PS Blog : PlayStation Store Update

The Playstation Blog provided an update on the store downtime :

"Hi, everyone! Just wanted to provide an update about the PlayStation Store. The store for both the PS3 and PC will be unavailable starting early morning Monday, April 14 through early morning of Tuesday, April 15. You will not be able to access either store during this maintenance window.

As you know, we are preparing to release the revamped interface of the PlayStation Store for the PS3, which will be available on Tuesday. Regular weekly updates of the store will resume on Thursday, April 17, along with the release of GT5 Prologue.

Thanks for all the positive feedback about the upcoming store design!"

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thereapersson3897d ago

It's better to not expect it and if anything happens then you can get more excited. I for one am not holding my breath. I just expect a new store and that's about it.

TheExecutive3897d ago

Yeah if the psstore is thing only thing coming down dont expect anything other than the store. I read a story yesterday that the entire PSN was going down. This seems to be false.

If its just the store going down, its only the store we will receive. There may be a possible goodie on there ala MGO beta free to EVERYONE but that may be it.

fenderputty3897d ago

They've said there's going to be a little surprise but, all this speculation leads to people actually believing that these rumors are something more. Just be happy with the new content, the new store and GT5P. If there is something else extra, it's just icing on the cake.

wAtdaFck3897d ago

I don't know why I'm reading so many complaints on the blog's comment section. People's expectations are way too high when it comes to Sony, and quite frankly, their getting pissed off of nothing.

I can't wait for the new store to hit, it'll be something fresh and exciting.

sonarus3897d ago

Well there is supposed to be a surprise with the new update. Rumor has it that its some type of gamertage achievement system. We just have to wait and see. Also that easter egg hunt they are doing in the store is nonsense. Easter is over and i will be pissed if someone has content i want but can't get

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GutZ313897d ago

Refer to picture for information.

Shadow Flare3897d ago

When Sony said every 50th person to the store would get a surprise, imagine if it was the Home Beta lol. PSN would blow up. Honestly, i don't think its Home Beta, but why in the world would the entire psn need to be down for 15 hours??? Maybe just testing to make sure it can cope with the MGSO Beta players

PStriple7033897d ago

nice can't wait, man i want home

butterfinger3897d ago

but I'm really hoping that we will get the free Metal Gear Online open beta! I also hope that we get something in terms of content added to the store since the 2 week hiatus.

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The story is too old to be commented.