Ninja Gaiden II Hands-On: What Got This Non-Fan's Attention - MTV Multiplayer

About a week ago MTV Multiplayer had the opportunity to play the first level of the M-rated Ninja Gaiden II, which will be released exclusively on the Xbox 360 on June 3. They played on the easiest setting, the Path of the Acolyte, fighting as ninja Ryu Hayabusa, in bloody combat against ninjas of the Spider Clan.

In the preview MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo details some of the elements of the game that intrigued him.

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Tarasque3901d ago

I enjoyed the series alot. So this is probably a day one purchase for me.

sonarus3900d ago

Not probably CERTAINLY. No school and nothing else to do but wait for MGS4 release. I will be taking on the impossible task of trying to finish this game before June 12th. Took me like a month to finish sigma kept getting lost:(

green3901d ago

A month and a half to go.By the time it's released,i should have hopefully completed the main story of GTA4.

I can only pray that this game dose not get censored

meepmoopmeep3900d ago

this game looks and sounds superb. hopefully it won't get censored

Marceles3900d ago

Ahhh...I almost read a few spoilers.

"The game begins with..."

"I found a weapon called..."

Looks like this'll definitely be a good game though, I just hate spoilers.

jkhan3900d ago

Yeah me too. I seriously hate it when the authors starts explaining the scenarios in the previews etc. I mean they should explain the gameplay mechanics, graphics, camera system etc. not the storyline.

nix3900d ago

hopefully it will come to PS3 like the first one did.

Fallen_Angel3900d ago

Took what 3 or 4 years to get ported to the ps. You really want to wait that long to play it ?

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The story is too old to be commented.