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The iPhone is the Best thing to Happen to the Handheld Market Since Pokemon

GotGame: You may not be aware of this, but the dedicated handheld market is doomed. The market has been killed by the iPhone. With its free (sorta) games, its mass popularity, and the fact that everyone needs a phone, the 3DS and Vita can’t hope to compete. The iPhone market has long ago surpassed the traditional handheld market, and in recent months, Google Play has also become bigger than the 3DS. (3DS, iPhone, Pokemon, PS Vita)

Gimmemorebubblez  +   413d ago
I think it’s the worst. I far preferred the days when mainstream handheld had games more depth then Angry Birds. Not to say that mobile phone games can’t become better but I wish more people were more tempted to buy gaming handhelds to encourage developers to make even richer gaming experiences on dedicated gaming hardware like the 3ds and the Vita instead of trying to make a quick cash-grab on Android, IOS and WP8.
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TongkatAli  +   413d ago
I take the train in NYC everyday and barely see anybody on the train with handheld gaming systems, only Ipad, Iphones and other smartphone devices.

: (
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negative  +   413d ago

OMG me too LIRR

Never see any handheld gaming systems. NEVER!! Only smartphones.
KonsoruMasuta  +   413d ago
I see a couple of handheld systems where I live. Mostly 3DS though. I think I've seen like probably 2 people with a Vita.
givemeshelter  +   413d ago
This is the sad truth :-(
Dedicated handheld gaming is on its last legs. I think this sucks big time but you cannot escape the numbers and the signs.
More and more people especially the ages 16+ want a all in one convergence device. Dedicated handhelds do not fit that picture.
You almost never see a dedicated handheld gaming unit on transit systems or on plane travel etc. When you do its mostly the 3DS being played by demographics under 16. The other forms of mobile gaming is mostly done on Android, IOS Smartphones and Tablets.
Its a sad state of affairs for core gamers however this is the trend and dedicated handhelds are on its way out IN ITS CURRENT FORM.
They will evolve into a device more like a Smartphone or something like the Nvidia shield, but the Vita and 3DS business model is almost dead....
iamnsuperman  +   413d ago
It did push the indie movement to crazy new heights. That was never going to happen without phones like this. These phones have made indie games on handhelds important. It also got a lot more people into making small games
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   413d ago
I think my original my comment was too harsh......because what you said is so true.
alejandroelputo  +   413d ago
I live in Puerto Rico and the smartphones have practically taken over the whole country. Everyone has one and uses one all the time. At the beach, at parties, on the road -.- even at their homes. I see people game on their phones instead of their consoles at home :( it makes me so sad.
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3-4-5  +   413d ago
Creating thousands of copied games and watered down trash is a good thing ?

since when ?

Hardly any good ideas are coming from ios games, just more re-hashes and copies, and other Bs "games".

Most of them are glorified distraction apps at best.

There are a few really good ones, but the audience for THOSE particular games are NOT using ios to play games.

EX: " There are millions of JRPG fans, lets put this game on ios, even though 95% of those JRPG fans have a Vita/PSP/DS/3DS.

makes no sense.
Ramon3MR  +   413d ago
I think there's a lot to be said both on the positive and negative sides to mobile gaming and its effects on the handheld market. I do like though that Nintendo and Sony have given into digital downloads on their handhelds.
xxPillsxx  +   413d ago
Seriously? Whatever you say, if I want to game on mobile, I will use HANDHELDS. I'll wait until you can have GAMING experience on smartphones(without buttons).
Ripsta7th  +   413d ago
Hells nooooo!!!!!! Overpriced and a locked OS,you have so much more options w an android but most of these rich kids just buy them because of their "friends"
iamnsuperman  +   413d ago
But you have to bare in mind the ios was there before android. The app store was there pushing mobile games before the play store. Android maybe doing things better right now but would any of that exist if the iPhone never happened? (especially so soon). Don't shoot down what Apple has done to the mobile space and specifically the smartphone. I prefer Android but Apple has done something pretty incredible
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the worst  +   413d ago
alejandroelputo  +   413d ago
But this generation is full of lazy a$$ that they rather game on their phones since its easier, faster and more convinient.
Lunatic_Medic  +   413d ago
Someone should tell this guy he spelled "DROID" wrong.
cunnilumpkin  +   413d ago
zenonia is awesome

inotia, crimson heart, epic hearts, wild frontier, exitium

there are TONS of awesome little rpg's on the iphone with more depth than 95% of the 3ds and vitas libraries combined

and they cost around $.99-$1.99 and have 20-50 hours of gameplay each

I love gaming on my iphone

and I love my ds and psp, so far my 3ds and vita have been pretty lame

if I could only pick one I would pick my psp, followed by my iphone or ds original, its a close tie!
Funantic1  +   413d ago
I agree with you. Games like Infected Wars, Dead Trigger 2, Bladeslinger, Gangstar Rio, and Modern Combat 5 will provide plenty of hours of fun. The games are way cheap and improving. The Vita is on a respirator fighting for life, while smartphones are on a treadmill.
etownone  +   413d ago
Lol.... Well said.
Shinekami  +   413d ago
Misaka_x_Touma  +   413d ago
dredgewalker  +   413d ago
Everyone needs a phone but not everyone is a gamer. It's a certainty that phones will outsell a dedicated portable but the point is that these phones will never bring the same content that a portable can.
klecser  +   413d ago
Ah the same old argument! Its an "argument" that ignores the nature of "markets".

I've posted this analogy many times before, but here we go again.

The iPhone is like a fishing boat. It is a generalist device. It does a bunch of things ok. It is easy to transport, easy to find a lake or stream to use it in and has modest speed on the water. It does everything you want it to do, but not any one thing particularly well or over the top. Gaming is one of them. Fishing boats form the largest boat market in the US!

The 3DS and Vita are like speed boats. Way more expensive. Too cumbersome for small lakes, won't fit in a garage, hard to transport. But it KILLS on the one thing its supposed to do: go really fast. And the 3DS and Vita are like that. They don't make calls, they don't have GPS, they don't take photos are video, but they do GAMES really well.

Speed boat enthusiasts are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars extra, to get a boat that does the ONE THING they want, REALLY well. They are willing to sacrifice the other parts because they don't CARE about the other parts. Speed boat markets are CONSIDERABLY smaller in the US than fishing boats.

Do you like fishing boats? Awesome. I'm happy for you. You are a GENERALIST for your boating needs, and you are happy with that. But some people PREFER SPECIALIZED BOATING. As much as you prefer your fishing boat, the fact is that it does not do SPEED anywhere near as fast as my speed boat does. I know all your arguments, and they are logical. Yes, your fishing boat costs less, yes it can do things my speed boat can't. NO, it can't do the ONE THING that my speed boat does well as well as the speed boat. That matters to me. It may not matter to you, but it does to me.

Is the speed boat market "doomed" because it is specialized? Nope. The market is BIG ENOUGH for speed boat manufacturers to make a profit. They don't market to the fishing boat crowd. Does that mean that since speed boats aren't marketed to you that speed boats shouldn't exist or are doomed to failure? That sounds pretty crazy.

iPhone enthusiasts act like since the market for a product is small and focused, that the product can't succeed. Well, that is a completely bone-headed misunderstanding of how products and economics work. Volume doesn't matter. Profit matters. And not all companies make as large of a profit than others.

There will always be a market for handheld gaming systems, UNTIL portable generalist devices can do what a handheld gaming system does AS WELL as the gaming system. And if you like mobile games, great. They DON'T MEET MY STANDARDS FOR GAMING.

I'm glad the article elucidates this.

Smart phones haven't killed the car GPS market. A car GPS can do a better job with a larger screen for less money.

Smart phones haven't killed the camera market. No professional photographer or serious student or interested amateur takes their photos on a smart phone.

Smart phones have not killed the PC market. There are still tons of things that a PC does that a smart phone just can't do as well or as efficiently.

ALL those markets should be DEAD, by the logic of smart phone enthusiasts.

Smart phones are not going to kill handheld gaming.

Generalization being offered does not make specialization obsolete. Well, if you don't care about quality, it might. But plenty of us do.
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Funantic1  +   413d ago
You typed all that and smartphones still are gonna kill handhelds.
dredgewalker  +   413d ago
They've been trying to kill off portables for years and they still haven't succeeded. You wanna know why? It's because they can't replace real gaming machines when it comes to games. I do have emulators on my phone but without the physical buttons it's just awful play on. If I add a controller to it then it becomes unportable and costly. If I also game on my phone I'd eat up precious battery juice that I could use during an emergency to make important calls.
Otoshigamisama  +   413d ago
@dredgewalker I agree gaming on IOS kills battery really fast it does not even last an hour and half,and if you add music and phone calls,etc what will be left?SMH

PS. and don't bring up "I will bring my charger thing" you'll just risk your Iphone from getting stolen, I don't take these kinds of risk
dredgewalker  +   413d ago
Yep, that's why it's better to have separate devices. Even if you can bring a charger it's gonna be hard to find a decent place outside of work and home to charge your device safely.
klecser  +   413d ago
@Funantic1: You typed all that and you only have two bubbles? Surprising.
dredgewalker  +   413d ago
I love your fishboat analogy, since I find these ios devices stink like fish in the gaming department. Bubs to you.
Otoshigamisama  +   413d ago
@Funatic1 Lol did you even read the comment by klecser? or are you just a Fantard of smartphones that ignores facts he just stated a hard fact that smartphones will never beat handheld gaming systems in one thing and that is gaming you fantard.
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Pillsbury1  +   413d ago
There are more publishers eying the handhelds market because it has grown so much. Mobile games have advanced in depth and quality but it won't EVER replace dedicated gaming machines.
dredgewalker  +   413d ago
I doubt they'll invest on aaa games for phones. Remember that android and ios is a haven for piracy more than any console. Only indie devs can make it on the phone market since they only need to make games with small budgets since it's less risky.
JustinWeinblatt  +   413d ago
*Sigh* I humbly ask that people read the article before commenting. I did put a fair amount of effort into it, and as far as I can tell, few of the commenters (1 that I can see Klecser) has read beyond the head line.

Most people are trapped into the mentality that there is a zero sum game between smart phones and handhelds, and that the success of smart phones has to come at the expense of handhelds. This is not the case, and both markets can thrive. In fact, I believe the smart phone market's success can trickle down to handheld gaming, which is the point of the article.

The point of the article is certainly not that the iPhone or Droid phones are better than the 3DS for gamers. My 3DS is pretty much the only gaming console I've played in the last 2 months, and I love it to death.
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H4all  +   413d ago
I Never compare orange with apple..
it's different..
LAWSON72  +   413d ago
Don't ever put Pokemon in the same sentence as Iphone.
GdaTyler  +   413d ago
With Statements like these... http://i.imgur.com/pD3EQ.gi...
lizard81288  +   413d ago
Yeah, the Market that is plagued by ripoffs, micro-transactions, and DLC is right up there with pokemon. You know, because when I play pokemon, I want to spend $999 in real life for [not] charizard...

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fsfsxii  +   413d ago
Yea, with all those rip offs, microtransactions. I completely agree.

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