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gazgriff2k121659d ago

NO sony want something better, mabye there not happy with oculus rift resolution

Moncole1659d ago

The Oculus Rift can do 1080p

SonyNGP1659d ago

Anything above 1080p for an HMD is unnecessary.

Oschino19071659d ago

Maybe they have both been working on a similar concept for years, maybe.

sincitysir11659d ago

I'll buy whichever comes first but if Sony works better for the ps4 then ill buy that!

kneon1659d ago


Yes they have been working on a similar concept for years. They have already released two commercial versions of their visor and I expect we'll see a new version some time after the PS4 release.

But unless they can get the price down below $500 they won't see mass adoption no matter how good it might be.

slimeybrainboy1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Does noone remeber Shuhei being asked if Sony would partner with Oculus and he said that 'Sony have a large research department that do alot of work' or something to that effect.

We have seen MS patent VR HMD and Sony are no doubt working on things. They already have HMD, 3D, Sixaxis and Move, I'm sure there are ways for them to incorporate alot of the things we've seen in Sony products into a VR HMD. There is no doubt Sony are working on one IMO, otherwise they would love the positivty they would get for partnering with Oculus, a really popular company right now. Sony have their own, as do MS.

I KNOW MS are going to have something special though. Look at Kinect, it can track your whole body. They will have their own version of the Oculus rift, but it will use Kinect to track your arms and body for full immersion. I have a feeling MS will combine Kinect with a great VR HMD to take VR to the next level. Then, I'll pick up an Xbox One, and play Ryse. Maybe.

ThanatosDMC1659d ago

Sony had some sort of virtual reality/tv glasses a long time ago. Is this it?

0ut1awed1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Yea the oculus rift is 1080p now.

Whatever sony puts out for the ps4, I really doubt it will get the same quality as oculus rift quality though.

You have to have a screen for each eye, therefore the game has to render the image twice. It currently takes around $1300 in top of the line graphics cards ALONE (not to mention the price of the rest of the system) to get 60+fps in most games with oculus rift.

I think you'll have to wait for the ps5 for really true engaging virtual reality to be plausible. Not to say they can't do it on the ps4. It will probably be really low quality and/or 30fps though.

snipermk01659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

The Sony HMD is slightly better than the rift cos Sony uses OLED in their hmd which eliminates the screen door effect. That's why it's also pricey

@out1awed: oculus does NOT use a screen for each eye. It uses one screen and two magnified lenses for two eyes. How do I know? Cos I have the dev kit. I had no problem pushing 65fps on bf3 using a 760 GTX

starchild1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

After using the Oculus Rift for myself it was obvious that VR is a big part of the future of video games and it was only a matter of time until the console makers would want to get involved.

I'm going to get the consumer Rift at launch and consoles adopting VR can only be a good thing for the future of VR gaming.

That said, there are going to be more limits on the consoles. You need a steady 60fps for VR and the stereo 3D also incurs some performance hit, especially if it is geometric 3D and not simple z-buffer based 3D.

Many games on consoles are going to be 30fps and those games either won't work in VR or they will have to be downgraded and pared back in order to run at 60fps in stereoscopic 3D.

Still, this is only a good thing. Many simpler games will work just fine. I'm happy I'll be able to enjoy VR on my PC and my PS4.

I do have to say, though, that if the consoles do jump on the VR wagon I hope that they will just support the Oculus Rift instead of trying to build another proprietary device. I will already own a Rift for my PC and it would be nice to be able to just use that same device on my console as well, instead of having to spend several more hundred dollars to get one that only works with that console.

0ut1awed1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Hmm maybe they've chnged it since the last time I looked into it. That's cool then but if you're using VR and not rendering it in 3d then you're doing it wrong in my opinion. That of course brings you back to the rendering two images at once which makes my original comment still hold up.

Also if you want people to actually listen to your argument on the issue and you really have a problem wih typing "because" atleast use "cause." The only time I see the word "cos" on n4g is something like "the x1 rulez cos the ps4 dont got cod dlc fist." It's kiling your credability man.

Mounce1659d ago

There IS nothing better than Oculus Rift right now, Sony is likely in talks with the team to make a PS4 model for them.

telekineticmantis1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

TISK TISK TISK. It doesn't matter what Sony brings to the market they never impliment it the right way or know how to use it.

Now they are gonna jump on the VR wagon when they had an AR/VR headset that would of changed gaming as we know it SMH..../

They could of used it with the PS Move and the camera could turn the move into any kind of weapon or instrument, that would of blown everything else out of the water. Imagine using the PSMove rifle in a shooter and it resing into the game as any type of weapon, use the opposite hand to throw an AR/VR grenade, or the Move turning into an AR/VR Sword or a lightsaber,

Sony drops the ball with their tech all the time and that's why they dont succeed like other companies, with them.

Gozer1658d ago

Lol is this some kind of joke? Sony doesnt have the money to fund this kind of r n d. If they escape with a victory regarding the ps4, you might see something in 20 years. It doesnt hurt to dream tho does it? Start by buying their eye toy camera, then you might see sony take an interest in this sort of thing. Until then, you are a hardcore poser. You are so stuck you dont know how to respond to progress. You will die out eventually and what you were afraid of will become the norm.

MuleKick1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

You guys do realize that the Sony Personal Viewer has been on the market for about a year now right?

All they need to do is implement a wireless option.
Ala, PS Vita on your face via remote play.

Rimeskeem1658d ago


1080p? if its nots better 2k or better then there no point but on a serious note the oculus rift looks prettier cool

SatanSki1658d ago

Haha yeah, thay want better resolution but their hardware lack power to render all games in 1080p even ithout 3d

UltimateMaster1658d ago

What will be the price tag?
I bet it can't be over 250$.
Hell, it should be around 200$ or 150$.
Hopefully, not as expensive as Sony personal 3D viewer...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1658d ago

I think sony wants something optimized for ps4 and works seamlessly with it.

Better to build ur own and not use rift.

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creatchee1659d ago

What, Kinect is a gimmick, but VR isn't?

MysticStrummer1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

"What, Kinect is a gimmick, but VR isn't?"

Kinect combined with VR could be very cool indeed, but if it's a choice between Kinect or VR combined with a controller, give me VR all day.

Just my opinion.

@sincity - They want to move like a squid with Kinect, but then they downplay Octodad. ; )

allformats1659d ago

Creatchee, VR isn't by no means a gimmick. I put on something and I see stuff in virtual reality, making the worlds come to life.

Kinect sees my wagging my hands like a man that's lost his mind to make something work. That is gimmick.

sincitysir11659d ago

Oculus rift is a camera. Ur just moving your heard not ur whole body like a crazy squid. U like crazy squid? Hmm *crazy eyes*

DragonKnight1659d ago

@creatchee: "What, Kinect is a gimmick, but VR isn't?"

Also, all of these peripherals are merely the first baby steps towards this...

BallsEye1659d ago


You should see what guys from Project Spark do with kinect. Check out their youtube channel. In Project Spark you can mo-cap your movement with kinect (character basicly do what you do even facial expressions etc) you record it and BAM you got new animations for your char, NPC's, cutscenes etc. Ah it also records your voice and adds effects (troll voice for ex.). You can share your animations and voices in the community hub. Is that a gimmick :O?

Irishguy951659d ago

Been saying it for years. Kinect is the future. Its useless right now but it is a step towards full on VR. Occulus rift are also a step towards it.

The final step is a mind reading device...(sounds mad but...well, technology is advancing a good bit when it comes to this). But, all towards the future right?

I just want my goddamn Full VR lightsaber combat game.

GiantEnemyCrab1659d ago

I saw Project Spark in action this weekend and it was crazy. I watched a guy build a fully playable platform level that looked as good as many indie games in about 20 minutes, using all his own assets.

hankmoody1659d ago

How many people do you know that would/could plunk down the $500 necessary to buy this? Not that many, I would imagine. And that answer translates to developers not supporting a niche accessory because of a low adoption rate. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for this but I don't see this being a huge success.

YNWA961659d ago

Waiting for the holodeck....saving all your profiles here so I can use it there... Be careful.... Jean Luc and Worf are on my side..... Riker is probably screwing Diana....

AJBACK2FRAG1658d ago

Lol! I feel sorry for you!

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Gster1659d ago

Console Wars!! PPPFFF!!


ravinash1659d ago

And I thought I had problems with the wife saying I'm ignoring her now when playing much worse when I have a VR helmet on!

Kingthrash3601659d ago

it will be just right....I can tune that bi*ch all the way out with this tek! ..... and porn would be of better use...I just throw this baby on when im smashing my,win.

sak5001658d ago


Smashing in your right hand and calling it a b!tch. Nice.

Grow up mate and have a gf first before trash talking anonymously on random forum sitting in your mom's basement.

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Dan_scruggs1659d ago Show
cunnilumpkin1659d ago

more fail like move and 3d??

just make good games

quit with the gimmicks, no one is gonna be sitting around their house wearing that terrible looking piece of crap

DJMarty1659d ago

Sony has already been on record saying the had a Oculus Rift SDK and were playing around with it:)

FamilyGuy1659d ago

Either way it'll be cool. Sony making something similar/better or if they get Oculus Rift compatibility. I kind of hope they get Oculus just because I respect the ambitions of the company. Them declining to be sold/bought is pretty bold though when faced with a company like Sony MS of Nin showing interest.

specialguest1659d ago

My ultimate next gen dream will come true when the consumer version of the oculus rift arrives.

Check out this guy playing a horror demo on the oculus rift.

It seems like the horror experience is multiplied by 100 when you're totally immersed in the world.

Zancruz1658d ago

Just imagine playing a game like Dying Light with Oculus Rift and Move that would be beyond epic! I mean man, Just seriously think about it (No fanboy crap)... Looking around in full 3D with 1:1 motion controls for each arms... imagine looking through some supplies and a Zombie grabs you from behind? Yeah we would need to wear diapers is all im saying... lol

Joe9131658d ago

Sony has been working on HMD for at least 4 maybe 5 years not sure how long they been working on Oculus but I do know Sony showed off there headset first at a CES 4 or 5 years ago.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

man xbox & ninty news is just lame on here lol sony is owning everything lol

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KonsoruMasuta1659d ago

Oh, yes. Now all we need is some eroge and a console port of Custom Maid.

KonsoruMasuta1659d ago

Why are people disagreeing? Do you not think the possibilities with this tech are great?

kingPoS1659d ago

Or what if some truly uninhibited mind melded a game with Oculus Rift & Kinect
Think Sword Art online... the game... for reals. lol

Joe9131658d ago

I can see this with some games but not most if I am playing a FPS or a game where you have a sword or something in the hands I would need something in my hands I think the PS move is good for these types of games a Kinect is great for workout games where you don't need anything in your hands. Kill Zone 3 using the PS move sharp shooter and 3d with my pulse headphones has been the best gaming experience since I started to play games never have I been so immersed in a game world.

Benjammin251659d ago

Survival horror is going to hit a whole new level of terrifying.

MacDonagh1658d ago

Yeah. It could be nice but I'd be happier if they could just nail 60 fps 1080p on my telly first.

One thing is for certain that the headset is not going to be cheap.

fsfsxii1659d ago

"VR" in Solid Snake's voice.
He makes it look like the shieeeeeet

nunley331658d ago

i would so play MGS VR missions with this.

Fishy Fingers1659d ago

Rather see them just support Oculus Rift than make their own version. Unlikely though.

Ryto1659d ago

I agree, or at the very least have a rebranded OR variant that is officially supported by Sony. But, if they can do better...