Sonic: Lost World for 3DS Gets a World Full of New Screenshots and Information

Sonic: Lost World gets a ton of (think over 70) new 3DS version screenshots, as well as more information on the “Color Power” system.

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TekoIie1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Really looking forward to this game! I wish it released a few weeks later because Pokemon releases 8 days before it :(

I might hold off on purchasing it for a couple of weeks so I can devote more time to it when I make my purchase.

ajames3471877d ago

I know, all these great games releasing at the same time is tough to keep up with. That's the blessing and curse of Fall/Holiday season for gaming lol

3-4-51877d ago

I have a feeling they are already probably making a sequel to this.

mshope101877d ago

this game has some of the best graphics i have ever seen on 3ds.

ajames3471877d ago

It looks absolutely amazing on the 3DS.