Sony Will Show "More than Ten" PS4 Titles at Tokyo Game Show, More than Fifty Overall

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia announced today with a press release that during Tokyo Game Show it will have "more than ten" PS4 games available to the visitors.

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GarrusVakarian1751d ago

Nice, hope to see a couple of surprises.

Abriael1751d ago

Considering that "more than 10" means at least 11 and only 7 have been announced, there may be 4 surprises in store :D

Skips1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Gravity Rush 2
The Last Guardian (Re done with PS4 engine)
Demon's Souls 2

Anyone ONE of those three, and I'd be satisfied...

EDIT: And Persona 5 :D

Irishguy951751d ago

The Ps4 currently doesn't have as much games as one would like, however that is only because they still have more launch games to reveal. Whereas MS revealed everything, SOny saved some for TGS know, SOny sell in Japan and MS don't.

I REALLY hope to see some(or even one epic one) Jrpgs revealed and hope they get a western release with Jp too.

thereapersson1751d ago

Just a little food for thought relating to my previous argument, the same attack points were used on the PS3 early in it's lifecycle by a company whose console had at face value more gaming value. Now look at what we have come to...

Just think about it next time you bash the PS4's launch without considering what company you are referring to.

devwan1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

ps4 actually has a lot of games already announced, I made a reply to a guy's blog post about announced games and listed those exclusive between consoles:
(2nd post)
49 on ps4, 22 on xbox one

Freak of Nature1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I hope one surprise will be...

The re announcement of "The Last guardian"...???

And any of these below...If we see 2 or more I will count myself lucky...

Deep down
Media molecules new IP
SSM's new IP
The new order
The division
GG's new IP
Demon souls 2
Naughty dog's new IP or Uncharted 4

I would love to see any of these make a triumphant return to the living...

Beyond good and evil 2
Dark cloud 3
Legend of dragoon
Studio Ghibli influenced game

It's a long waiting game for my most wanted titles, but hopefully in the end I (we) get them all polished and ready to go...

BitbyDeath1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Title is a bit mis-leading.

'“more than ten” PS4 games available to visitors at its booth'

ie more than 10 PS4 titles will be physically playable not how many will be shown in the conference.

abzdine1751d ago

Make that Shenmue 3 happen pleaaaaaase!

Dir_en_grey1751d ago

The new Yakuza game SEGA announced is most likely on PS4 from looking at the graphics.

Septic1751d ago

@ Abz

I was just about to say that! Shenmue will happen.

minimur121751d ago

lol @ ps3 section:

'Batman: Arkham Begins'

MWong1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I am hoping for some word about;

The Last Guardian
Naughty Dog PS4 announcement
Media Molecule PS4 announcement
Sony Santa Monica PS4 announcement
Level 5 PS4 announcement ... DARK CLOUD 3 PLEASE!! or a PS4 DC1 & DC2 HD collection.

Those are all the announcements I need. Would also love to see some more Rhime.

FamilyGuy1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )


Assault Android Cactus
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Blacklight: Retribution
The Dark Sorcerers engine created game
DC Universe Online
Deep Down
Diablo III
Don't Starve
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Horizon
Guns of Icarus
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Infamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Mercenary Kings
Octodad: Deadliest Catch
Oddworld: New n' Tasty
The Order 1866
PlanetSide 2
The Playroom
Primal Carnage: Genesis
Ray's The Dead
Rogue Legacy
Samurai Gunn
Secret Ponchos
Shadow of the Beast
Shadow Warrior
Switch Galaxy Ultra
Timesplitters Rewind (just announced)
Tiny Brains
Velocity 2X
War Thunder
Wasteland Kings
The Witness

There's a lot of already announced PS4 games to choose from, it doesn't say that the 4 will be unannounced titles.

Also, in the article the list of PS3 games they'll be showing is insane. It's just an onslaught of new PS3 titles. The support in japan is huge O.O

ZHZ901751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Hopefully more PS4 games!
I'll be happy if at least 1 AAA title gets confirmed.


sincitysir11751d ago

@skips agh don't get me excited! I would love gravity rush 2

gaffyh1751d ago

If The Last Guardian isn't there, than nothing else matters.

thereapersson1751d ago

Marking my comment as trolling... YOU MAD AT THE TRUTH?

jakmckratos1751d ago

Lol just how Playstation All stars' roster was supposed to be 20+ and it had EXACTLY 20...and 2 of them were Cole McGrath with 1/3 of their moves similar. Sony advertised a game with 19 and 2/3rds characters as a 20+ roster...

wsoutlaw871751d ago

ok everyone stop getting me excited for demons souls 2, its not cool. That would be the best announcement

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31751d ago

Are they AAA exclusives? No disrespect to small indie games but their not why I look into next-gen.

Gozer1751d ago

I have no reason to be commenting in this story. Japan is dead to me. I just thought I would get even at all you sony fanatics for posting in xbox stories. BTW I could have been much harsher.

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Infamous2981751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

finally, something that make the xbots stfu on how they have great exclusives and that sony is all indies.

humbleopinion1751d ago

Well, since that statement wasn't event talking about exclusive games - but rather simply games available to play on the show - I'm not sure it's going to win any "exlcusives" argument. There are already far more than 10 games on the PS4 including non-exclusives.

Bundi1751d ago

More indies, from Japan this time.

Lboogieskells1751d ago

This article doesn't support your statement.

Lboogieskells1751d ago

I love Indies, but I hope they annouce somemore first party games.

kenshiro1001751d ago

My God...I'm already salivating at this news.

hazeblaze1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

They may have 1 or 2 surprises... But there have already been more than 10 PS4 games announced, so maybe not.

I believe most of their surprises will be held until next year's E3. We will probably only get 1-2 surprise titles b/w now & then.

Microsoft has already revealed their 2014 line up... So the only surprises they will have for Fall 2014 are new gameplay videos. Sony will have several new IP to show. With current demand for the system, there is really not much need for them to show their hand this early.

thetruthx11751d ago

@hazelblaze wow I've never read a comment from a Microsoft Games Studio developer on here lol how do you know they've showed everything when they've bought 5 new studios just to make exclusives and spent a billion on exclusives

But anyhow I hope you Sony gamers have great games at TGS I'd like to see more of Final Fantasy 15 myself

Retroman1751d ago

i seen nothing new or exciting for TOKYO GAME SHOW line up same boring first person shooters call of duty,battlefield,halo etc.. ps4 bring another 7 years of first person, 3rd person shooters??? is that what my favorite pass time become military shooters only???

variety of beat'em up..side scrolling fun games are replaced with military first person shooters!! developers got you guys stuck in what they want you to play which is first person,3rd person games,multi-player online gaming that is sad.

TheFutureIsBlue1751d ago

SURELY Sony will give us news on The Last Guardian. They would be stupid not to.

ajax171751d ago

Hoping for The Last Guardian!

MRMagoo1231751d ago

I want sony to announce they are releasing earlier than expected because they have done better in the factories than first thought, its wishful thinking but i have my ps4 and 4 games paid off in full and i just want it NOWWWWWW!!!

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TimeSkipLuffy1751d ago

I hope they won't be some announced indie games. TGS should be about blockbuster Ps4 titles to come in the next year :3

cvflyboy1751d ago

I agree. I have love for the indi games but that's not what made me reserve my ps4 the day after e3. I hope we can see a jrpg surprise or maybe even a fighting game. Tekken vs streetfighter maybe?

Genesis12951751d ago

Agreed, I love indie games especially the ones the take you by suprised but games with hype behind them and a strong development team is always good so I would guess/hope the last guardian is re qnnounced and given a release date for the ps4 also a couple of other games. Even if they are indies the more the better.

Inception1751d ago

I believe ArcSystemWorks wants to create new fighting game for PS4. Not BlazBlue / GG, but new IP / franchise

Maybe they will show some teaser in TGS.

Lboogieskells1751d ago

OMG Tekken vs Street Fighter

I need! I need!

nosferatuzodd1751d ago

I can't believe you guys have you forget who Sony is their just toying around right the floodgate will soon be open you're going to see games like never before

TimeSkipLuffy1751d ago

I know Sony will deliver a lot of great games. They have a acquired and created a lot of studios but I don't care about talk. It's all bla bla to me. Wherever it comes from. Sony, MS or Nintendo. If there is not at least something concrete I don't care about it.

christrules00411751d ago

We haven't heard from any of the Japanese studios have we. Well besides Knack.

AceBlazer131751d ago

yh their pretty quiet as of late. either gonna go full force come tgs or wait till the next game show after the ps4 gets jap release date .

pyramidshead1751d ago

Looking forward to it but not hyping it up like I did gamescom lol.

Will it be livestreamed?

Abriael1751d ago

Nothing is known at the moment on that.

EXVirtual1751d ago

They're having a keynote.

Ripsta7th1751d ago

I want to see some new rpg ips and also a fighting game to go against KI, oh and more FFXV gameplay please lol

black0o1751d ago

dude final we may see a gameply for the order as well ... FF15 has been confirmed for the show by square enix