The Big Issue: Is Rock Band a rip-off?

Public relations, by definition, exists to manage the flow of information relating to, public opinion of, and to answer questions on, a particular product. Relating to video games, PR aims to generate as much hype and positive feeling prior to release as possible, giving a game the best possible chance of selling well when it's released. This week EA endured a public relations nightmare when Rock Band's European release date and pricing was confirmed. The Internet exploded, sending shock waves cascading across the virtual sea that makes up the web like a tsunami. Why? Because, once again, Europeans are being ripped off when it comes to video games. Or are they?

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Shadow Flare3897d ago

The Big Issue is actually a magazine distributed by tramps in England. Here's another big issue: Is prodding a tramp with a long stick immoral?

benny o klaatt3897d ago

me and my mates love guitar hero 2 + 3 and ive been psyched for rock band ever since it was first announced.

at first, when the PAL version was announced, i was proper buzzing! but then i started to think about the price. Yep ripped off, but i was still gonna get it.

I've now preordered from £140 for the lot which is the same price as three and a half new games, but I KNOW that rock band will keep me more busy than three and a half games ever would.

wanna bash them drums! (but not too hard!)

found out today i've got a week off work the week after release, so nothing can spoil my day, week and month till it comes out

BrotherNick3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Well rock band is not a ripoff if you're American and have an xbox or ps3...I'm pissed about the wii version's 10 dollars more, and there's no extra functionality that you get on the other systems The wii can handle having character customization at least. I'll wait a year for the price to come down. Plus the white drums will turn yellow as time passes.

Tempist3897d ago

Part of pricing is based on how much people tend to make. So they don't care if you make $8 or £8 / hour it's still 8 (whatever your currency is) per hour you make. So then it's likely that you can afford the game @ 170 or 140 of your currency.

This is all factors into that thing called 'the cost of living'. If someone from the UK came to live in North America, they wouldn't get all huffy about how they're being paid 'half' of what they would in the UK because prices are adjusted.

My point is; stop complaining. It's over the top. Shame on you UK.