New Dead Rising 3 Footage From PAX Prime

Along side some other heavy hitters Microsoft has shown at PAX, Dead Rising 3 made the cut for some new gameplay footage for gamers to delight in. One of the more hotly anticipated launch titles for the Xbox One, any new videos on the open world zombie madness of DR3 has been well received, and thoroughly enjoyed.

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Eldyraen1723d ago

This looks a lot more like the DR we know and love. I can't wait to actually see and play it for myself come release though.

Sad but off camera footage is actually more interesting than most of what they've shown with direct feed trailers. I guess its because Trailers so far were mostly just to announce it and now that people get to play and see it demo'd they can show off a bit more of the actual 'game'.

On a somewhat unrelated note: I hate not having more direct feed videos lately :( XBox for example has plenty to stream but most of it isn't even available for DL. PSN is guilty of this too but much less so and even many game sites haven't gotten their hands on as many direct feed videos as they used to. I always prefer DLing them than streaming as easier to keep things organized without looking ridiculous.

FrigidDARKNESS1723d ago

This build really shows off the improvements since e3. Graphics lighting weapons and street fighter style fighting......Awesome stuff here.

psych1723d ago

When this was first announced I had issue with the combo weapons that used substituted parts not visually reflecting those substitutions, now I understand.

Wouldn't it be awesome if they upped the co-op count. Roving street gangs of Frank West, Chuck Greene and Nick Ramos clones fighting shambling zombie hoards.

urwifeminder1722d ago

The more I see the more trouble I have picking my launch games was just going for forza 5 but damn this and Ryse look hell tempting and fun.

No_Limit1722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

I am picking all three of those games up.

3 different genre, 3 kind of fun.

urwifeminder1722d ago

Cash may be tight lol after playing the free copy of DR2 recently I am keen maybe the weeks following release I can bag em.

Duddy1011722d ago

I love the whole look of this game its a big jump from the previous one. But it still has the slow run around feel to it I aint complaining though still looks great.

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