Xbox One 'hasn't been rushed' to market, says Major Nelson

CVG: Despite acknowledging a number of "challenges" in the run-up to this November's Xbox One launch, Xbox Live director of programming Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb insists the console hasn't been rushed to market.

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allformats1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Who are they kidding? Sony caught Microsoft off guard when they announced PS4 in February, and ever since they've been playing catch up, rushing everything and destroying the Xbox One in the process.

They should release Xbox One in late December or next year.

If not, I predict another RROD fiasco.

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Septic1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Sony might have put pressure on Microsoft with the strength of their announcements but off-guard? I don't think so.

"rushing everything and destroying their console in the process."

What? You're just making up nonsense now. Please provide evidence for your claims of the console being rushed or destroyed?

"They should release Xbox One in late December or next year.

If not, I predict another RROD fiasco"

Pure sensationalist garble.

**At Gamescom, every game in the Xbox booth was running on final Xbox One hardware. Every. Single. One. That would paint a very different take on the being 'rushed.**

That's good to know. Phil Spencer and Major Nelson have Xbox Ones in their homes right now. The only thing we haven't seen from both companies is an in-depth walk through of the UI's on both systems. That seems to be an area where I sense there is a lot of work to be done.

pompombrum1656d ago

The fact it's going to be released in so few countries plus only 6 countries or so will have voice support. Not sure about the number of countries that get live TV but I imagine it's fairly low too. All of this points to be a somewhat rushed launch. I wouldn't go as far as saying they were caught offguard by the ps4 announcement but seeing how few countries benefit from a lot of the touted features at the Xbox One reveal show, it's obvious they didn't have as much time to plan as they'd have wanted.

Septic1656d ago


Fair points but really, these are the kind of hiccups you expect at the launch of a new console.

Case in point, the PS3 launch was delayed from November to March.

I don't think they're being rushed into the market by Sony. They're feeling the pressure yeah but that's inevitable considering the stage we are at.

TheTwelve1656d ago


You said "Case in point, the PS3 launch was delayed from November to March."

Yes, and I believe Microsoft forced Sony to push the PS3 out faster than they wished as well.

Major Nelson is SUPPOSED to say that the X1 hasn't been rushed out. I prefer looking at evidence for truth rather than the words of spokesmen.

Kayant1656d ago


AS far as we know Tv functionality is only available in the US at launch


Thehyph1656d ago

I agree. Thank you, Septic, for staying logical. Your posts aren't trash like the many.

I would say that Microsoft is rushing right now, but I wouldn't say that the end result will be rushed.

Sony is in the same boat. Every department under the PlayStation brand should be putting in overtime right now. Marketing and advertising, firmware and software, everything related to hardware production, etc.

A company working its arse off, with a clear deadline in sight, does not mean the end product will be "rushed."

There really is waaayyy too much sensationalism going on about these things.

Killjoy30001656d ago

Septic, you're denying some pretty believable scenarios. Anything can happen to the hardware on both sides. It's the fact that you're so quick to dismiss these claims that bothers me.

abzdine1656d ago

like they will say they rushed just like they never rushed 360!
PR BS at its best

Septic1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )


What believable scenarios? I'm not dismissing anything. We can only make an assessment from what we are being told and what we know.

Yes there are a few hiccups, but that doesn't necessarily make it a fact that the console is being rushed. People are so quick to jump the gun. You shouldn't be bothered with my assessment of the situation.

"You're so quick to dismiss these claims"

What about allformats who thinks that MS are "destroying their console in the process" and are predicting "another RROD fiasco"? Any my assessment bothers you?

Picnic1656d ago

There is plenty of precedent to have concerns about the hardware quality though.
Microsoft later sent buyers of the original Xbox, including myself, a power button because otherwise it was identified that the console could catch fire after so long. Every time I put the power cable in the Xbox it crackled with electricity- that's not a healthy sound.

ZodTheRipper1656d ago

Hey, that would be their first time lyin ...oh wait, the first time this week. Oh well the FIFA preorder story ..the first time today!!

wannabe gamer1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

**At Gamescom, every game in the Xbox booth was running on final Xbox One hardware. Every. Single. One. That would paint a very different take on the being 'rushed.**

BLATANT LIE. if this were true then BF4 wouldnt have been running on a win8 PC hidden below a desk cabinet out of view. they were trying to hide the fact that the Xbone demo for bf4 wasnt running on a xbox one at all and now they are lieing about it flatout

ginsunuva1656d ago

Bf4 at the xbox booth was pc's

gaffyh1656d ago

@Septic - I don't agree with most of what allformats said, but what I do think is true is that MS were at the very least pressured, because they delayed their initial reveal by a month. It was supposed to be in April, but it was delayed till May, and I honestly believe that was because Sony showed a lot more than MS expected, and they thought they could 1up them by producing a console shell to show off.

It didn't work...

iamnsuperman1656d ago

I think they were caught off guard. I think Microsoft were going for an early 2014 launch. I think they saw Sony's line up this year for the PS3 and thought it would be crazy of them to launch. Everything points to an early launch next year when you count in the limited amount of regions that are getting it in 2013. I think in February things went into overdrive because they miss judged Sony. I would have done the same. I was expecting a late 2014 early 2015 PS4 launch looking at the PS3's line up this year

kenshiro1001656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Sorry but you can't deny that Microsoft tripped over their feet during their conference and E3.

@ tordavis, Gakai is a service. That doesn't indicate that the PS4 was rushed...

tordavis1656d ago

@aibreeze and the fact that Gaikai won't be ready until 2014 doesn't look like PS4 was rushed to market?


sourav931656d ago

But Septic, wasn't Bf4 running on PCs at the Xbox booth during PAX?

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UnHoly_One1656d ago

Septic the number of disagrees you have is a depressing reminder of how fanatical the fanboys on this site are.

The only person I see speaking sense and being unbiased, and you have a 4 to 1 ratio of disagrees to agrees.

All because you aren't spouting Sony propaganda or spelling out Doom and Gloom for Microsoft.

I wish there were more people like you on this website.

hazardman1656d ago

You know these sony droids have their minds made up already. XBone will be fine!

redwin1656d ago

They are going tho try and spin this positive into a negative. MS has some chases to do and that's because they are changing everything to what we want. If so and it comes out later then do be it. I commend Microsoft for taking their time and doing changes to please their customers. One of the things that I like about Xbox is that they don't play it safe and always tries to advance the video concept. Thank you MS, for trying to avoid another RROD and not rushing out a broken system.

Sono4211656d ago

@ Spetic

You keep calling these "hiccups" but that really isn't the right word for them at all. The Xbox One not having TV functionality in any countries at launch besides the US is much more than a hiccup when thats its flagship feature! They should have started trying to figure it out on day one! It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that it would be difficult to get it to work in all countries.. that should have been their main focus and should have had it figured out by now.

Also not saying there are any problems with the hardware but saying the games were running on Xbox One's doesn't mean anything.. before the 360 launched there were games being showcased on 360's and yet look at all the problems that had..

N4Flamers1656d ago

I would say it was a bit rushed because a lot of the features you hear about are not available at launch (i.e. external drive support) Even some of the features they had before the 180 were not available at launch (i.e. family share plan) I believe the overwhelming negative press that caused them to 180 has thrown them off their game.

What if it wasnt so simple to change everything about the xbox one and they're scrambling to get things right. I think they should take some time out to rethink their strategy and come out with something clear and concise. As it stands the console seems thrown together because of all the changes (i.e. over clock) It screams caution from a consumer point of view.

nukeitall1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


"The Xbox One not having TV functionality in any countries at launch besides the US is much more than a hiccup when thats its flagship feature!"

You mean compared to PS4 launching in a bunch a countries, but completely lacking AAA games and only showing indie games?

Isn't playing games *THE ONLY* feature of PS4?

Consoldtobots1655d ago

I think this is proof positive that you have to be BRAIN DEAD to work for MS.

let me explain something to you Larry, I would stick with the "got caught off guard" angle

to imply that you were not and this is what you have to offer actually makes your co. look completely incompetent.

Outside_ofthe_Box1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


***"You mean compared to PS4 launching in a bunch a countries, but completely lacking AAA games and only showing indie games?"***

Interesting seeing you complain about the lack of exclusives for the PS4 considering that when that complaint is lobbied at the 360 your response is "Exclusives don't matter! Just because a game is exclusive doesn't mean it's good! When I play a game I don't think about whether it's exclusive or not, I just play it if I enjoy it!"

I bet you'll say some gibberish like exclusives only matter in the beginning of the life cycle and has no meaning towards the end of the life cycle due backlog, but that's just some "fangirl" nonsense to justify when exclusives matter so it suits your "arguments" conveniently.

Complaining about lack of exclusives for the PS4 is pretty foolish any when you consider that Sony has confirmed that all of their studios are making games for the PS4. Sony isn't going to do what they did last gen revealing games that are 3+ years from being finished especially when that was a major complaint many gamers had with the PS3.

If you look at *lunch lineups* strictly XB1 only has one more exclusive than the PS4 when you include Killer Instinct. The rest of XB1's revealed games aren't coming until either next year in 2014 or 2015+. MS revealed a lot of their lineup for the next 1-2 years while Sony hasn't is what all of this "lack of AAA exclusives for the PS4" boils down to.

***"Isn't playing games *THE ONLY* feature of PS4?"***

PS4 has plenty of features outside of playing games it's just that Sony is marketing the PS4 as a gaming machine this time around hence why they aren't putting emphasis on those features.

I would make an attempt to list them, but that will be wasted time in my part knowing that you are biased against the system anyway. You'll mostly just down play them saying things like "360 could already do it", "the XB1 can do that too", "I don't see the thrill in being able to do that", "I don't care for such feature", "That feature is useless because you have to purchase another device", "That feature is impractical and most likely won't work when it's actually put in place", etc.

Just remember, for every feature or game you either don't like or don't care for regarding the PS4, there is some just like you saying the same thing about the XB1. Point being everyone has different opinions.

LordDhampire1655d ago

They had to come out with damage control that it wasn't rushed, thats enough evidence to me that it was I didn't even really think about it til now.....Major Nelson has really just been pissing me off lately I know he works for Microsoft but he's just saying what ever they tell him....

They had mostly redeemed themselves from the original xbox one reveal at this point they need to sit back and stop talking and feeding all this bull.....

They are the best player on sonys team

Gozer1655d ago

Septic I commend you for speaking simple logic. If the mob had their way we would be playing Pong and just agreeing with ourselves. Sony has managed to raise more idiots than even themselves are suprised about. They are like a girlfriend that gave you sex and you left for being too old fashioned, then you got ahold of a wild chick and got scared, and decided to stay with good old fashioned poontang. They are scared of everything except that old stuff.

I want a fucking holodeck, you pansies need to get some mothers milk and grow some stones.

andrewsqual1655d ago

I agree. I mean they had 3 perfectly long months to properly plan a cohesive conference that would have destroyed Sony's and yet did......that. Well we all know what the reaction was to the worse console reveal in history and since then it was mishap after mishap. And all done to themselves, nothing to do with Sony.

DragonKnight1655d ago

This just in, Major Nelson spouts of PR answers, surprises no one.

Did anyone actually expect he would say otherwise? People like Major Nelson are hired to deny the truth publicly. They are professional hype men and it's against their job description to even drop a hint of negativity towards their product. These people exist in all companies, though some have them a lot more pronounced than others.

Some things don't require an exec to come out and spell it out for everyone. It can be seen in policies as plain as day.

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No_Limit1656d ago

"They should release Xbox One in late December or next year. If not, I predict another RROD fiasco."

LOL, what a hater and first to post his own submission, as always. smh

gaelic_laoch1656d ago

No_Limit are you 100% confident that the xbone is 100% fit for market? And would you stand by your convictions if it does become a fiasco?

malokevi1656d ago

expected 6.7 MILLION units shipped by years end. The only people who think it's "rushed" and "should be delayed" are the people begging for the console to fail.

Which is why so many people on N4G say so.

DatRealBoy1656d ago


guess how much for ps4 lol 16 million

malokevi1656d ago

Actually its 10 million... ahahaha.

16 million. Where do you come up with this crap?

dmeador1656d ago


These are the types of comments that shows how many people view things as black and white. Who cares if he is "100%"? Its not an all or nothing thing. There are things about both systems that aren't perfect, he doesn't have to stake his life that they will be.

16 million huh? I guess they wont have to worry about shortages then. Care to source that?

Deadpoolio1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Yeah they are just so ready, just like they were with the 360 cause that didn't have a 55% failure rate or anything...And YES it was 55% for 4 years...

You people are just to stupid to notice the warning signs like;

1. Announce that it will launch in 21 countries, later slash it to 13 siting kinect localization.
2. Later announce that only 5 countries will have fully functioning kinect....
3. Supposedly they have their FCC cert, and have been in production longer than Sony, yet keep using Windows 7 PCs with Nvidia cards, claiming it's One80 hardware, ya know the Windows 8 with AMD chips.
4.Claim initial launch shipment will be 7 million, 1-2 weeks later slashed to 6..

They are 1 of 2 things. 1-they were caught off gaurd assuming that Sony wouldn't launch till 2014, because unlike MS Sony doesn't drop support for their old console when they start working on the new console.
2. MS are having hardware failure issues which have already been rumored between the eSRAM frying the GPU, The Kinect chips frying themselves or the Blu ray drive crapping out...

Everything at MS is not unicorns and rainbows, but they will continue to lie about it just like how they lied about the RROD issue claiming they knew nothing about the defective hardware, only telling the truth once that truth was uncovered by various sources....

Halochampian1656d ago

It seems that most people on this site do not know anything about the RRoD and how it was caused. The reasoning behind the RRoD was because of regulations changing away from the use of lead-based soldering. Being one of the first electronics out to use this new type of solder caused the failures that were shown with the original 360.

MS lost a lot of money because of RRoD. They are the last ones who would make the same mistake twice. In fact, looking at the One, it looks to very well put together in terms of heat dissipation.

As for Xbox One being rushed. I wouldn't say rushed. They are probably a little in a bind having to re-engineer some of the features that they had planned. But I wouldn't call it rushed.

The delay in some countries could point to being rushed or it could be the Voice recognition in those Countries. Or they just want to focus on the major markets (in terms of their sales).

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jaren921656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

That was never the case back in June of 2012 there were documents leaked talking about the Xbox one at the time code named Durango in the documents it states that the console would release around holiday season 2013 no Sony did not catch them off guard their initial plan was to always launch around this Time

No_Limit1656d ago

jaren, don't waste your time arguing over anything on N4G as it won't matter. The haters are too rapid here. As long as you know the truth and enjoy your console in November, just pretend this site is a tabloid site and get your daily dose of entertainment from it. That is what I am helps me get through the day. :)

THC CELL1656d ago

Leaks are not always valid sadly they could be made up by anyone.

n4rc1656d ago

Having to abandon the original path has lead to a lot of software changes that must be worked out...

If the hardware wasn't ready.. Then maybe there would be some validity in the rushed claim... That's my opinion...

And I'm curious... For those in countries not getting kinect support.. Do similar services like siri and Google now work for you? I'm honestly curious

ravinash1656d ago

I don't think MS were caught of guard with Sonys announcement. The big problem was the unexpected backlash resulting from the DRM fiasco.
Massive changes to the basic policies of how any system functions will take time to change and they have basically had to make up the new policies on the fly.
That’s why the system is so confused at the moment or at the very least unclear on what they want to achieve.

Thehyph1656d ago

@n4rc I certainly hope so. Google Now is the standard in my book for voice recognition. I hope it's available in every language. It's so much faster and more accurate than S Voice and Siri.

While I am off topic: Google Now is THE killer app for Android right now. In my book, anyway. I don't just mean the voice search, either.

n4rc1656d ago


I can't help but think how impossibly hard it would be to code such a service.. Accents are so varied etc..

So I was curious if other systems worked in Australia etc.. And not just for the most English speaking non-accented people lol

Consoldtobots1655d ago

you do realize how bad your statement makes MS look if true, right?

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mania5681656d ago

They didnt caught them off guard they just made it sooner known to the public, now if the console is ready well... who knows, if they are only able to release to 13 places then the production isnt keeping up with demand.

i just hope for microsoft that they really do not rush the console out as they did with 360, the red ring of death was a pain to deal with

moparful991655d ago

"who knows, if they are only able to release to 13 places then the production isnt keeping up with demand."

If they are unable to match production with demand then that doesn't bode well for their production. They are behind Sony in terms of pre orders yet Sony is launching in more countries? Hmmm makes one think..

Andronix1656d ago

"You can't just flip a switch."

RiPPn1655d ago

lol came to post this same quote, everytime I see a headline about this douche bag it's the first thing I think of and know that everything he says is complete bullsh-t.

Irishguy951656d ago

What a joke...

MS weren't expecting Ps4 to be released or revealed in 2014? Seriously? Use your head for once

Jury1656d ago

So much denial around. Signs point to ms being very unprepared and there is no way they'd be launching in November is Sony weren't.

Oh wait, major Nielsen said so, so that must be true... Forget all the evidence to the contrary.

miyamoto1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

100% agree but that is just the tip of the ice berg. we aint seen nothin yet. its actually gonna get even worse than that. for xbox.

thetruthx11656d ago

Only people that want it to be rushed think it'll be rushed

The system is big and very ventilated. On top of that it has technology in it that prevents overheating

Inform yourself

Clarence1656d ago

Major Nelson also said they were using real xbox1s to play BF4. We all know how that turned out. Why is there no release date. This guy is full of $h!t.
Not only that the Xbox 1s games were all 360 games used to pad the xbox1s launch titles. This also explains why the Xbox 1 yield problems have not been figured out.

M$ was caught completely of guard.

Sci0n1655d ago

Xbox fans are so... man why aren't they outraged about this mans lies and microsofts proven lies that surfaced over the years. How can they defend such a company? The man is saying everything was demoed on xbox one consoles when everyone that was there who sampled BF4 couldn't see the console in clear site and seen the windows PC display and mouse cursor on the screen. Also really!? only 8 players on those huge maps and still it looked and played like crap. I really wish every xbot would wake up but there is a side of me that loves seeing them get burned since they turn a blind eye to all microsofts greedy scam type ways.

T21655d ago

U got that right , most xbone launch titles are obvious 360 ports ... Meanwhile in true MS style, their " old " console is long forgotten

Shadonic1656d ago

prtty sure they had things set up so that they could change considering the speed at which they did change

BallsEye1656d ago

Shush Major Nelson. PS fanboys on N4G know better. They also are tech experts and know 20 different martial arts.

BOLO1655d ago

"We can't just flip a switch to turn of DRM, the console was built around it".

Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb.

BallsEye1655d ago


And I'm sure it wasn't as easy as flipping the switch. Why? Because they had to change a lot of features of xbox one. Family sharing is one of them. THey had to change their vision of the product by turning off DRM so no it's not that easy, it just sounds easy. They've announced they're removing DRM from the system but doesn't mean the process to make it all work out wasn't much longer than that.

SilentNegotiator1656d ago

Well if their PR guy says so...


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StoutBEER1656d ago

Can't wait to pick one up in November. The new Xbox controller looks better than ever. :D

GiantEnemyCrab1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Feels and plays great too. They had fight sticks setup for KI but I was able to mess with the Dpad and I can confirm the controller has fixed all of its flaws.. Not a sign of something rushed.

corvusmd1656d ago

You're clearly a fanboy. I love how you always shoot down things said by someone who is actually in the process of doing all these things just cause you don't want to believe it...but yet you clearly have no facts to support your opinion...just don't want to believe it. Take a step back dude, if you don't want an Xbox One, don't get'll be ok, you don't have to be so upset that you just try to trash talk them at every chance.

colonel1791656d ago

I don't know if it's being rushed to market, but according to MS, they have been making the console since 2010, while Sony started in 2008. 2 years and a little more seems like a very short time to develop a console.

Godmars2901656d ago

Honest question:

Exactly what kind of credibility does Nelson suppose to have?

Sarick1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Well, He told off Angry Joe when he commented that they could flip a Switch to turn off the 24 hour online DRM requirement.

Something like "how would you know are you a part of the development team?"


A little bit of deductive reasoning. >>

1. Nelson has all the inside info.
2. He's paid to say things that protect Microsoft's interest.

Shortly after that interview Microsoft announced a day one update and I think Nelson publicly apologized on twitter.

Credibility, I guess that depends on the fans of gaming and how they interpret interviews with PR spokesmen. Since their job is to protect the interest of the company they work with can we really expect 100% accurate responses?

Godmars2901655d ago


All you're saying is that he has none. That is MS wanted him to sell a steaming pile, that not only would he sell it, but sell it with enthusiasm.