New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Show Stunning Vistas, Cars, Assault Rifles and More

Rockstar just released a new batch of screenshots of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, that will hit the shelves on September the 17th for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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FlameHawk1724d ago

Michael has a beard in one of the screenshots, I wonder if you can grow out your beard and you have the ability to shave , that would be awesome.

Abriael1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Or maybe it's a customization option. It threw me off too at the beginning.

raresteak1724d ago

It'll be funny if they retained GTA SA logic where you could have a "before" haircut with short hair and "after" haircut with a full afro.

I have a feeling that will be the case.

3-4-51724d ago

flash back? flash forward maybe ?

moparful991724d ago

Weave? Wig? Hair implants? lol

come_bom1724d ago

That pic is from the movie Heat... fantastic movie.

medman1724d ago

If that's the case, I will shave his pubes to look like an assault rifle.

Zancruz1724d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if we did have to shave, feed them and etc... IF I remember correctly all cars needs gas now, except the electric car that's in the game... Gotta fill your tank up before going on a crime spree. Busted reasons? Ran out of gas... Priceless.

Gozer1724d ago

I hate shaving in real life. I hope they dont try to make a game out of something meaningless.

Murad1723d ago

I hope that's a possibility, as in MGS4, people stated Snake could grow a beard or something, but during that time, coding that would be difficult, hopefully, this time it will be possible.

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buynit1724d ago

Damn the game looks good... Makes me wonder why i got sr4!

Abriael1724d ago

Completely different games, both have good reasons to be enjoyed IMHO.

ZBlacktt1724d ago

Steal anybodies stories today trash? Nice to see my story go to number 1.

-EvoAnubis-1724d ago

@ZBlacktt Are you STILL whining about that? I understand being upset, but now you're just sulking. Get over it, take the lesson you learned from it, and keep on moving.


to tie you over till GTAV comes out.

I know because I did the same. SR4 is ok, it has it's fun side but for me it's just filling a gap, till GTA5

buynit1724d ago

Whats up with the sound! Its horrible.. I havnt played since the second one, man has quality fell off. I dont see me going back to this if i beat it before gta

taz80801724d ago

SR4 is similar but very different. To me SR4 is more about the super powers and having those super abilities than using vehicles. It is over the top while GTA stays realistic. Both have their place in your library

fattyuk1724d ago

for someone who's always like saints row and always loved GTA , I've not been interested in buying saints row 4, I'm not sure if it's because I though saints row 3 was abit small and tbh quite bland or because off GTA coming out in a few weeks time,

I'm chatting rubbish as I'll probalay buy sr4 to rinse this weekend, where as I've got 2 days booked of work for GTA!

IRetrouk1724d ago

To be honest i loved the first 3 but this new one just isnt doing it for me, dont know what it is but it just feels off to me.

colinf4381724d ago

Saints row 3 isn't even close SR4, I really enjoyed the 4th one!

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buynit1724d ago

Yea its been fun but the graphics sucks ass and the sound fx is horrible

fattyuk1724d ago

Would you like me to phone you a taxi?

So you can go back under your bridge,

Graphics suck? For what is quite possibly the last "big release" of this gen (not counting any of the yearly/2 yearly? if that's a word , we've seen this gen ; AC,cod,bf, and on its own beyond)

Ok sir


zyphee1724d ago

hes talking about sr4 relax

bigrob9041724d ago

what? i was just gonna say how the graphics surprise me every time and i keep waiting for them to say, just kidding this is net gen footage, here's this gen.

buynit1724d ago

Sorry for thw confusion but I was talking about sr4.. the graphics in gta5 look awesome, I cant wait to get mh hands on it..

BullyMangler1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Assault Rifles!! Finally!


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