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Submitted by Abriael 887d ago | screenshot

New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Show Stunning Vistas, Cars, Assault Rifles and More

Rockstar just released a new batch of screenshots of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, that will hit the shelves on September the 17th for Xbox 360 and PS3. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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FlameHawk  +   887d ago
Michael has a beard in one of the screenshots, I wonder if you can grow out your beard and you have the ability to shave , that would be awesome.
Abriael  +   887d ago
Or maybe it's a customization option. It threw me off too at the beginning.
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raresteak  +   887d ago
It'll be funny if they retained GTA SA logic where you could have a "before" haircut with short hair and "after" haircut with a full afro.

I have a feeling that will be the case.
3-4-5  +   887d ago
flash back? flash forward maybe ?
moparful99  +   887d ago
Weave? Wig? Hair implants? lol
Outsider-G  +   887d ago
Looks like Robert Dinero
come_bom  +   887d ago
That pic is from the movie Heat... fantastic movie.
medman  +   887d ago
If that's the case, I will shave his pubes to look like an assault rifle.
Zancruz  +   887d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if we did have to shave, feed them and etc... IF I remember correctly all cars needs gas now, except the electric car that's in the game... Gotta fill your tank up before going on a crime spree. Busted reasons? Ran out of gas... Priceless.
Gozer  +   887d ago
I hate shaving in real life. I hope they dont try to make a game out of something meaningless.
Murad  +   887d ago
I hope that's a possibility, as in MGS4, people stated Snake could grow a beard or something, but during that time, coding that would be difficult, hopefully, this time it will be possible.
buynit  +   887d ago
Damn the game looks good... Makes me wonder why i got sr4!
Abriael  +   887d ago
Completely different games, both have good reasons to be enjoyed IMHO.
ZBlacktt  +   887d ago
Steal anybodies stories today trash? Nice to see my story go to number 1.
-EvoAnubis-  +   887d ago
@ZBlacktt Are you STILL whining about that? I understand being upset, but now you're just sulking. Get over it, take the lesson you learned from it, and keep on moving.
DARK WITNESS  +   887d ago
to tie you over till GTAV comes out.

I know because I did the same. SR4 is ok, it has it's fun side but for me it's just filling a gap, till GTA5
buynit  +   887d ago
Whats up with the sound! Its horrible.. I havnt played since the second one, man has quality fell off. I dont see me going back to this if i beat it before gta
taz8080  +   887d ago
SR4 is similar but very different. To me SR4 is more about the super powers and having those super abilities than using vehicles. It is over the top while GTA stays realistic. Both have their place in your library
fattyuk  +   887d ago
for someone who's always like saints row and always loved GTA , I've not been interested in buying saints row 4, I'm not sure if it's because I though saints row 3 was abit small and tbh quite bland or because off GTA coming out in a few weeks time,

I'm chatting rubbish as I'll probalay buy sr4 to rinse this weekend, where as I've got 2 days booked of work for GTA!
IRetrouk  +   887d ago
To be honest i loved the first 3 but this new one just isnt doing it for me, dont know what it is but it just feels off to me.
colinf438  +   887d ago
Saints row 3 isn't even close SR4, I really enjoyed the 4th one!
buynit  +   887d ago
Yea its been fun but the graphics sucks ass and the sound fx is horrible
fattyuk  +   887d ago
Would you like me to phone you a taxi?

So you can go back under your bridge,

Graphics suck? For what is quite possibly the last "big release" of this gen (not counting any of the yearly/2 yearly? if that's a word , we've seen this gen ; AC,cod,bf, and on its own beyond)

Ok sir

zyphee  +   887d ago
hes talking about sr4 relax
bigrob904  +   887d ago
what? i was just gonna say how the graphics surprise me every time and i keep waiting for them to say, just kidding this is net gen footage, here's this gen.
buynit  +   887d ago
Sorry for thw confusion but I was talking about sr4.. the graphics in gta5 look awesome, I cant wait to get mh hands on it..
bullymangLer  +   887d ago
Assault Rifles!! Finally!

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BigDog55  +   887d ago
Looks awesome!!
Gardenia  +   887d ago
I remember when playing GTA IV i thought; this game is pretty much the limit of GTA this gen. Seeing all this, i was so wrong.

But 2 weeks more until launch, isn't it time to show us some real gameplay now?
YodaCracker  +   887d ago
They have already released two gameplay videos, one for single player and one for multiplayer. Even that was unprecedented since they never released any gameplay footage for GTA IV before release.
Gardenia  +   886d ago
I mean gameplay of someone playing the game, seeing how it is when playing it yourself
josephayal  +   887d ago
I seriously think GTA V can keep me busy until next gen consoles are released
inmusicutrust  +   887d ago
GtaO Comes out about 6 weeks before the ps4, this will easily hold me off as well as justify me keeping my ps3 hooked up after I get a ps4. Hell I'll prob still jump into factions on tlou a couple times a week after my honeymoon phase w gta wears off.
YodaCracker  +   887d ago
I love how they now have every light source in the world draw in from the distance. It really makes the world feel more real when you can be out in the dark wilderness and see civilization out far in the distance. No disappearing lights as you get farther away. It really looks amazing in that nighttime screen of Los Santos where you can see every single street light.
windblowsagain  +   887d ago
I hope this game fails hard.

GTA4 was total crap.
waltercross  +   887d ago
Troll alert! ^
RedDevils  +   887d ago
What a looser
DARK WITNESS  +   887d ago
I hope your "%^£$^"6 fails hard onto a D2£^%^"k.

Try more
goldwyncq  +   887d ago
How come you have 6 bubbles again?
kewlkat007  +   887d ago
I do feel like GTA will delay many next-gen console purchases..My cousin already said he is good till next year spring time.
waltercross  +   887d ago
I was gonna get a PS4 but decided to wait awhile Since GTAV and Sims 4 can hold us over awhile.
hemmo1986  +   887d ago
Thought someone might find this interesting. The gameplay video that they have released if you watch it via you tube the graphics look better than what they actually are, however if you download and watch it on the playstation network on your tv you will be able to notice the graphics are not as smooth and rendered, it actually looks like current gen. But it still has descent visuals a lot better than gta and red dead. Because I couldn't beleive those vids were current gen.Turns out its just the vid player your watching it on.
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-Gespenst-  +   887d ago
They've shown WAY too much of this game. I feel like we've seen nearly everything already. We've got a glimpse of nearly all the kinds of environment, the mini-sub (They should have left that a surprise), and lots of other stuff.

I kind of feel like Rockstar are being a little bit desperate. It's kind of like the syndrome of putting bullet-points on your game box saying (a la Farcry 2) "the most realistic fire ever!!". It's this kind of pulling our gaze this way and that saying "look at this look at this! That's cool right?!" If they were more confident, they probably wouldn't be inundating us with so much stuff. The marketing and advertisment for this game is just completely over-saturated. I know it's super hyped and everything, but if there's one thing that totally spoils ANYTHING, it's knowing too much about it going in. Rockstar need to be more coy, although I think it's too late. Honestly my enthusiasm for this game has waned big time. I know I probably sound like a snot-nosed kid, but I do appreciate the effort that probably went into crafting the world (The story will likely be crud again; the satire ham-fisted; the hyperreality indulged in as if it's a good thing etc.), I just think they've gone a bit nuts with information.

I will say however that the night-time screenshot overlooking the city looks pretty lovely.
MeatAbstract  +   887d ago
I think that's utter bollocks.

We've seen, what, 4 or 5 trailers? The reveal back in 2011, then another, the character trailers, the gameplay reveal and finally the online. I think we've seen enough to know what you're going to get without giving too much away.

It's a very solid marketing strategy, just being forward with what your product does.

However if stuff like that bothers you there is absolutely no reason to watch he trailers and read all the previews. I've read some stuff here and watched all the trailers and that's as much as I need and I don't think the game has been spoiled in anyway.
waltercross  +   887d ago
Desperate?, They already received hella money from this via pre-orders. I'm one of them Pre-orders. I Think R* knows that GTAV Does STILL Have allot to show regardless of what they show us.
paul-p1988  +   887d ago
If i remember rightly Rockstar have done it for all the GTA games in the past, so why stop doing something that helps shift a few million copies of your game?
cunnilumpkin  +   887d ago
you do all realize these are fake right?



seriously, these are pc screenshots, the console verison will be covered in jaggies and sub-hd textures

heck, diablo 3 on ps3 and 360 is 584p and still looks like crap, runs like crap and has jaggies everywhere

if you think these screens are accurate after 8 years of being lied to with fake screens I feel sorry for you

here is what it will look like;
(and makes sure to stretch that out and blow it up to fill your whole screen because that is what your tv is going to do with whatever low res gta v actually runs in on console)

you are honestly better off playing it on a 720p or less tv, all console games, heck most ps4 and xbox1 games too by the looks of it
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MeatAbstract  +   887d ago
I'm expecting tons of disagrees here but I do agree with you. If you look at the footage Rockstar showed for GTAIV and then how it looked, you can see a huge different. This applies to Red Dead Redemption also.

There will be a noticeable difference when you see this running on the console but I'll still be buying it as it's out on nothing else yet :P
cunnilumpkin  +   887d ago
ohhh im buying it too, I just know what to expect, if it is even just a bit nicer looking than gta iv I will be happy

I just hate how companies get away with this crap and people fall for it every time

I already got it pre ordered for 360, can't freaking wait, when its cheap i'll pick it up again on steam and play it with crazy high resolutions and all that, but I want this freaking game now!!
waltercross  +   887d ago
I Call BS, There were several Builds. Not saying that the Final 360 and PS3 Versions will look this good but I don't think you'll notice much differences nor care when you're playing GTAV!.
Zancruz  +   887d ago
True, But the way the game looks also depends on your personal setup... With the right HDTV everthing looks better especially when the TV has been calibrated properly. Jaggies doesn't show up on mine, unless i change my TV settings and seems to be the one thing nobody ever talks about...

A good calibrated HDTV makes a world of difference...
bigrob904  +   887d ago
so i take it you missed the gameplay videos they showed running on ps3 hardware? they have also shown off 360 gameplay as well. i don't know what you are talking about so i guess you will be surprised when you get the game.
DARK WITNESS  +   887d ago
I am going to bookmark this post and will revisit it after the game comes out.

The last two big games R* have released have had trailers and screen shots that were 99% true to what the final game actually looked like on console, on my TV. I am talking about RDR and Max Payne.

Considering both those games run on the same engine as GTA4 I think it's fair to say R* have made a lot of improvements to it and i do not expect it to look just like gta4.

looking at the old trailers of GTA4 and screen shots etc, the game still looked 99% to what they showed in trailers etc.

Only the ps3 version fell short and that was because of the AA and jaggies.
PAYNEinc85  +   887d ago
The game on current gen consoles will not look anywhere near as good as these screenshots. Remember RDR? Not that I care. Still a day 1 buy.
Plagasx  +   887d ago
I've got the candles lit already and the smooth jazz music all set. Just 2 more weeks and your all mine baby..
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Pieman523  +   887d ago
It's almost here!!!
RE_L_MAYER  +   887d ago
screenshot 1 - Tha bridge to terrabithia ?)))
RE_L_MAYER  +   887d ago
screenshot with an orange car-reminds me of underground for some reason and Michael looks badass with that beard
tristanwerbe  +   887d ago
PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, who needs them? lets just play GTA V f#$@% them
Dubfella  +   887d ago
Is it just me or does Michael look different in that pic with the beard?
StevenvEekeren  +   887d ago
Michael still reminds me of Jack Tretton. He's the spitting image.
Indo  +   887d ago
I love how GTA V looks full and packed. Got GTA V downloaded but it's just sitting their mocking me now haha.
steve30x  +   887d ago
This is my favourite one. It shows how massive the map is

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