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Review – Rayman Legends delivers diverse, addictive, infuriating fun | Post Arcade

Post Arcade: "If you’ve a hankering for some skillfully crafted run-to-the-right fun (or run-to-the-left, if you happen to have jumped into one of the game’s 'invaded' paintings – I’ll let you learn about those on your own), Rayman Legends ought to satisfy nicely." (PC, PS3, Rayman Legends, Wii U, Xbox 360) 8.5/10

Killjoy3000  +   233d ago
Just give it a 9.... It deserves it, not only in quality, but just for the sheer fact that it harkens back to the greatness of the 2D platformer.

This game is the sleeper hit of 2013. (not including indie developments)

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