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The Playstation 4 Will Not Support Arabic

It has been confirmed via Shuhei Yoshida's Twitter account that the Playstation 4 system in fact will not support Arabic language, leaving thousands of Arab gamers unhappy. (PS4)

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black0o  +   229d ago
i saw it coming
ZHZ90  +   229d ago
I am an Arab and I prefer to use(or support) English in settings for game, options etc.
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NewMonday  +   229d ago
you should say Arabian

I'm OK with English, but supporting Arabic would have opened the market for millions more.
Abdou023  +   229d ago
But sometimes you need it if you going to use it's Facebook - Youtube ...etc

I mean it cost nothing to add a language.Why aren't they considering it ?
mt  +   229d ago
dude I prefer english as well but whenever I use browser or youtube (arabic websites) I remember that ps doesn't support arabic and then I want to puke on whoever didn't include arabic support.
Tony-A  +   229d ago

"I'm OK with English, but supporting Arabic would have opened the market for millions more."

To be fair, it's not like they're missing a shot at a market they had with the PS3, considering they didn't support it there. I'm sure they'll toss it in with a future update if enough people complain.
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knockknockannefrank  +   229d ago | Funny
it only does homeland security
14Feb-R  +   229d ago
I prefer english too 5oook but apps are useless without it and putting arabic would be much better for many people. Even if you don't want to use it option is still good though :P ..
waljaber  +   228d ago
agree, beside i don't want my 10 years daughter and 3 years son missing my setting lol.
abzdine  +   228d ago
Shuhei Yoshida ‏@yosp 19h
@nadr_alwjoood @Macintosh009 sorry, I meant not in the immediate future. We are aware of the request.

it could still come.
everyone has preferences, but it's cool to have as many languages to choose between. sometimes when i'm learning a language i turn my phone menu to that language for example.
thekhurg  +   229d ago
Game over man, game over!
UltimateMaster  +   229d ago
Now's You're chance Microsoft to make the Xbox Relevant again! Make it learn Arab!
IHassounah  +   229d ago
I think Microsoft already was rumored that the Arab gamers will get a treatment so it could be a full arabic system
SilentNegotiator  +   229d ago

lol, at this rate, don't expect Xbox One to support Arabic until 2018, if ever.
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Eonjay  +   228d ago
How is Kinect going to learn Arabic when it can't learn English in Australia.
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AzureskyZ  +   229d ago
I mean in all fairness and if polls is an indicator, arab nations liked the xbox over the ps4. Although it would be much better to support all languages from the get go, the reality is that market dictates which service is priority and unfortunately--- europe, japan, and usa will always be priority number one and the rest comes later. sony isnt gonna delay its high priority area to accommodate a vocal few when those things can be addressed via patch. Some of those fans are furious over nothing, and clamoring about 300 million people in there area means nothing when there sales is peanuts compared to other area. Want to grab there attention? Be sure to buy 300 million system one per person and you will definitely grab sonys attention and be there priority over everyone else.
PSjesus  +   229d ago
Arabs have there own exclusive game called oil,war&dictators

no j/k but i understand Arabic is the most spoken language in the world
jivah  +   229d ago
Debatable. I would say its English.. Dont bother looking at statistics simply cause they just go by the population in English speaking countries vs lets say some African or Russian or S.American guy knows English but wont get counted in that stat simply by being in a non English speaking country.. No matter where you go though English will be known..

But strictly off of stats. Standard Chinese and English may be in a tie world wide. Then Spanish takes 3rd then Hindi in 4th. And then Arabic in 5th place.
Shuyin  +   229d ago
It's actually portugese. Or chinese. Not sure.
ErryK  +   228d ago
Arabic is the second most-spoken language.
Imalwaysright  +   228d ago
Mandarin is the most talked language in the world.
denawayne  +   228d ago
It's Mandarin. Who would of thought? There's only 50 Bazillion of them f'ers on this planet
dj3boud  +   229d ago
i am an Arabic gamer and i am happy with how it is with current generation and past ones not supporting Arabic. why nitpicking on irrelevant issues, why would you want an Arabic Ps4 interface while all games do not feature Arabic as a language in-game (other than the new tomb raider)? even if the Ps4's web browser is concerned too, unlikely that people do not own a PC or a tablet that supports Arabic. Every once in a while i run into this topic in daily life. its not a big deal.
JustPlay4  +   228d ago
There not a lot people that happy on twitter so he responded saying it may happen but not at launch

I don't think that big deal but I'm not them so that doesn't count
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SkippyPaccino  +   228d ago
Well that's how you triple your sales in USA. Lol! (you terrorist hating son of a guns)
YNWA96  +   228d ago
Get Wolf Blitzer on this!
fsfsxii  +   229d ago
lol. Hell yeah they won't. With all those idiots spamming the shit out of Sony and in the forums.
Majin-vegeta  +   229d ago
Wow that sux.
Thisisjuju  +   229d ago
Seems odd, doesn't the PS3 support Arabic?
ziggurcat  +   229d ago
i don't believe it does...
Thisisjuju  +   229d ago
Okay, thanks for the correction :)
d0nT wOrrY  +   229d ago
No it doesn't.
OrangePowerz  +   229d ago
Some games on PS3 support it like Fifa, but not the OS.
black0o  +   229d ago
and the web browser as well
Pascalini   229d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
yellowgerbil  +   229d ago
does it even release in the Middle East? I may be unelightened and only know about their culture from movies, but do they even have electricity?
again not trying to be offensive or racist with that comment, every depiction I've ever seen makes it look like iraq iran etc live in clay huts driving cars from 30 years ago...
jdktech2010  +   229d ago
They have electricity. I mean I've seen lights on in reports back from the war and even after.

I can't imagine it's a very stable power grid with the immense heat they get out there. I think the middle east has bigger problems right now than whether the PS4 is releasing.
HammadTheBeast  +   229d ago


They're just running in the desert and chilling with camels there. /s
IanVanCheese  +   229d ago
You know the entire middle east isn't a warzone right?
wenaldy  +   229d ago
Keep sucking those Middle East oil.
tracyllrkn  +   229d ago
HAha! Funny.
theWB27  +   229d ago
It's one of the most advanced, richest countries around. Seriously, you're on the internet...search.

Here's a link to look up some countries over there.
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Hicken  +   228d ago
Except for the part where the Middle East isn't a country.

... and also the part where most of the people don't share in that wealth.

But yeah, ignorant comment is ignorant.
Eamon  +   228d ago
Actually Qatar does technically share its wealth with the natives.

Did you know Qatari natives get an annual salary of around $80,000 just for being born in that country? No work or anything. Exactly.

They can do this because Qatar has a very small population. This doesn't apply to foreign workers though.
d0nT wOrrY  +   229d ago
Wow dude! You sure do need to read and learn more about the world. Smh...
Majin-vegeta  +   229d ago
See kids this is why you need to pay attention in school.
yellowgerbil  +   229d ago
I grew up in America. Our history books always seemed to stop at the civil rights movement and Vietnam...
Even switching to private school and going through college I admit that the education system has done me a disservice on world culture and current events.
JBaby343  +   229d ago
Believe me paying attention in American schools does not help. I went to a good public school, then college, then grad school and looking back I realize how many things were misrepresented and not even taught. The American education system is absolutely terrible. Being an American, this is very depressing to me but it's the truth. I met a 10th grader the other day (I have a medical practice and she came to my office) that didn't know the Earth went around the Sun. I honestly did not know it was possible not to know that in this day and age.

For the record, yes pretty much all industrialized areas of the Middle East have electricity.
Str8Chaos74  +   228d ago
Hell, 50% of kids 18-24 in America can't even find New York on a map.


so sad.
dcj0524  +   229d ago
Saudia Arabia is one pf tge richest countries on the world as well as certain cities in Iraq and Iran. Seriously. A quick google search and you wouldn't look so retarted. Movies still have africans hunting with spears.
Sci0n  +   229d ago
So with all the KSA gamers sony has on playstation they decided not to support the arabic language? ouch. I know that won't stop them from buying PS4 though. Saudi Arabia is a very rich country and its full of gamers.
thebigman  +   229d ago
That is one of the most culturally insensative things I've ever read in my life, but I'm going to assume you're young/early teens for the sake of your dignity.

The modern "Middle East" is much like North/Central America in a lot of regards. While there are highly advanced cities and countries(Like Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.) similar to our own(SF, NYC) there ones that are shown prominently in the news/media are the ones currently in the civil and secular wars. Comparing those communities in strife to our own would be like saying Guatemala or Tiajuana are accurate representations of cultural progress in the Americas.

These richer sects make up a much smaller percentage of the regions population, but it's insensative to believe that the majority of communities in the Arab countries exist in huts and get their water from wells.

The only reason why Sony isn't supporting the language is because of the variations among the separate countries and the fact that their market of people living in this region most likely speak one of the other supported dialects.
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yellowgerbil  +   229d ago
again not trying to be insensitive.
I know they are wealthy, but based on the depiction I've seen in the news and countless movies I assumed it was a extreme minority that had wealth.
I am an adult, I just don't care to follow world events or visit other countries so my knowledge is limited to what I gather in movies books and games. This is a gaming website I am sure we are all aware how impoverished the middle east is depicted in games, that can skew a persons image into believing it is all like that when that is consistant with every other depiction. I can't think of a single movie that showed the middle east as being advanced or even not being backwards.
Abdou023  +   229d ago

You were obviously trolling despite your tries to defend yourself blaming the American poor education system.

Anyway if you watched Mission Impossible 4 you would have known that Tom Cruise was climbing Burg Khalifa which is considered the Tallest building nowadays.

Oh Wow !
I'm commenting on your comment using the Internet !!
What sorcery is this ?!
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Biggest  +   229d ago
Maybe you should stop using movies to inform your ideas about the world?

That is a special brand of ignorance you've developed.
SonyNGP  +   229d ago
It's getting an official launch in the Middle East, and it's cost cheaper than it does in the UK.
mafiahajeri  +   229d ago
Man some shops will break the release date here and will get it before most of the world!! xD
SonyNGP  +   229d ago
For double/triple the price, and the sad saps will still buy it.
HammadTheBeast  +   229d ago
Those poor countries are ones that war has been through. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, all were rich and actually some of the most beautiful countries, before the US and Israel had to apparently find "weapons of mass destruction" (which were never found).
cheetah  +   229d ago
Yeah that's right, always blame America for their problems. No blame laid on the Taliban, Ba'ath party, the Assads, or PLO. The people in those countries hate each other more than they hate the west.
IHassounah  +   229d ago
@cheetah ; explain one thing , why did USA pay the Islamic group
1.5 billion ? that shows that America is just an attacker (I'm not mentioning citizens cause they are what we are , and sometimes they are making riots in the streets like the Anonymous)
cheetah  +   229d ago
@ihassounah America propped up Mubarak for years, installed the Shah, funded the mujahideen against the Russians, backs Isreal to the hilt etc so they are not innocent. But I am sick of the victim mentality and that is the point I was trying to make.

We are all evolved humans and it is about time people in that part of the world took the future into their own hands. And that is not the same as some religious revolution like what is occurring at the moment.
CoLD FiRE  +   229d ago
@cheetah Look I don't want to turn this into a political debate but as a matter of fact Taliban is an American product that was created by the CIA. Go read some history and let us discuss gaming here.
d0nT wOrrY  +   229d ago
"I can't think of a single movie that showed the middle east as being advanced or even not being backwards. " That's becuase they're 'Murican products.
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OrangePowerz  +   229d ago
Plenty of middle eastern countries are very rich and very advanced.
black0o  +   229d ago
are U shitting me ?? how old are or what lvl of eduction u hve

just FYI the tallest building in the world is in the M.E and the G-counties are one of the richest in the world with the 2nd fastest network in world ''2 GB d /1 up''

and Egypt is oldest of all civilization
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CoLD FiRE  +   229d ago
"and Egypt is oldest of all civilization"

And one of the shittiest as well. I mean what kind of idiots vote for someone who is backed by the MB in the first place?
black0o  +   229d ago
hey dude the new egyptaion are the stupidest and media sheep EVER .. no one arguing that
sourav93  +   229d ago

mafiahajeri  +   229d ago
Lmao! You were serious? I thought you were trolling? Wow, ignorances gotta be an understatement here! Lol! I guess you can thank the famous american public school system.
PSjesus  +   229d ago
electricity is so minimum used to juice up electrical chairs
LeonhartX  +   228d ago
MadMen  +   229d ago
jaelegend  +   229d ago
prob true 30 years ago there more advance then wat the media shows
dcj0524  +   229d ago
That sucks for my Arab bros. Hope they support it soon as on 2014 soon.
mafiahajeri  +   229d ago
Thanks for your heartfelt feelings!
DatRealBoy  +   229d ago
Shu seems like he always reply on twitter... yall lets ask him if ps4 support ingame vid chat I know it does for streams
Octo1  +   229d ago
If it becomes that big of a deal it will likely get patched.
TrollCraftTales  +   229d ago
Oh no, now how will I learn Arabic while playing amazing games, damn it Sony, why you do this?!?! كيف تجرؤ على سوني، وكنت قد الإهانة عائلتي! (sarcasm if you can't tell)
Abdou023  +   229d ago
Google translate isn't accurate at all, consider that in the future.
TrollCraftTales  +   229d ago
It was pretty accurate when I did it just now... It only added an "of" after families, I tried to say How dare Sony, and you've insulted family!, I guess you put it in wrong, anyway sorry to make a joke, didn't know you don't appreciate humor...
Ripsta7th  +   229d ago
I remember last time i commented here something about arabic language and i got a few replies from angry arabs saying it was one of the most spoken(popular) languages in the world,i guess nott
AddictiveGamer   229d ago | Spam
Sethmm  +   229d ago
Oh well...
Haules  +   229d ago
Sony needs to sport Arab Language. They have tons of fans there...
nooneknows  +   229d ago
This is kinda not right. Everyone should enjoy this awesome system. Kinda sucks considering Arabic is one of the most popular language in the planet.
#17 (Edited 229d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
d0nT wOrrY  +   229d ago
Well many Arabs do speak English very well, I know that cuz I'm one of them. I never played any of those localized games in Arabic, it just doesn't feel right and unorganized. I prefer English language when it comes to OS and settings ... etc.
#17.1 (Edited 229d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PSjesus  +   229d ago
it's funny, Arabs are unique by disrespect there own language and say it's unorganized,you know Japaneses is more difficult than Arabic especially in programming yet they are proud to fully support it
TheKingWilliamV  +   229d ago
Don't know why they don't support Arabic, its a beautiful language I loved my time in Dubai beautiful place.
CoLD FiRE  +   229d ago
It's probably THE only beautiful place in the region, sadly.
LeonhartX  +   228d ago
oh god... is the influence of the media that great?? Dubai is the not the ONLY beautiful place it is one of many!! unless you mean the gulf area then yes i do agree with you
The Great Melon  +   229d ago
I think the omission is more likely due to the fact that the Arabic language is read right to left. I would assume that all languages that the PS4 currently supports are read left to right. They would have to develop separate code just for one exception. It will likely come it time, but not for release.
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kewlkat007  +   229d ago
That sucks..there are over 300 million people that speak arabic..

Hopefully they know another language thee consoles will release in.

Shame on you Sony + MS.
SoulMikeY  +   229d ago
I like how Americans are always the ones to "sympathize" with other countries. It's honestly embarrassing. These hipsters get on the Internet and "feel bad" for other countries, then go talk shit about them in public.

Really yeah, sucks for them, but it doesn't affect us though. And if you're claiming Arab and speaking English, it doesn't matter to you either. I love America, but I f***ing HATE the pompous do-gooders here.
KonsoruMasuta  +   229d ago
You hate people who care about others?
SoulMikeY  +   229d ago
No, I hate people who pretend to care about others. It's like the people in a mansion with 5 iPads that "feel bad" for others, yet live how they live. Really they don't give a flying f*** about anyone but themselves. They just want people to like them.

AKA: most religious people.
cheetah  +   229d ago
So true, It's the same here in Australia. We always seem to be apologising to everyone for being successful as a nation. Has anyone actually seen how bad piracy is in the Middle East? No wonder no one wants to support that region.
Hicken  +   228d ago
Yeah, cuz you can REALLY tell on an internet forum who cares, and who hops off the internet to toss racial epithets.

You know how it affects me? Cuz there are cool Arabs who don't speak English- or much- and I wouldn't mind having them on my side in Killzone, or my team in Drive Club.

Language barriers suck.

What you seem to hate is yourself on some level, since you're apparently projecting your actions and flaws onto complete strangers.

Tell ya what: you find me one shred of evidence that anybody here is doing what you say, and I'll give you my rent money for the next month(current rent just got paid).

Holy crap. Just when I think my fellow countrymen can't make us look any more stupid, you go and surprise me....
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KevPC  +   229d ago
i bet eventually it will
Bathyj  +   229d ago
At least it will likely launch there this year. I wouldnt be too upset.
rmedtx  +   229d ago
I think most Arabs speak other languages specially English. I don't think that's gonna be an issue.
kingPoS  +   229d ago
Honest question as I don't know otherwise.

Is it easier or more difficult to text Arabic and Japanese over English.

Form the what I've seen when I set the ps3 language to Japanese, the qwerty display becomes a whole lot more complicated. The search function in the Japanese psn store
is also different.

Try it and see for yourself what Japanese psn users have to use.
#25 (Edited 229d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Aztec_MC  +   229d ago
NO indefinitely or just not now?

Xbox doesn't even support Spanish, lolololol, so keep things in perspective.
Avernus  +   229d ago
I was in Sharja for a couple months. ALLOT of people there and in Dubai spoke English. I know that's not the whole middle East, but I met people from all over the UAE and I was amazed by how many spoke English.

It's an inconvenience, but I think they'll be fine.
black0o  +   229d ago
KSA,lebanon, egypt .. etc all speak very good English
then u got those speak French like Marco Algeria ..etc
we are fine
MultiConsoleGamer  +   229d ago
This is no surprise. Sony has never understood that you never alienate not even a single potential paying customer.
PSjesus  +   229d ago
well Atari doesn't support it and it's been a phenomenal success in recent years over there .
#29 (Edited 229d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Modestmex  +   229d ago
Xbox one it is for me now!!
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