Sony: PS4 UK Pre-order Levels Are "Unprecedented" In 20 Years of Business

SCE UK head Fergal Gara talked about how the country represent a significant proportion of PlayStation 4 pre-orders and that these numbers are "unprecedented" in 20 years of the business.

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GarrusVakarian1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Sony did everything right, and the pre order numbers reflect that. PS4 is going to be PS2 all over again.

Tony-A1928d ago

The numbers announced after launch day are going to be pretty massive, I can tell you that much.

Sony's announcement of over 1 million preorders might not seem spectacular to some considering consoles typically make upwards of 50 million easy, but it's actually more substantial than some might think.

This is going to be an extremely successful console. Believe that. #1.1.1

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abzdine1928d ago

this is nothing but the result of hardwork and keeping it real and frank with the fans

gaffyh1928d ago

More than PS2??

! *imagines MGS alert sound effect*

guitarded771928d ago

There's more competition than ever, but there's also more gamers than ever. Sony is making all the right moves heading into next-gen. I think they will do very well.

FullmetalRoyale1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


Especially when you take into account the fact that these are simply pre-order numbers. Not DAY ONE sales.

There are a lot of people that don't purchase things online, don't use credit card, and don't like to put money down on something in advance.

My friend, foolishly I might add, plans on just waltzing into a store on release date and picking *one up.

All the while I shall be watching some Netflix as I wait for mine to be brought to me.


*minor typographical error

devwan1928d ago

Sony is setting the agenda, they should be applauded for their pro-gamer policies, their genuine appreciation of what gaming is and what it means to people and also for allowing us all to become truly excited once again when it comes to console gaming. Oh wait, they already have been rewarded with unprecedented pre-order sales both here in the UK and worldwide.

Now some off-topic stuff:

@insomnium2 I see your comment was marked as "trolling". There seems to be quite some abuse of the bubbles and votes system recently, or is that common place and I've simply not noticed it before now?

insomnium2 holds an opinion hoping that the ps4 blows the xbox one out of the water and sees this as being some kind of service to gaming - while that may be a somewhat biased and harsh opinion, I don't see that he/she shouldn't be allowed to believe that or state it. It's certainly not "trolling", especially in a news article stating how unprecedented ps4 pre-orders are (especially when you consider possible reasons behind those pre-orders being so high). So what's up?

How is moderation/reporting/etc. handled here? Is it simply a matter of a script counting up negative votes until a limit is reached then -boom- you get marked for spam/troll/etc? Or does someone have to push a button to confirm it?

I see MariaHelFutura was marked for trolling in a similar at-worst-borderline post and could now be on a temporary ban because of this? Is there a new crack-down on semi-borderline posts or is this just a coincidence and an accumulation of similar incidents? Or is there some kind of fanboy war being waged with bubbles? Seems really odd!

Ritsujun1927d ago

7 BHb0ts disagreed with insomnium2.

UltimateMaster1927d ago

It's going to surpass the PS2.

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Thatguy-3101928d ago

Everyone is just so excited for Next Gen. The current Gen took to long.

Thehyph1928d ago

Everyone should be excited no matter what they're buying. All of those little things that we are getting by having a modernized experience instead of gaming on something seven years old.

I don't care which sells more. I just want to get that box home, empty it out, smell the smells, feel the feels, start it up, and enjoy.

Right now I just wish that September and October didn't exist.

CrimsonDragon901928d ago

Hell Yeah! The ps2 era was the best. Can't wait for the PS4.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

xbox had a good run.

smh... owned..

TheFutureIsBlue1928d ago

So I did good when I made my username then? =p

Retroman1928d ago

everyone wishing for ps2 era all over again including me
but. will all ps2 type games come back including beat'em up's,side scrolling games too?? if so HELL YEAH im down for ps4...

stuff1927d ago

Keep your eyes on PSN. I believe we will see those routes of games and more on there.

Imalwaysright1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Many people here are claiming that the PS2 era is back but imo will it only be back if it has the variety and quality of the PS2. Believe me I want it but I'm not holding my breath, not because of Sony which imo are one of the few publishers that isn't afraid of trying something new, but because 3rd party publishers have the $ sign in their eyes and that usually means CoD copy and paste.

OT this is what happens when you don't try to take our basic rights as consumers. Well deserved.

BG115791927d ago

Not just that, Microsoft and Nintendo were not at there best this year.
That also helped.


Well they won me over.

once hardcore uk xbox fan. my ps4 preorder is set

Leonex1927d ago

You made the right choice. ..

TAURUS-5551927d ago

yep another PS2 huge success all over again ¡¡¡

PS4 king of kings.

RIP xbox1

YNWA961927d ago

I am getting both, and eventually maybe a WiiU, but why some people want only one console is beyond me. Having competition keeps you on your toes. PS2 dominated, and look how that turned out with PS3 launch. PS4 would not be what it is today without Wii and 360 smashing Sony's once impregnable dominance. This turned out to be good for gaming in general. Be happy with what you purchase, but be careful what you wish for. For myself, I have decided to pick up Killzone at launch, not sure for launch game for X1, leaning towards Dead Rising. This is the beauty of competition, great games, end the envelope continously being pushed...

Retroman1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )


R.I.P x1

in the voice of announcer in "Gauntlet LEGACY" xbox 1 warrior MUST DIE!!!!!

extermin8or1927d ago

I think it might end up bigger than ps2- I mean this comment ^ is with them having ps4 launch sales info....

Leonex1927d ago

PS4 going to be PS2 all over again. ...
Couldn't have said it any better. ..

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djtek1841928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Shut up and TAKE MY MoNEy!!

iamnsuperman1928d ago

I want to be saying that but I am waiting on the voucher from the July competition on N4G before I pre-order. I feel I might have left it a bit late. O well. Better start praying to the gods

Campy da Camper1928d ago

Brother, if you haven't ordered your ps4 yet you probably won't see the system in your living room until the flowers are in bloom. I'd get on it.

RedDevils1927d ago

Just pre-order now and get that stupid voucher later lol

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Nyxus1928d ago

Got mine pre-ordered!

LondonMediaOS1928d ago

Mine too, I'm so excited for my PS4... Im probably gonna do an unboxing video. :)

MRMagoo1231928d ago

got mine preordered, 4 games(BF4,watchdogs, KZsf and AC4) and the console paid in full ready for launch day :)

Kurt Russell1927d ago

I am, but due to a car being a douche I am scared I can't afford it ^^ naaaaaa