Total War Rome 2 releases – Graphics issues, crashes and bugs abound

This morning at 8AM in the UK Total War Rome 2 unlocked on Steam much the the excitement of fans eagerly awaiting the next game in the series from Creative Assembly. However, it has not been without problems.

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jamz41596d ago

I've waited for this for months and it runs like shit on my 670, hopefully patches inbound

Bolts1596d ago

Oh and the AI is shit too. This is typical of all CA games, they're totally buggy and barely playable at release and won't be fully optimized until the first DLC.

Same thing for Shogun 2 and Empire.

Nolando1596d ago

When do they usually release the first DLC?

Nolando1596d ago

I have my computer running it on extreme and i get a solid 35 FPS, my only complaint is in combat mode i notice muddy textures that look like textures havent loaded.

im running with a GTX 560 ti.

khalnayak1596d ago

Hello all,

If any of you have any issue with Total War Rome II. You can go through below guide.

Total War Rome II fix for crash, freezing, low fps, black screen, no sound etc - hp?topic=2217