Official European Playstation forums now updated

The Official European Playstation forums have now been updated and with a new look.

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UnblessedSoul3657d ago

Looks more like the US forums now

Lord Anubis3657d ago

which is a pity. I don't like Lithium. sorry.

MaximusPrime3657d ago

welcome back to EU PS forum!
My, has a week flew by so quickly!

DrPirate3657d ago

I hope the NA Forums get remodeled too. This might have something to do with the surprise being released soon possibly.

whoelse3657d ago

Yeah i think they will do. It should take as long as a week because they don't need to change the software.

Vip3r3657d ago

I prefer the look of the old vbulletin boards tbh.

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