RetroStation: Resident Evil 2 – looking back at a true legend of lights-off gaming

OPM: Why exactly has this storied survival horror managed to ape its own subject matter and exist so far beyond its natural life? One: it has atmosphere. A clinging, portentous atmosphere still capable of coaxing your brain into initiating its T-shirt-soddening sequence at the chime of the menu screen bell. Two: it’s brutally, hilariously unfair.

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ritsuka6661597d ago

Appart from maybe Crash bandicoot I can't think of another Playstation game that had such a big impact on the gaming world in the Playstation era like Resident Evil 2.

TheEvilWithin1597d ago

Final Fantasy 7 would be another, Castlevania Symphony Of The Night is another one and I think maybe Spyro just to name a few...

Inception1597d ago

Metal Gear Solid say hi ^^

furneri3571597d ago

silent hill n tekken say 'hello friend'

CalamityCB1597d ago

This game truly nearly traumatized me when I was little. I watched my Dad play through the whole game and I had nightmares for weeks; still it was fun to watch.

furneri3571597d ago

i hate resident evil game when i was little, that shit scare the shit out of me especially the first zombie u met during the first resident evil, now i'm a big fan of resident evil franchise n survival horror, how ironic...

CalamityCB1597d ago

I remember walking down stairs when I was about 4 and seeing my Dad playing the first Resi for the first time, as soon as I was downstairs the scene with the first Zombie played where he turns around at the camera.
My parents flipped out and thy were frantically trying to turn off the Sega Saturn and TV lol.

yugovega1597d ago

best atmosphere in a game yet. stil to this day i have nothing but fond memories of this game. turned me into a horror fan. the first was good but 2 took it to a whole different level.