Developer Salute – Valve

Few studios boast the diversity of hit titles like Valve. The Half-Life series is celebrated for its innovative gameplay, seamless narrative, and cutting edge technology. Left 4 Dead accentuates teamwork like no other game before it, and was voted the best cooperative game of all time by the Game Informer staff.

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1903d ago
Sketchy_Galore1903d ago

Quite possibly the studio with the most consistently excellent and interesting games out there but.... possibly my least favourite studio ever. Leaving Half-life like they did (even if HL3 comes out tomorrow it will have been far too long to be considered a continuation of the story) is unforgivable. Half-life was an amazing franchise but I cannot believe the arrogance and self-centredness of being a young unproven developer, having people give your creation a chance and like it, having them become invested and then screw them over by ending the thing on a cliffhanger you just don't resolve.

I don't like money grubbing companies that remove content from games and sell it as DLC but I never feel personally insulted by those companies, I feel personally insulted by Valve for them dismissing me by not bothering ending their story after I gave them a chance and became invested. So yeah, I wish I could curse here without losing bubbles but let me just say that I hate very few people and Gabe Newell or whoever has final say on what the team focus on is on that short list.

aliengmr1903d ago

That's a lot of hate over a game not being released.

You act as though they completely ignored the sequel just to troll, they didn't.

Clearly something happened and development was halted, but it wasn't to piss you or anyone else off.

You're frustrated about not knowing, stop taking it personally.