Gaming Celebrity Autographs

Fellow gamer, Grooveraider, has had the good fortune to get several of his games signed by several gaming celebrity's. Below a list of this gamers prized gaming signatures featured in the clip in exact order:

--Akumajo Dracula X: Gekka no Yasokyoku
Signed by: Koji Igarashi

Signed by: Yu Suzuki

--Yoshi's Island
Signed by: Shigeru Miyamoto

--Zelda: Ocarina of Time C.E.
Signed by: Shigeru Miyamoto

--Metal Gear Solid 2: The Trailer
Signed by: Hideo Kojima

--Metal Gear Solid: Premium Package Signed by: Hideo Kojima
& Yoji Shinkawa

--Kerri Hoskins aka Sonja Blade

--Kerri Hoskins & Groove

--Electronic Gaming Monthly's
Ed Semrad former Senior Editor

--Nintendo's Howard Phillips & Groove

--Nintendo's Gunpei Yokoi & Groove

--Electronic Entertainment Expo '96: E3 Daily #2 signed by former President of Nintendo of America: Minoru Arakawa and the late Gunpei Yokoi - Father of Gameboy and Metroid

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