Opinion: Why Nintendo Should Make a New Gameboy

With the DS slowly becoming a sink for low-quality budget software, it's time for Nintendo to step up to the plate and release a new Game Boy, which, for want of argument (or imagination), Pocket Gamer are going to call Game Boy Next.

It's clear what features it would have to contain. Despite Nintendo's obsession with battery life, the silicon powering the device would have to include specific 3D graphics ability. This wouldn't mean all or even most of the games would be in 3D – you can do interesting things in terms of 3D interface, for example, but Game Boy Next would have to at least offer PSP-quality graphics on whatever configuration of screens it offered.

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LJWooly3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I think Nintendo are doing to well for themselves to consider going back to their roots. They're just going to keep making gimmicky products that sell to computer-illiterate old age pensioners and 4-year-olds.

I love it when people see Nintendo as the good guys. They're doing nothing for the industry, in fact, we're going to end up going backwards because of them.

Soon, you can kiss the days of epic battles, superb plotlines, and thought-provoking conflicts in our games goodbye. If this keeps up, we'll be seeing games that can be picked up and played through in half an hour, and an overflow of "party games," and all because of Nintendo's need to cater to the so-called "casual gamer".

PS360WII3810d ago

oh stop with the propoganda. Casual titles have always been in more demand then hardcore titles since the birth of home console gaming. Wii is doing nothing to destroy hardcore. I find it funny when people see Sony and MS as the only ones who are bringing gaming forward. How is that really? By further seperating themselves from other people who want to play games? Yeah that's a hugh leap forward.

Xiru3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I don't agree. NES and SNES were two of the greatest systems ever made and it wasn't because of "casuals". It was the core gamer. The DS and Wii are ruining the market with horrible games. There are a few gems for each system but nothing near the quality of 360, PS3 and PSP games. Its a fact. Nintendo is doing what is smart in a business sense, which is to appeal to the mass market. Sony and Microsoft are targeting the core gamer and are the only ones who are moving forward in gaming(bigger games, epic storylines, better graphics and sound, movie sized productions for games), Nintendo is moving backwards technologically wise. I can't believe people think Nintendo are still the good guys. Maybe in the NES and SNES era, but now they are causing the market to die because casual titles are taking all the top sales slots and developers will start going this route to make easy money.

PS360WII3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I don't believe that when Nintendo has a casual game it's bad but when Sony and MS have casual games they are the best things to come out in generations.

Yes Wii and DS are not the powerhouses of the others but that does not stop epic games if it does then what the heck was the PS2?

PS3 and 360 target the core gamer sure but they are not helping the industry grow they want it to stay the same size and eventually snuff itself out while Nintendo goes for the bigger piece of the pie and now a lot of old time gamers are crying foul because they get to share their hobby with someone who hasn't played Ico or Final Fantasy.

Give it a rest. Nintendo is doing what they have always done since NES and just now it's a bad thing? Wii is helping the boom this industry has had and they are not having devs think about getting rid of the big games.

The double standards of 'hardcore' gamers become more and more present everyday. It's okay when Sony and MS pull a Nintendo but heaven forbid Nintendo do anything that'll make them a buck.

LJWooly3810d ago

I totally agree with what you said regarding double standards of the "core gamer", I really do, and I can understand you suspect me of hypocrisy. But, you're just going to have to believe me when I tell you that I'm not one of those gamers.

Btw, I'm neither a Microsoft or Sony fanboy, I hate all three :)

ItsDubC3810d ago

The PS1 and PS2 didn't ruin the market w/ their extensive line of horrible games, and yet all of a sudden the Wii and DS are ruining the market because, let me guess, they're Nintendo products?

Let's face it, the only way many of these self-proclaimed "hardcore" gamers are going to see Nintendo in a positive light is if Nintendo does away w/ its "games are for everyone" mentality and becomes more like Sony/MS.

LJWooly3810d ago

Maybe I just like whining, okay? *cries in corner*

ItsDubC3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

It was actually a direct response to Xiru's post =)

LJWooly3810d ago

Oh that's okay, have a bubble anyway :D

Guy Incognito3810d ago

may have an extensive line of "horrible" games but they also have an extensive line of great games, which the wii and the ds are lacking, that is why you see people complaining about this issue.

PS360WII3810d ago

That's subjective to say the least. DS already has many titles that could be considered amazing just as the PS1 and PS2 has along with a few Wii games that are on the top of their class.

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proArchy3810d ago

what?! thats stupid. how about nintendo makes another ds with better features, bigger screen, better 3d etc.