Countdown to GTA V: Locations and Maps

Grand Theft Auto V is setting out to be the largest open-world map in the history of Rockstar Games. Its size said to be “larger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined” according to the game's art director Aaron Garbut in a preview by GameInformer. Amazed? Console Monster is, with its daily countdown to Grand Theft Auto V.

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Zancruz1661d ago

God I am so tired of waiting for this game! The only good thing besides playing a great game that's this huge, The time will fly by with everything that can be done and before I know it will be Nov 15th...

Phoenix761661d ago

One of only 3 games I actually want on this gen that's left :) batman and battlefield are the other 2 lol

1660d ago
Phoenix761660d ago

Cause I won't be getting a ps4 till end of feb

RE_L_MAYER1660d ago

Next gen battlefield dont even look that different from this one