Whose Services Are Planning To Be The Most Reliable? PS Plus vs Xbox Live Gold

"For the longest time, games consoles have been the number one place to enjoy gaming in your household. As time has passed we have seen improved AI, graphics, ways of displaying a story and even the integrity of the console itself. The Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii U have transcended to become more than just games consoles as they can allow you to listen to music, watch movies, check what you missed on TV and even go onto the internet. As the next generation is on the horizon and another evolution of gaming is coming with it, should we now class games consoles as services instead of just gaming devices?"

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GarrusVakarian1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Based on which service has been the best THIS gen, i'd have to say PS Plus. This year is the first time i have bought it and the amount of "free" games and themes and avatars you get is amazing value for money, and they are relatively new too. Paid for XBLG for four years and now i regret it, never cared about apps, and apart from that, you don't really get anything else.

I hope MS steps it up with XBLG for Xbox One, some "free" newer games would be nice.

Septic1903d ago

Well in terms of value then yeah PS PLUS appears better but in terms of reliability, I would definitely go with Xbox Live.

GarrusVakarian1903d ago

Ive been disconnected from that service too many times to give it that. And then it tells you that its your internet connection when everything else in the house is connected fine all day long.

Hellsvacancy1903d ago

I don't get this whole "reliability" argument, the PSN does what it should, I don't ever have problems playing games online, played BF3 last night for a few hours, only time I got disconnected was when I brought down a chopper with an Igla "Banned From The Server"

mcstorm1902d ago

@Septic I have to agree I have had more issues with PSN than Xbox live but regarding PSN on PS4 and Xbox live on One no one will know until they are both released.

ImG2theB1902d ago

It's like comparing Walmart and Target. One is cheap and the other has a nicer experience.

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Septic1903d ago

Well, judging by the past pedigree of both services, I would say the Xbox One but I don't know; I get a feeling that MS are rushing a lot of things at this stage.

Some of the X1's services are quite ambitious and rely on Kinect functionality and really, the voice recognition stuff really needs to be on point if it is to pass the test.

TimeSkipLuffy1903d ago

Since I don't play online multiplayer the one that get me games to play while I am a member or for keep will be the one that win me offer. Currently it is PS+.
I don't mind buying Gold Live if they continue a free game a month. Well at least it should be one retail game and one "indie/digital only" game each month... to keep or pump up the freebies ;D

jessupj1903d ago

Well PSN has been more than adequate this generation for me. I can't remember the last time I got dc'ed in an online game.

Also downloading patches and games off the store is super quick for me.

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