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WWE 2K14: 10 Wrestlers Who Should Be DLC

WC - Easily the most important WWE video game in quite some time, a lot is riding on 2K Games’ production of WWE 2K14, the first since THQ went bankrupt earlier in the year. Though 2K have roped series veterans Yukes back into the fray, there was still a reasonable expectation that we might be seeing something a little different this time around. (PS3, WWE 2K14, Xbox 360)

Drex278  +   310d ago
Ur dlc list is just Ridiculous You're not gonna see Kurt angle or the Dudley Boyz their under TNA contracts the Shield should make the main roster not DLC And possibly fandango should make the main roster as well
bilzdabest  +   310d ago
Yh thats true. I doubt that Angle or the dudleys have a super contract like hogan. Heres who i think should be dlc.

William regal
Dynamite kid
Adrian nevile (if pulled to main roster)
Oliver grey (if pulled up to main roster)
Los masturodus or however you spell it.
Owen hart ( now that his death contract has finished)
Ultimate warrior
Bad ass undertaker
British bulldog
Sting (dunno if he is in tna or not)
Big boss man
Great mutah
Big e langston if he isn't confirmed (though i want him in the main roster)
Randy orton shield attire
el generico
Harley race
Rody piper if he isn't confirmed.
Hardcore holly
Paul london
Brian kendrick
Chris hero/ kasius ohno
Bo dallas
Maybe a few more i can't think of now
And i would also like the default move set to be based on chris beniot. No one will notice.
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