New Dragon’s Crown Japanese Patch Enhances the Wizard, Adds Many Improvements

Atlus just announced that a new patch is available starting today for the Japanese version of Dragon’s Crown on both PS3 and PS Vita. Since the first patch was translated rather quickly, players can probably expect it to come to the North American version soon as well.

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nunley331538d ago

this game is great,nice patch. nice pic too,that is a spicey meatball:D

nunley331537d ago

look above her giant bewbs, i know it's hard to not do that and not her face lol.

xxPillsxx1537d ago

Disagreers, I have bad news for you all...

Inception1537d ago


Haha, i knew mate, i'm just joking XD. But i don't understand why i got 3 disagree. Maybe next time i should made my self clear.


She don't need a face when she had giant bazongas! :P

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memots1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

how can they "enhance" the wizard ...
There is much Enhanced quality this wizard has :)

PickAShoe1538d ago

I think I stop every 5 minute to watch porn when playing this game.

ravinash1538d ago

Remind me never to touch your controller.

RedHawkX1538d ago

which one the joystick or the ds3?