A Western Initiative: Svensson On Capcom's Digital Future

Japanese-headquartered veteran publisher Capcom is, of course, best-known for its high profile Japanese-developed games. Devil May Cry 4 is the latest in a line of titles like Lost Planet and Dead Rising to achieve notable sales in the west.

However, the staff at the U.S. arm of the conglomerate are working hard to make it just as relevant to the company's success. They're moving forward by concentrating on digital download titles for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, such as the Certain Affinity-created Plunder and Backbone's careful remake - Street Fighter II HD.

Here, Capcom's vice president of strategic planning & business development, Christian Svensson, articulates his continuing plan to raise the company's fortunes, and its parent's awareness of the market situation in North America and Europe.

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