The Rarest and Most Valuable Playstation (PS1) Games

Even though the original Playstation is one of the most common consoles of all time, there are many valuable PS1 treasures to be found. Its diverse library is filled with RPGs and unique gems that collectors long for. Out of all of the consoles we have covered in the Rare & Valuable series so far, the PS1 has both the most expensive regular issue game and the highest average selling price. This occurrence can can probably be attributed to the PS2 and PS3's backwards compatibility and its wide range of cult favorites that remain as exclusives for the PS1.

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Sangria3899d ago

You miss me :(
The best multiplayer game ever :'(

LJWooly3899d ago

Lol, my friend brought that round and we played it on the PS3 not long ago. Listnening to the Scottish guys' taunt is hilarious, even if they're not really an accurate representation of Scottish. Still, funny as hell :D

Bonsai12143898d ago

its all about lunar:sssc

Douchebaggery3899d ago

I'm still kicking myself in the marbles for selling some of those games.

leon763899d ago

Oh, man!! I only own FF VII from these titles!.....A sealed copy 417 dollars!!! UAU!!!!

Doctor Strange3899d ago

I have a black label Final Fantasy VII, I actually playing it again after beating Crisis Core. Love that game.

ReBurn3898d ago

I have a black label FF7, too. Mint condition with the original cash register receipt. I paid $54.99 for it new.

poopface13898d ago

I dont think its rare, but I just looked on amazon and used copies are selling for 80$. Still dont think I can sell it as its the only turnbased RPG I ever liked and I wanna replay it someday when I buy a ps3(can all ps3s play the ps1 games?). Mine has a typo on the back I wonder if that makes it worth more lol.

Palodios3899d ago

I had copies Valkyrie Profile, FF7, Tactics Ogre, Suikoden 2 and Lunar:SSSC. I made a killing off them. Good thing playstation games work on emulator now!

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The story is too old to be commented.