PS3 Real Working HD loader?

Well yesterday there was a claim in one of Orkut's Playstation 3 forums, refering to a real HD loader for PS3.
At first no one believed the person who claimed it as he was using a fake avatar and a name of "Playstation 3", fake profiles who claim bold things are not taken kindly in orkut; but today he has uploaded some videos in youtube and rapidshare which seem to prove his previous claim.

Don't Believe it Either??? See for yourselves.
Though unfortunately the whole video is in Portuguese it does show you he really has something to show here.

Complete Video (Portuguese)

Orkut Community Link (Portuguese)

Has the Undefeatable PS3 fallen in the hands of a lone Brazilian?
Could this guy be the next Dark Alex?



Videos were removed and posted again in a new account

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omni_atlas3871d ago

With the blurry webcam and a language I don't understand, I have no idea what this guy just did.

sonarus3870d ago

sigh the never ending battle to hack the ps3

gameraxis3870d ago

what does that mean (hd loader) what is he at least claiming he's done? i know I'm new and before u poke fun at me for not knowing I'll admit it... thanks for the insight!

gaffyh3870d ago

He is claiming to be able to load a full game (i.e. Devil May Cry 4) from the Hard drive without needing the disc for the game.

Stefanps33871d ago

I do believe, it´s clearly working, great work! congrats

DevilKing3871d ago

Even if you can't understand Portuguese, you can clearly see there is no media inside the PS3 tray, and yet there it is, DMC4 on the screen. He even pressed the eject button to prove there was no disk and removed thee HDMI cable to prove it was that one PS3 which was connected to the TV; he also shows the place to prove there is no other PS3 hidden.

Great job, I have to get that program!

Mu5afir3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

You can still play most games with the disk ejected, as the Ps3 pre-loads some of the data to the HDD. Try it yourself, start playing a game.. eject the disk and continue to play.

DevilKing3870d ago

It's not the demo of DMC4, you can clearly see from the instalation screen, which is not present in the DEMO (for obvious reasons), and the first mission. Besides he shows the game instaling without the BD, and that cannot happen if you remove the disk from the tray. As seen on the video, the PS3 is empty since minute 1.

Ri0tSquad3870d ago

I finished a whole level of Resistance 1 without a disc.

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tweaker3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

This is not great work. I hope he releases this exploit or program to the public so Sony can patch this with a firmware update.

Marty83703871d ago

Alot of gamers want 'homebrew' on PS3 with RSX access. I'm one of them.

Mu5afir3871d ago

Lets be real, there is only one reason why you would want / need RSX access and that's to play bootlag games. Seriously, ranting games is so cheap now, there is no point to bootlegging anymore.

tweaker3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

As much as I want homebrew to happen too, this will only bring unwanted piracy to the PS3. I actually hope PS3 games take up the entire bluray disc now. That way people won't be tempted enough to backup a game worth 25-50 gigs of data.

Mr_Bun3871d ago

Looks legit...hopefully someone who speaks english can reproduce it to show people like me how to get it done!

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