Puppeteer's Complete Trophy List on PlayStation 3

IGN - Will you earn the Platinum?

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tanookisuit1722d ago

Charming game. The style and the narrator really sell the game.

abzdine1722d ago

pre-ordered on amazon! the game ships next week i cannot wait

tanookisuit1722d ago

FYI, if you preorder from EB Games/GameStop, they give you some extra [digital] stuff. I believe you get a nifty soundtrack, a few avatars and some XMB themes.

Enjoy the game!

abzdine1721d ago

The amazon version also includes the extras. Same as the digital version on PSS.

Same goes for Killzone: Shadow Fall, pre ordered with the extra goodies.

Thank you for the tip though tanookisuit :)

josephayal1722d ago

It's truly spectacular, and deserving of much more hype than it's getting. The graphics for PS3 are unmatched

Williamson1722d ago

I forgot this game was releasing soon, played the Japanese demo and the feels great to play. I'll download the north american demo tomorrow again.

Bathyj1722d ago

Enjoyed the demo. The game is gorgeous. Strange that this isnt getting any hype.