N4G Radio 04/14/2008

This week the boys discuss the eternal debate between inverting y-axis, the origins of the podcast and of course the latest games we are playing including Mana Khemia, The Eye of Judgement and plenty of online love including Warhawk, UT3 and CoD 4.

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Iamback3899d ago

Finally some PS3 games, now i might check it out. Hope its good.

fox023899d ago

wow, no wonder you get to post on open zone...

SIX3899d ago

BTW, is that a pickle with legs?

Iamback3899d ago

Dont think so, in motion pic looks funny, that animal running.

Iamback3899d ago

No wonder you had to make new account, probably on your old one there is one bubble. But dont worry you are still "young" you will get down to one bubble again, eventually. And BTW i am first to put you on ignore list, but dont worry i am sure many will follow since you cant hide your fanboyism forever.

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SilPho3899d ago

Sweet. I look forward to listening to this at work tomorrow.

Iamback3899d ago

Since one bubble was taken away from me(for no reason), i am not going to listen to this podcast. I am not going to give you my "click" on link, NO WAY!

BLUR1113898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

dont fuss with fox02, he's just one of those people that think they are asian

hotshot1273898d ago

maybe i'll be enticed to tune in. not because thier exclusive ps3 games but because the games are on ps3 and i do want to hear about unreal because surprisingly enough, i still havent played it

proArchy3897d ago

i like the discussion about revising review scores for patched games. I think the solution would be to do a review of the patch itself. A review that weighs the good and bad of the patch. The patchwork review score should not be a 1-10 scale or whatever, it should be scored according to how much it affects the game. If Lair was reviewed as a 2, and after the patch you would rate it 8 the patch would be rated 6. Maybe that sounded better and less complex in my head. That way would let your original review score remain, and would give the patch a score of its own. Eh, iron the kinks out yourself if you want, but its an idea at least.

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