Check Out a Full Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Match in Eight Minute Long 1080p Gameplay Video

Killzone: Shadow Fall was playable at PAX and off screen videos are starting to emerge, showing the multiplayer goodness in all its PS4-powered glory.

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ZodTheRipper1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

lol title says 1080p but it's offscreen :D
Looks gorgeous nonetheless, even with such video quality.
Too bad there's no sound.

Abriael1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Well, yeah, the video is 1080p. If it wasn't you'd see a lot less considering it's off screen, the video quality is actually high for an off screen, with a fairly stable camera.

And boy, those colors...

xHeavYx1929d ago

I just played it at Pax, not a big fan of FPS, but I had a ton of fun. Got killed a few times because I was looking at the amazing details

pedrof931929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

This game is amazing.

Does the game support bots ?

Edit: It has a Far Cry 3 ending on MP, and its funny.

GuyManDude1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Yup, bot support confirmed.

"Shadow Fall will ship with 10 multiplayer maps, and Guerrilla has already confirmed that post-launch DLC maps will be offered free of charge. And the final game promises to dish up an array of other niceties, from clan support to online and offline multiplayer bots, party chat, and a redesigned interface."

GribbleGrunger1929d ago

Those are bots this guy is shooting.

JP13691929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

pedro -

The cinematic at the end of the match is something GG started doing with KZ3's Operations matches.

slimeybrainboy1929d ago

This game looks better everytime I see it.

Everytime I think it looks too locked in to one colourful, it shows a wider range of bright colours.

I swear it gets sharper ever time I see it.

The new guns are always interesting looking.

The only thing I still can't get a handle on is the animations. I think you can only really tell come launch on your tv .

tokugawa1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )


"Does the game support bots ?"

i dont know... but there will be plenty of droids playing it though.

on topic. looks great. i loved the MP in kz2. tactician with medi kit was my favourite.

can anyone confirm that the controls are still weighty??

trafalger1929d ago

visually it looks very impressive. what is odd is seeing such bright colors and lots of lighting in a killzone game, lol.

can anyone confirm how many players it will support online?

scott1821929d ago

So far I am most excited about this game as far as next gen titles go. I love shooters like this, they are my favorite type of multiplayer! Looks like it plays fantastic. I will be busy with single player at first then I will move onto multiplayer.

UltimateMaster1929d ago

Nice... camera dude.
Seriously crisp images you got there.
Hell, Sony should have taking video from this guy's camera rather than giving us the low-res video we've seen on E3.

mp12891929d ago

@xHeavYx, if you played both kz2 and kz3 how does the weight of the gun feel? like kz2 or kz3? thanks.

CarlosX3601929d ago

@pedrof93 - I've never played Far Cry 3, but I noticed that bit, I thought it was unique to put into multiplayer. It's like the story was put into multiplayer.

xHeavYx1929d ago

couldn't really tell you because I only tried 1 weapon and was busy trying to adjust to the buttons, you aim and shout with L/R 2.
The controllers felt great though.I'm not a fan of FPS but was able to Gerry a few killstreaks

Boody-Bandit1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Definitely day one for me.
To be honest I was on the fence originally, I suffer from shooter fatigue, BUT this game looks stunning and I love the vibrant colors, incredible details and character animations. I can't believe how good this looks even off camera. Anticipation is building. Just a little more than 10 weeks to go!

Divine1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

i freaking love this game. will have it at launch hey dudes if u wanna go a few rounds playing against the king of killzone add " finalgetsuga1 " :)

itBourne1929d ago

Just curious, anyone know what the clan system will be like? KZ2 had the best clad system I think any game has had, KZ3 ruined it and no game has clan systems now days.

starchild1929d ago

The colors are nice and I also really like the leaves on the trees. Instead of being in flat splays like most games, you can actually see each individual leaf separate from the others. It looks really good.

u got owned1929d ago

This game really looks good.

But I have to agree with the people saying, the gameplay looks empty. There were moments in the video when the person playing would run every where for a long time and wouldn't find any action. I think it plays too slow.

EeJLP-1929d ago

Why the hell do you see people through walls? Where do they come up with all this BS?

SolidStoner1929d ago

KZ looks great, map is awesome, movements and everything good... but that shooting.. 30 bullets non stop into enemy... damn.. I hate these kind of things in shooters...

If I shoot you, you at least have to move or scream.. not running around like a rabbit.. if I shoot someone in head, it would need 1 bullet, in chest considering there is cosmic armor, at least something to happen, if I shoot with cosmic gun..... hope there is hardcore mode or something... I cant play these types shooters where it looks real but feels way too fake.. and shooting out full clip of ammo into one guy is lame..

Syntax-Error1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

They finally put some color in the game, but the lighting effects are annoying. Too much blinding from sunlight and reflections. Minimal destruction and the ending of the match sequence was STOLEN FROM FAR CRY 3. Looks nice, but I can wait.

Sono4211928d ago


There might be some bots on the other team (hard to determine) But it's %100 there are actual players on the other team..

@ 1:22 the camera clearly shows him getting killed and then shows the view of the guy who killed him

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majiebeast1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

If you want the best quality i think gamersyde is the best. Youtube videos almost never do any game justice.

aceitman1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

1080p and 60fps,1080p and 60fps ,1080p and 60fps but off screen dam I said it 3 times

trafalger1929d ago

has it been confirmed that the full game (online multiplayer and single player) will be in 60 frames per second? does anyone know how many players this sill support in multiplayer?

CryofSilence1929d ago

It is confirmed that the multiplayer will be 1080p at 60 Hz. The single player, I believe, will remain at 1080p/30 Hz. Don't quote me on this, but I believe the number of players they said was 24.

Neonridr1928d ago

so are details of the game being sacrificed for it to run at 60fps for multiplayer? I am guessing some lower resolutions or other areas will have to be cut in order to gain an extra 30fps.

CryofSilence1928d ago


I would bet it's because the scope of the multiplayer isn't as grand as the single player (recall the first demo's city scape).

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ZBlacktt1929d ago

Yeah, the place was way to loud to hear the game without the headphone. It sounds very crystal clear in the game.

nick3091929d ago

Lol , steal? You take a link and callling yours? What are you gonna earn from publishing a story anyways.

thechosenone1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Not the same video but it's source and much, much better quality it's TDM vid, running at 1080p/30fps(950MB)!tZZQ2b...

showtimefolks1929d ago

Killzone 2 was my first MP game and it was love at first online match, KZ3 did a lot of things right but didn't have the magic of KZ2 IMO

really haven't kept track of shadow fall, even though i plan on buying it day one, i have some questions?

how many players per match?
warzone mode still there?
i hope the player character has that heavy feel

can't wait to play it

nextgengaming_pr1928d ago

12 versus 12 per match confirmed. Warzone is there.

ovnipc1929d ago

The game looks nice, When I get the PS4 first game I will get and FF14 Arr, But if anyone played this game I will like to know if anyone played a and know if the aim, the controller still feels like KZ2 KZ3 or its smooth like CoD, or compared to other shooters.

strifeblade1929d ago

titanfall and battlefield looks way better even call of duty ghosts looks better than this.

MysticStrummer1929d ago

If by "better" you're talking about what looks more fun, then that's your opinion and you're welcome to it, but if you're talking about visual quality... BF4... maybe, just because of everything that's going on in the game, but the other two? No.

DinoNYC1929d ago

Says the amateur. Just upset you can't get a kill in real shooter games, go back to your crap casual shooter games. Leave this for the elite gamers.

Neonridr1928d ago

Battlefield and Titanfall perhaps (but different visual styles). But you lost all credibility when you threw anything CoD related into the mix.

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Maddens Raiders1929d ago

Looks impressive. Very impressive. I just want to see more blood. Did they tone it down?

Maddens Raiders1929d ago

Looks impressive, very impressive. I just want to see more blood. Did they tone it down?

_FantasmA_1929d ago

Those aren't bots being killed, those are Xbots!!! :D Thats the sexist offscreen footage I've ever seen. I regret not having pre ordered this game with my bundle, and will have to settle for Watchdogs instead.

Hicken1929d ago

I love sexist offscreen footage.

_FantasmA_1929d ago

LOL I meant sexiest. But I like sexist offscreen footage too.

Playstaion 1928d ago

Well that looks awesome I must commend the developers the difference between Cod & this is mind blowing .

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ZBlacktt1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

LOL, guy steals my story I'm trying to fix, lol.... This is how pathetic this site really is. You are really trash guy. Do you often go into the pending section and steal people stories THEY are trying to bring to the site?

Sorry guys, I was bringing you this video. But was asking about the embed issue I was having. Then this piece of trash Abriael decides to steal my whole story and post it for himself. Anyway enjoy....

Abriael1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Aside from the fact that I was tipped about the video and didn't even see "your story", you may want to check the rules. You can't link youtube channels directly on N4G unless they are official channels of a developer/publisher, which is why "your story" was reported. Just embedding the video isn't enough.

Youtube videos from normal youtube users need to be part of an actual article on a website to be eligible for N4G.

If the video is actually "yours" (IE: you filmed and uploaded it) I actually helped you, as I gave full credit to the channel and embedded the video. If it isn't, credit has gone where due, to the video's author.

Anyway, keep it classy, nice insults.

ZBlacktt1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Get lost trash. Go steal other peoples stories why don't ya. Way to put 1080p in my title to dumbass.... It's off screen taping.

mario191929d ago

Yeah you should not have stolen the story. Helping him fix his would of been the right thing to do

Abriael1929d ago

@mario19: the "story" belongs to the one that filmed and uploaded the video, which received full credit for it.

mario191929d ago

Okay but on n4g you stole the story. He posted it and you took it away from him

Abriael1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

@mario19: Not really. I simply posted a video I was tipped about by a friend. Didn't even notice his submission (that was against the rules anyway, and not fixable, as this kind of video needs to be embedded on a website to be eligible for submission on N4G) until he started raining insults on me.

Again, the story belong exclusively to the one that filmed and uploaded the video, which received full credit for it.

@ZBlacktt: believe what you want mate. If you think everyone's out to get you, I'm sorry for you. Your story definitely wasn't even near the top of the pending stories, or I would have seen it. And I didn't.

Mind you, it doesn't really matter, as your submission was against the rules, as I've been trying to explain to you for a while now, but you seem to prefer insulting to listening. Suit yourself.

ZBlacktt1929d ago

Dude, quit lying... You saw me trying to post this. You went to your site and made a quick page. Wrote a couple lines and came back real quick. All while I had this story sitting at the top of the pending stories. Everyone saw it there, even you. You NEED to steal it seems. Makes you feel better about yourself.

by Giuseppe Nelva Sep 2nd 2013 4:17PM 0 @abriael

YNWA961929d ago

Vote for Zblacktt... I believe ya... As for the game, looks beautiful. I have not decided which PS4 game to get at launch, but this helps. I would like to see Killzone become a lot more grittier too....pile on the gruesome....

strifeblade1929d ago

Your a story stealer- next time dont steal people stories you story stealer. If there is one thing i hate in this world it's a story stealer.

Killjoy30001929d ago

I'm really in disbelief that you two are up in arms over this. If you're sitting around for days of click time trying to win prizes that a 9-5 can net you in little more than a day's pay, then I don't know what to say.

M-M1929d ago

Seriously Abriael, that's cold.

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Prcko1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

it's easy to steal or make a story and submit it on ng4,BE BIG GUY, AND TRY TO FIND A STORY - ONCE! -.-
this goes to abriael,not to ZBlacktt

hazardman1929d ago Show
BABY-JEDI1929d ago

It's crap when someone steals your story. It's even more crap that they didn't help you out. It's even more crap that they come out with a lame azz excuse. Hopefully, you won't fall victim to sad pragiarism in the future.
: (

showtimefolks1929d ago



its OK guys, the purpose of this video was achieved, but Abriael next time maybe you can help instead of posting it your self

but no reason to call names, it happens stay classy

strifeblade1929d ago

Cmon bro its just a story- he may have stole your story- but atleast he did not steal your house or your car or your girlfriend.

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DoomeDx1929d ago

Whats up with that bitch fight between the ISA and the helghast the final few seconds?

Is that a joke? I mean..Killzone is a serious game with a serious story. And the final few seconds look like they are changing it into a comedy lol

CptFlashHeart1929d ago

lol, taking the trail from the end cut scenes on Far Cry 3 it seems.

Absolute rubbish though.

mxrider21991929d ago

did no one play kz 3 operations?

Sevir1929d ago

No they didnt... Lol. Operations Mode in KZ3 had the star player from each team be broadcast at the end of a match in a cinematic just like this which helped the player rise in notoriety. It's the same thing only now it's all apart of the Warzone multiplayer mode!

mxrider21991929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

ya that was the best mode of kz3 i hope they add it to shadow fall and release constant new maps for that mode as part of their dlc