PS3 Fan test is Dangerous !

According the french site UltimatePS3, PS3 Fan Test can damages your system, the fans speeding up is a fail safe trying to get the bottled up heat out of the system, this can burn your CPU and GPU, this is confirmed by sony.

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Fishy Fingers3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

durrr.... I thought that was pretty obvious, your basically intentionally over heating your system, forcing the fan speeds to increase to try and compensate.

IF you tried it, and soon your PS3 falls you'll have no one to blame but yourselves. Oh and you can probably kiss your warrenty good bye.

MURKERR3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

who the hell would copy a ten year old kid tanked up on redbulls evils offspring?

he had so much caffiene and sugar in his system his a diabetic in waiting.

Tarasque3894d ago

Well it shoudlnt void your warranty cause there is nothing in the manual about it, you know not doing it. They shouldnt even allowed the console to do this i dont think. Nothing beats a good ol can of air anyways.

schommerc3894d ago

well i have heard compressed air can actually be bad for the consoles as well. something about it caking the dust even deeper inside.

i could be wrong...

sonarus3894d ago

lol. PS3 is a tank and i doubt it will be affected but i am not doing it regardless

mikeslemonade3894d ago

Sony is just trying to be safe so thousands of PS3s won't be jeapordized, but really this technique is just tricking the PS3 to think it is overheating to turn up the fans.

gameraxis3893d ago

when that fool said, fan testing or whatever i asked myself how can this kid be that stupid??, i mean really something as dumb as turning ur system upside down triggering a fan test instead of pushing a button or going to an option, truly truly DUMB! Like in the ps3 manual

"if you want to test ur fan levels, turn on ps3 and hold upside down in mid air for 30 sec to a minute." what and IDIOT!

spandexxking3893d ago

are they refering to the 40 gb or the 60? because you've got to be an idiot to believe the fat kid but the 40 gig fan test seems quite safe. if its something the console allows then why would it damage it?

ReBurn3893d ago

What do you mean it shouldn't void your warranty because they didn't tell you not to do it? Some things should just be common sense.

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tweaker3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

The 40GB SKU should be safe. As for the 60/20/80GB, I knew from that start it was not a smart idea to turn the PS3 upside down. lol. Anybody desperate enough to clean the internals should just buy a can of compressed air. Much more effective and proven.

jadenkorri3893d ago

regardless if your stupid enough to hold it upside down for a cpl hrs till its really really hot, i think u deserve it to overheat...2ndly, i tryied it and only left it upside down for a little bit, like a min or so and i think it really all depends on how long you do it for...i know it will be ok, its those dumb people who'll turn it upside down and leave the room while the console "cleans itself" if you get my point...

GODofDOOMS3894d ago

oh crap i new it was dangerous but i saw comment of people trying it and working fine so i thought i should try it. dam it what if you only tried it only once? im i still alrite?

Fishy Fingers3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

If your PS3 is still functional I wouldnt concern yourself to much. But I highly recommend you don't try it again as it may seem fine now but cause problems at a later date.

If you need to get the dust out of the system, buy a can of compressed air.

bigman73873893d ago

"oh crap i new it was dangerous but i saw comment of people trying it and working fine so i thought i should try it. dam it what if you only tried it only once? im i still alrite?"

did anyone else think that he sounded like someone who did drugs once or had sex once with this chick and she got pregnant? he just sounded so worried.

GODofDOOMS3894d ago

everyone Approve this Story before another person gets their PS3 damaged

cl63AMG3893d ago

have there been any reports of damaged systems?

Science_NERD3893d ago

No damage to my system, only thing is, the fan caused by ps3 to fly out the window and into the sky!