Battlefield 4 Will Have A Test Range Where You Can Practice Flying

If you’ve ever played a Battlefield game in the past then you know that jumping into a helicopter for the first time can be rather daunting. Mastering the controls takes plenty of practice, something which is hard to do in the middle of a heated battle. Worse yet is finding yourself charged with flying a transport helicopter packed with troops.

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ala_7671724d ago

This is a great news for me. Whenever I train myself to pilot in BF3 within minutes I die

Crazyglues1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Yeah, wow this is Awesome, it is indeed needed - flying has been a super challenge since I've been playing Battlefield, and I've learned the hard way..

So it's pretty cool there will be training now, Because there is nothing worst then when you are trying hard as hell to get the mission done, (capture A or B ) and your down to 30 spawns, and you hop in a chopper only to find out this is this guys first time flying....

2 sec's later your dead as the chopper crashes hard into the ground...

||.........___||............ ||

MWong1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

I've actually learned how to handle jets a lot since Air Superiority came out. I am just trying to brush up on my gunning and chopper skills. But, I am really happy they are coming out with a training mode, it was needed.

Maddens Raiders1724d ago

This game just ticked up a few notches on my must have meter. I like the sound of this!

TopDudeMan1724d ago

It is a skill I have yet to learn. I can fly them well but can't shoot anyone. I've been more successful in getting kills by hitting people with vehicles than using the weapons on them in BF3.

USMC_POLICE1724d ago

I can do jets just fine but helicopters forget it I'm with ya I go down in seconds.

Pain1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Sweet im in a Jet!! ahh koolz!! wait how do u fly this what button do i press?.. aha!! flying now!! errr!! flying down!!! pull up damnit!! ack!! i dont know how!!! Ah screw it im a missile now.. just call me Scud!

Dont get me started on helicopters..

famoussasjohn1724d ago

My attempts at flying a jet, helicopter - "Killed by bad luck".

3-4-51723d ago

Awesome. Planetside 2 has one and it helps a lot. Good move.

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tigertron1724d ago

Now I can practice at flying jets! hopefully many people will take advantage of this, particularly chopper pilots who love to fly backwards into things.

Majin-vegeta1724d ago

This is old.BTW why didnt you people just go into an empty server and do it?

HarryB1723d ago

Because a lot of times you go into a server practicing and some moron spawn kills you from their copter or plane. And then the idiot starts capturing spawn points in a 64 man server and its just you and this one idiot who has 256 ping. The round ends and you rage quit.

urwifeminder1724d ago

Nice I have not bothered to fly anything in bf3 to busy trying to unlock a decent gun against people who have clocked and unlocked everything I just didn't get around to it yet lol.

user74029311724d ago

good news for ps4 owners.

iRocket1723d ago

Good news for *everyone!*
There, fixed for you :)

user74029311723d ago

you thought otherwise?

#Free MariaHelFutura,

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The story is too old to be commented.