at that, they get your money, you get your games, everyones happy.

Of course there's always going to be a certain amount of respect or admiration for a company that suits your needs, but people need to stop acting like they are married to these companies.

devwan1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

I see what you're saying but can't fully agree with it.

For me and many console gamers it's not a matter of taking what you want and that's the deal done, kthxbai... reason being it's not just like using a utility company that provides a generic faceless service for the mundane day-to-day stuff. To me it's somewhere closer to being a fan of a football team.

YNWA96 posted above you, he's a ms fan (I believe) and clearly a Liverpool fan. I'm sure he's much more passionate about the mighty reds than he is about the company who made his games console, but I'd bet he doesn't think of buying games and paying for live from Microsoft the same way he does paying council tax or British Gas for their services. There's some kind of middle ground here where the console manufacturers and game producers fit in. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with being a fan of a company that provides and facilitates so much enjoyment (of course, at a cost!).

Really I just think your way of looking at things is a bit cold. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft aren't your cable provider, aren't your water supplier, aren't your electricity company offering mundane necessities that you "USE", they're the companies that make all kinds of AWESOME that we all spend crap loads too much time enjoying the hell out of. That's the kind of business you should be allowed to really enjoy and support - just like a sports team.

So I think it's only natural to be a little more fond of them than British Telecom or Verizon.

Like everything else though, some take it too far... that's when it begins to ruin things for everyone on a site such as this.

GarrusVakarian1482d ago

@ Devwan

I reserve my passion and love for the devs and the games, not so much for the big bosses that rule them :)

A_Gamer1482d ago

I completely agree with you NYC_Gamer. By the way this is off topic but I'm from NYC also. Brooklyn to be exact.

IcicleTrepan1482d ago

I'm with you.

The self entitled sucky baby tantrums on this thread and site are just mystifying to me.

The average age of N4G users must be about 15, middle class with no worries in life other than a huge list of what they want for christmas. In that case, why worry little man, mummy and/or daddy will buy you whichever console your little heart desires so that you'll never have to ever think for yourself or worry about something more important than a video game console such as real life - you know, working for a living, paying bills... you just keep worrying about how many pixels your little game box pushes more compared to the competition and you will be a huge success in life.

jmac531482d ago

It's more like defending your purchase because that is really what defines a person, right?

MineHaxx1482d ago

You are totally right sir.Most fanboys are promoting both consoles without getting paid.
Also,Bubble Up for you. :)

jensen861482d ago

me n sony are friends untill they pull sum shit like MS

BallsEye1482d ago

Sony pulled a lot of shits, you are just too young to remember.

cvflyboy1481d ago

Exactly! Sony or Microsoft should never be defended if they ever try to screw the gamers. This is our hobbies and it should be protected at all cost from nickle and dimming policies.

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RytGear1482d ago

If its hard to defend a company then maybe they don't deserve to be defended.

guitarded771482d ago

The title made me laugh. It's so true. I see MS fans defending some of the dumbest things. We should all be critical of any company when they do something that's not in the best interest of us (the gamer, the consumer).

ThanatosDMC1482d ago

Yup, i love the comment about having options about batteries or rechargeable ones.

Neonridr1482d ago

I think we see fans of all camps defending some pretty stupid things. Sony fans made fun of Wii fans saying how gimmicky the Wiimote was, then stood hand in hand to defend the Playstation Move to their graves.

It's only natural to defend your console of choice.

Personally, I support multiple consoles that way I don't have to rely on one always making good or sound business decisions.

This isn't a business of charity people, bottom line is these companies want money.

BallsEye1482d ago

Ow shut up. It's getting old.

Hicken1482d ago

Defending Microsoft is getting old? I agree.

Kingthrash3601482d ago

they say the truth hurts........the truth is hilarious on this occasion .