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Check Out a Full Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Match in Eight Minute Long 1080p Gameplay Video

Killzone: Shadow Fall was playable at PAX and off screen videos are starting to emerge, showing the multiplayer goodness in all its PS4-powered glory. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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ZodTheRipper  +   730d ago
lol title says 1080p but it's offscreen :D
Looks gorgeous nonetheless, even with such video quality.
Too bad there's no sound.
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Abriael  +   730d ago
Well, yeah, the video is 1080p. If it wasn't you'd see a lot less considering it's off screen, the video quality is actually high for an off screen, with a fairly stable camera.

And boy, those colors...
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xHeavYx  +   730d ago
I just played it at Pax, not a big fan of FPS, but I had a ton of fun. Got killed a few times because I was looking at the amazing details
pedrof93  +   730d ago
This game is amazing.

Does the game support bots ?

Edit: It has a Far Cry 3 ending on MP, and its funny.
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GuyManDude  +   730d ago
Yup, bot support confirmed.

"Shadow Fall will ship with 10 multiplayer maps, and Guerrilla has already confirmed that post-launch DLC maps will be offered free of charge. And the final game promises to dish up an array of other niceties, from clan support to online and offline multiplayer bots, party chat, and a redesigned Killzone.com interface."

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GribbleGrunger  +   730d ago
Those are bots this guy is shooting.
JP1369  +   730d ago
pedro -

The cinematic at the end of the match is something GG started doing with KZ3's Operations matches.
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slimeybrainboy  +   730d ago
This game looks better everytime I see it.

Everytime I think it looks too locked in to one colourful, it shows a wider range of bright colours.

I swear it gets sharper ever time I see it.

The new guns are always interesting looking.

The only thing I still can't get a handle on is the animations. I think you can only really tell come launch on your tv .
tokugawa  +   730d ago

"Does the game support bots ?"

i dont know... but there will be plenty of droids playing it though.

on topic. looks great. i loved the MP in kz2. tactician with medi kit was my favourite.

can anyone confirm that the controls are still weighty??
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trafalger  +   730d ago
visually it looks very impressive. what is odd is seeing such bright colors and lots of lighting in a killzone game, lol.

can anyone confirm how many players it will support online?
scott182  +   730d ago
So far I am most excited about this game as far as next gen titles go. I love shooters like this, they are my favorite type of multiplayer! Looks like it plays fantastic. I will be busy with single player at first then I will move onto multiplayer.
UltimateMaster  +   730d ago
Nice... camera dude.
Seriously crisp images you got there.
Hell, Sony should have taking video from this guy's camera rather than giving us the low-res video we've seen on E3.
mp1289  +   730d ago
@xHeavYx, if you played both kz2 and kz3 how does the weight of the gun feel? like kz2 or kz3? thanks.
CarlosX360  +   730d ago
@pedrof93 - I've never played Far Cry 3, but I noticed that bit, I thought it was unique to put into multiplayer. It's like the story was put into multiplayer.
xHeavYx  +   730d ago
couldn't really tell you because I only tried 1 weapon and was busy trying to adjust to the buttons, you aim and shout with L/R 2.
The controllers felt great though.I'm not a fan of FPS but was able to Gerry a few killstreaks
Boody-Bandit  +   730d ago
Definitely day one for me.
To be honest I was on the fence originally, I suffer from shooter fatigue, BUT this game looks stunning and I love the vibrant colors, incredible details and character animations. I can't believe how good this looks even off camera. Anticipation is building. Just a little more than 10 weeks to go!
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Divine  +   730d ago
i freaking love this game. will have it at launch hey dudes if u wanna go a few rounds playing against the king of killzone add " finalgetsuga1 " :)
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itBourne  +   730d ago
Just curious, anyone know what the clan system will be like? KZ2 had the best clad system I think any game has had, KZ3 ruined it and no game has clan systems now days.
starchild  +   730d ago
The colors are nice and I also really like the leaves on the trees. Instead of being in flat splays like most games, you can actually see each individual leaf separate from the others. It looks really good.
u got owned  +   730d ago
This game really looks good.

But I have to agree with the people saying, the gameplay looks empty. There were moments in the video when the person playing would run every where for a long time and wouldn't find any action. I think it plays too slow.
EeJLP-  +   729d ago
Why the hell do you see people through walls? Where do they come up with all this BS?
SolidStoner  +   729d ago
KZ looks great, map is awesome, movements and everything good... but that shooting.. 30 bullets non stop into enemy... damn.. I hate these kind of things in shooters...

If I shoot you, you at least have to move or scream.. not running around like a rabbit.. if I shoot someone in head, it would need 1 bullet, in chest considering there is cosmic armor, at least something to happen, if I shoot with cosmic gun..... hope there is hardcore mode or something... I cant play these types shooters where it looks real but feels way too fake.. and shooting out full clip of ammo into one guy is lame..
Syntax-Error  +   729d ago
They finally put some color in the game, but the lighting effects are annoying. Too much blinding from sunlight and reflections. Minimal destruction and the ending of the match sequence was STOLEN FROM FAR CRY 3. Looks nice, but I can wait.
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Sono421  +   729d ago

There might be some bots on the other team (hard to determine) But it's %100 there are actual players on the other team..

@ 1:22 the camera clearly shows him getting killed and then shows the view of the guy who killed him
majiebeast  +   730d ago
If you want the best quality i think gamersyde is the best. Youtube videos almost never do any game justice.
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aceitman  +   730d ago
1080p and 60fps,1080p and 60fps ,1080p and 60fps but off screen dam I said it 3 times http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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trafalger  +   730d ago
has it been confirmed that the full game (online multiplayer and single player) will be in 60 frames per second? does anyone know how many players this sill support in multiplayer?
CryofSilence  +   730d ago
It is confirmed that the multiplayer will be 1080p at 60 Hz. The single player, I believe, will remain at 1080p/30 Hz. Don't quote me on this, but I believe the number of players they said was 24.
trafalger  +   730d ago
ok, thanks
Neonridr  +   729d ago
so are details of the game being sacrificed for it to run at 60fps for multiplayer? I am guessing some lower resolutions or other areas will have to be cut in order to gain an extra 30fps.
CryofSilence  +   729d ago

I would bet it's because the scope of the multiplayer isn't as grand as the single player (recall the first demo's city scape).
ZBlacktt  +   730d ago
Yeah, the place was way to loud to hear the game without the headphone. It sounds very crystal clear in the game.
nick309  +   730d ago
Lol , steal? You take a link and callling yours? What are you gonna earn from publishing a story anyways.
thechosenone  +   730d ago
Not the same video but it's source and much, much better quality it's TDM vid, running at 1080p/30fps(950MB)
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showtimefolks  +   730d ago
Killzone 2 was my first MP game and it was love at first online match, KZ3 did a lot of things right but didn't have the magic of KZ2 IMO

really haven't kept track of shadow fall, even though i plan on buying it day one, i have some questions?

how many players per match?
warzone mode still there?
i hope the player character has that heavy feel

can't wait to play it
nextgengaming_pr  +   729d ago
12 versus 12 per match confirmed. Warzone is there.
ovnipc  +   730d ago
The game looks nice, When I get the PS4 first game I will get and FF14 Arr, But if anyone played this game I will like to know if anyone played a and know if the aim, the controller still feels like KZ2 KZ3 or its smooth like CoD, or compared to other shooters.
strifeblade  +   730d ago
titanfall and battlefield looks way better even call of duty ghosts looks better than this.
MysticStrummer  +   730d ago
If by "better" you're talking about what looks more fun, then that's your opinion and you're welcome to it, but if you're talking about visual quality... BF4... maybe, just because of everything that's going on in the game, but the other two? No.
HammadTheBeast  +   730d ago
DinoNYC  +   730d ago
Says the amateur. Just upset you can't get a kill in real shooter games, go back to your crap casual shooter games. Leave this for the elite gamers.
Neonridr  +   729d ago
Battlefield and Titanfall perhaps (but different visual styles). But you lost all credibility when you threw anything CoD related into the mix.
Maddens Raiders  +   730d ago
Looks impressive. Very impressive. I just want to see more blood. Did they tone it down?
Maddens Raiders  +   730d ago
Looks impressive, very impressive. I just want to see more blood. Did they tone it down?
_FantasmA_  +   730d ago
Those aren't bots being killed, those are Xbots!!! :D Thats the sexist offscreen footage I've ever seen. I regret not having pre ordered this game with my bundle, and will have to settle for Watchdogs instead.
Hicken  +   729d ago
I love sexist offscreen footage.
_FantasmA_  +   729d ago
LOL I meant sexiest. But I like sexist offscreen footage too.
Playstaion  +   729d ago
Well that looks awesome I must commend the developers the difference between Cod & this is mind blowing .
ZBlacktt  +   730d ago
LOL, guy steals my story I'm trying to fix, lol.... This is how pathetic this site really is. You are really trash guy. Do you often go into the pending section and steal people stories THEY are trying to bring to the site?

Sorry guys, I was bringing you this video. But was asking about the embed issue I was having. Then this piece of trash Abriael decides to steal my whole story and post it for himself. Anyway enjoy....
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Abriael  +   730d ago
Aside from the fact that I was tipped about the video and didn't even see "your story", you may want to check the rules. You can't link youtube channels directly on N4G unless they are official channels of a developer/publisher, which is why "your story" was reported. Just embedding the video isn't enough.

Youtube videos from normal youtube users need to be part of an actual article on a website to be eligible for N4G.

If the video is actually "yours" (IE: you filmed and uploaded it) I actually helped you, as I gave full credit to the channel and embedded the video. If it isn't, credit has gone where due, to the video's author.

Anyway, keep it classy, nice insults.
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ZBlacktt  +   730d ago
Get lost trash. Go steal other peoples stories why don't ya. Way to put 1080p in my title to dumbass.... It's off screen taping.
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mario19  +   730d ago
Yeah you should not have stolen the story. Helping him fix his would of been the right thing to do
Abriael  +   730d ago
@mario19: the "story" belongs to the one that filmed and uploaded the video, which received full credit for it.
mario19  +   730d ago
Okay but on n4g you stole the story. He posted it and you took it away from him
Abriael  +   730d ago
@mario19: Not really. I simply posted a video I was tipped about by a friend. Didn't even notice his submission (that was against the rules anyway, and not fixable, as this kind of video needs to be embedded on a website to be eligible for submission on N4G) until he started raining insults on me.

Again, the story belong exclusively to the one that filmed and uploaded the video, which received full credit for it.

@ZBlacktt: believe what you want mate. If you think everyone's out to get you, I'm sorry for you. Your story definitely wasn't even near the top of the pending stories, or I would have seen it. And I didn't.

Mind you, it doesn't really matter, as your submission was against the rules, as I've been trying to explain to you for a while now, but you seem to prefer insulting to listening. Suit yourself.
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ZBlacktt  +   730d ago
Dude, quit lying... You saw me trying to post this. You went to your site and made a quick page. Wrote a couple lines and came back real quick. All while I had this story sitting at the top of the pending stories. Everyone saw it there, even you. You NEED to steal it seems. Makes you feel better about yourself.

by Giuseppe Nelva Sep 2nd 2013 4:17PM 0 @abriael
YNWA96  +   730d ago
Vote for Zblacktt... I believe ya... As for the game, looks beautiful. I have not decided which PS4 game to get at launch, but this helps. I would like to see Killzone become a lot more grittier too....pile on the gruesome....
strifeblade  +   730d ago
Your a story stealer- next time dont steal people stories you story stealer. If there is one thing i hate in this world it's a story stealer.
Killjoy3000  +   730d ago
I'm really in disbelief that you two are up in arms over this. If you're sitting around for days of click time trying to win prizes that a 9-5 can net you in little more than a day's pay, then I don't know what to say.
M-M  +   730d ago
Seriously Abriael, that's cold.
Prcko  +   730d ago
it's easy to steal or make a story and submit it on ng4,BE BIG GUY, AND TRY TO FIND A STORY - ONCE! -.-
this goes to abriael,not to ZBlacktt
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hazardman   730d ago | Bad language | show
BABY-JEDI  +   730d ago
It's crap when someone steals your story. It's even more crap that they didn't help you out. It's even more crap that they come out with a lame azz excuse. Hopefully, you won't fall victim to sad pragiarism in the future.
: (
showtimefolks  +   730d ago


its OK guys, the purpose of this video was achieved, but Abriael next time maybe you can help instead of posting it your self

but no reason to call names, it happens stay classy
strifeblade  +   730d ago
Cmon bro its just a story- he may have stole your story- but atleast he did not steal your house or your car or your girlfriend.
DoomeDx  +   730d ago
Whats up with that bitch fight between the ISA and the helghast the final few seconds?

Is that a joke? I mean..Killzone is a serious game with a serious story. And the final few seconds look like they are changing it into a comedy lol
CptFlashHeart  +   730d ago
lol, taking the trail from the end cut scenes on Far Cry 3 it seems.

Absolute rubbish though.
ginsunuva  +   730d ago
Kz3 did that already.
mxrider2199  +   730d ago
did no one play kz 3 operations?
Sevir  +   730d ago
No they didnt... Lol. Operations Mode in KZ3 had the star player from each team be broadcast at the end of a match in a cinematic just like this which helped the player rise in notoriety. It's the same thing only now it's all apart of the Warzone multiplayer mode!
mxrider2199  +   730d ago
ya that was the best mode of kz3 i hope they add it to shadow fall and release constant new maps for that mode as part of their dlc
#3.2.2 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
DoomeDx  +   730d ago
Yes. I did. But those werd serious cutscenes. Thuis ons seems Luke a comedy scene with The bitch slaps
Xsilver  +   730d ago
killzone 3 had that video at the end of a match before anyone did calm that down that they took it from far cry.
windblowsagain  +   730d ago
I know already seen this video.

Too many chiefs and not enough indians.
theWB27  +   730d ago
Killzone 2 was pretty much the only game I put some serious MP time into...quite honestly it sucks I won't be there at the start. It looks prettier and just as fun as 2. Sigh -_-
Imalwaysright  +   730d ago
Why would you put hours into a game you don't like?
theWB27  +   730d ago
Me saying it sells like crap doesn't mean I don't like it.
Imalwaysright  +   730d ago
I misunderstood what you wrote. My fault.
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cheameup  +   730d ago
It looks good but to be honest doesnt blow me away.

Just looks like more killzone.
brettyd  +   730d ago
Good, Killzone multiplayer is the most underrated this gen.
Irishguy95  +   730d ago
KZ2 sure. This looks much more like KZ3 unfortunately
sync90  +   730d ago
Do you think thats why they decided to call it Killzone???
corvusmd  +   730d ago
I hate camera held videos
Neo-Axl  +   730d ago
1080p Shoulders! :D

Seriously though, this is sick!
chestnut1122  +   730d ago
This Is the best FPS I have Seen for a Next Gen Console, Sorry But it Looks More Promising than Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts.
Irishguy95  +   730d ago
No...no it doesn't
chestnut1122  +   730d ago
Yes it Does, Don't Deny it.

Edited: LOL at the Disagrees this XBOT's Fanboys giving me. Just accept the fact. Killzone Surely will gave You a Heart attack :) Just Wait for the Official Trailer and You will See ;)
#9.1.1 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(19) | Report
Irishguy95  +   730d ago
It does not.

Don't lie to yourself, this video is an embarrassment when put up against the rest of the Shooters revealed so far.

Hey...you wouldn't happen to be talking of how it 'looks'. Literally, as in graphics?

Edit - It plays like **** Abriael. It's an embarrassment because they only thing they've tried to improve is graphics. BF4 has a ****ing tsunami on one level, which changes the entire map. Titanfall has the most fluid movement in an FPS to date. Shadowfall has pretty graphics.
#9.1.2 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(43) | Report
Abriael  +   730d ago
@Irishguy95: an "embarrassment"?

Would you mind elaborating on what embarrasses you?

You seem easily embarrassed mate.
fpshooter2  +   730d ago
Hey Irishguy

You seem to be pretty sure for some games you have never played. Its a matter of opinion. Im a KZ fan and its my opinion that its awesome. And guess what im not the least bit embarrassed. I sure as hell wont be come November when im creating my own multiplayer matches.
LordNikon  +   730d ago

So Battlefield is awesome because it has a Tsunami on one of the levels? Titanfall is awesome because of its fluid movements? Really? You say KZ has "just" graphics, then go on to brag about things that's got nothing to do with gunplay in these games (because its a SHOOTING game) is just stupid.

KZ isn't BF nor Titanfall. Its not meant to mimic what those guys does, looks or play like. Maybe KZ: Shadowfall just isn't for you. So please just stop with your dramatic hyperbolic drivel. You can have your opinion, but just don't be vehemently biased about it.
sync90  +   730d ago
How long have you played those games for~?
scott182  +   730d ago
Multiplayer wise I am as interested in battlefield as killzone sf, they both look great. Single player I am way in what Killzone looks like, I like the open areas and futuristic look. Both look great though.
MysticStrummer  +   730d ago
@Irishguy - Isn't what looks promising to someone based on what they want?

How can you say it's not the most promising FPS to a particular gamer?

Why do you get to declare below that the game doesn't look "enjoyable", and that's supposed to be a fact, but someone else can't say it looks promising?

Don't bother answering, because you revealed your true nature by calling the video an "embarrassment". I also like how you list graphics as reasons for thinking the other games are better, then say KZ has only graphics.

I've seen your past comments so none of this is surprising.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   730d ago
yeah says your avitar...this shit looks generic as hell. pretty but generic. bf4 will crush this game easily
chestnut1122  +   730d ago
Sorry Buddy But BF4 looks Meh to this. Even if it's Off Screen You can Clearly See Killzone Demolished BF4.

@Irishguy95 You're obviously blind or Delusional LOL!
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starchild  +   730d ago
Battlefield 4 has more impressive visuals to me. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Edit @ below: You really think that looks better? We'll just have to agree to disagree. Your video looks like a downgraded Crysis 3. Battlefield 4 has extremely impressive lighting, textures and just a massive amount of stuff happening with physics and destruction.
#9.2.2 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(18) | Report
demonsoul  +   730d ago

KZSF looks better.


@starchild again Take a good look will You? http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Don't Lie to Yourself -_-.
#9.2.3 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(6) | Report
LordNikon  +   730d ago

Ermm... no it doesn't. KZ looks better visually.
Majin-vegeta  +   730d ago
Mentions "Generic" and lists BF4 lol how much more generic can you get than a modern military shooter?
Mr-SellJack  +   730d ago
Worse Story,Short Story,no offline mp,no unique style or flavor that sets it apart from the real world,$5 more,EA game expect lots of micro-transactions,worse GFX on consoles,DLC that is overpriced,Destruction yes that's a flaw u can't perfect it unless u implement the same repetitive animation which gets stale and tiring,no deep customization,same knife animation that's no where near Killzone's brutalbrutal melee system,military focused,y do we play games?to set apart from the real world and have a fun experience unless u're someone that loves and embraces violence in real life but is held by a barrier from doing that with ease
Clearly Killzone SF annihilates BattlefieldCOD is even less generic than BF!it has females,a dog companion,quickscope,more game modes,deeper cusromization,a much better story, splitscreen
Free DLC FTW!!!!
#9.2.6 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report
hazeblaze  +   730d ago
There is clearly nothing generic looking about the game. Unless if by that you mean it's a game of people shooting guns :-/
GABRIEL1030  +   730d ago
C'mon Shadow Fall is great and friendly with my wallet:

Battlefield 4 + premium = 110 USD
Killzone Shadow Fall = 60 USD and all the DLC are for FREE.

Shadow fall looks amazing:

Amazing graphics. customizable matches and classes, free DLC, new story, 22 new weapons and attachments, brutal melee and new sliding and covert mechanics, all the color pallete is very atractive and looks great.

I'll buy the both games at PS4, but I cant buy BF4 premium this time, because is very expensive, with these 50 bucks I could buy another game or maybe save this money for Destiny.
ZBlacktt  +   730d ago
It was VERY clean with awesome graphics. When you'd shoot other players. You could see blood spraying off their bodies as the bullets ripped through them. It has a very nice Dolby sound to the game. You are really going to enjoy it.
#9.3 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Irishguy95  +   730d ago
Yes it has nice graphics and effects.

It does not look enjoyable at all.
LordNikon  +   730d ago
At ALL? Mind explaining your use of hyperbole in your comments?
Xsilver  +   730d ago
@irishguy are you buying COD ghost
Irishguy95  +   730d ago
Haven't bought a Cod in years. That's not going to change now, despite how appealing the Fish Ai is :/

I'm being overly harsh LordNixon, I guess to focus on the fact that the game is not

"More Promising than Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts. "

Cod ghosts has been just as lazy when it came to improving anything. I don't blame GG for not doing it, it's very likely Sony want them to focus on graphics to show off the hardware like KZ was supposed to. Im convinced GG got lucky with KZ2. It's the only great game they have ever made.

Now watch as you all rip on Crytek and the Crysis series because they do the same thing GG does with Killzone. Pushing hardware is all they are good for. What I saw in this vid was KZ3 in a badly designed map and again, much nicer looking. What the hell is the point if they're not going to do anything with the gameplay? I'll be skipping this for sure unless it comes with PS+

Edit -

Don't worry demonsoul. I will enjoy bombing a building and watching it collapse onto enemy boats. Don't you worry at all
#9.4.1 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(10) | Report
demonsoul  +   730d ago

Do not push How Butthurt You are.

If You're going to skip it then go play with your Boyfriend 4 (BF4) . Good Luck with that game >_<
Xsilver  +   730d ago
badly designed maps? dafaq nothing is wrong with those maps in KZ.u would prefer maps like caspian border flat and nothing but terrain smh. and KZ has its own style of gameplay that is great it separates it from other games but whatever bro.
bsquwhere  +   730d ago
@irishguy95 ironically you're drunk go home. I love BF, and I love KZ, to call it generic and boring is blind and foolish. If you have no interest in this game than don't come leave stupid fanboy comments. You're an useless troll fanboy piece of crap.
hazeblaze  +   730d ago

I'm a huge fan of BF3 and will also be buying BF4... but let's be fucking real here! BF4 isn't doing anything new either, especially if perks and customization systems do not count as anything new.

I haven't kept up with any changes to Battlelog b/c I was pretty happy with it in BF3 (on pc). But what Killzone is doing with the warzones trumps even what was available for custom matches in BF3! And clearly the futuristic setting and weapons is VERY new.

I'll be buying BF4 & KZ... but Killzone is the game I'm looking forward to spending the most time with right now. Looks awesome.
_-EDMIX-_  +   730d ago
I agree that it looks great.........more promising? Um...nope. This isn't a fanboy thing either. Please stop trying to make it seem as if all FPS are created equal and that anyone that hates it or disagrees is a "fanboy" I'm getting a PS4 DAY1. I'm getting Watchdogs, BF4 AND KZSF.

Killzone looks great right now, but BF4 is on a whole nother level in terms of a beast engine. Frostbite 3 looks BEAST!

I'll play KZ and I'll like it, I've liked the other ones a lot, hell Killzone 2 imho was the BEST FPS SINGLE PLAYER in every regard last gen. The wind, lighting, physics, textures etc. It was really great. But doesn't mean it was my favorite MP experience, BF3 I got over 230 hours, BFBC2 I have well over 750 hours, BF4 will be no different. Your comparing really 2 vastly different games here buddy.

And before you say the noob thing of "oh KZSF has 1080p 60FPS, BF4 has 720p 60FPS"

Well...Half Life 2 can run 1080p 100FPS, but it won't look anywhere near as good as Crysis 1 in 720p running 60 fps.

Res and frames don't make the engine buddy LOL! Source isn't bad, but put it next to CryEngine and its gets killed. High res and High frame are not the same for EVERY DAMN GAME ENGINE! The easier it runs 1080p 60fps, really means the lessor the engine really is, ie why anyone can run Half Life 2 180p 60fps on any mid range PC, but ask em to do what with Frostbite 3 or CryEngine and see how far they gen.
scott182  +   730d ago
BF4 does look amazing, I will be playing that as much as killzone online. But as far as single player, the graphics and gameplay look of Killzone just look the best to me. Just my opinion. Not saying Battlfield 4 doesn't look spectacular. I will get and love both I'm sure.
#9.5.1 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report
mxrider2199  +   730d ago
if you dont think shadowfalls graphics look better than bf4s console version then somethings wrong with you yes they have different elements but killzones particles and lighting effects are so much better
#9.5.2 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
T2  +   729d ago
I agree in that bf3 was my favorite game this gen, i put a LOT of hours into it... but I think the bf fans are overestimating how different bf4 will be... not every building will be destructible, just like now, sure there is a tidal wave in one map, but once you see that tidal wave 10, 15 times it isn't going to be mind-blowing, and lastly bf4 on console won't upgrade graphics a ton, it will look better but they just didn't have enough time with the systems.... it is available on ps3 too, same game.

Like I said, bf4 will be tons of fun, maybe my favorite game this gen too, but I will be picking up KZ and it is a great franchise!
hazeblaze  +   730d ago
It DEFINITELY looks more promising than COD Ghosts... And although I'm looking forward to it more than BF4, that one is a harder call.

BF4 & KZ have completely different types of gameplay for the multi-player... And fans of the BF4 style of gameplay are not likely to be easily won over... especially if they've played it on pc. BF3's maps were incredible (and LARGE) on pc.
GABRIEL1030  +   730d ago
You are right, this game is true Next gen, B4 and COD are designed more for PS3/360 and maybe for this reason are limited games. There a lot of shooters at PS4's launch, but until the arrival of Destiny, Killzone is the better choice, amazing graphics and all the DLC are FREE.

Battelfield 4, Killzone, COD, Planetside 2, Destiny....and this is only the beginning !
lifeisgamesok  +   730d ago
I don't know about this game. It doesn't look like there's any depth to it
Abriael  +   730d ago
you sure won't see much "depth" in a multiplayer match. For what it is, it looks fantastic.
demonsoul  +   730d ago
Cancelling My BF4 Pre Order in Exchange for this Bad Boy!
AlexanderNevermind  +   729d ago
Why do that? I'm getting both.
demonsoul  +   729d ago
I don't have enough money for both :( .

Only KZ catches my attention for an FPS game.
#11.1.1 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
nick309  +   730d ago
Just another fps.. Didnt like killzone ever, wont like it now. Bought the trilogy edition and i really dont see the hype for fps games like this and cod. Only good fps imo is bf.
#12 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
1:18 what is this guy doing he doesnt even scan the area to his right first before focusing around the corner. anyway this game is gonna be awesome.
gamingfriend  +   730d ago
Bf4 all the way 64 player and loads of vehicles to blow shit up...deerrrr!!!!!
KDD10101   730d ago | Trolling | show
fpshooter2  +   730d ago
Well like I've said before this is my most anticipated title of next gen at the moment.

Ive played every single KZ game and ive had a blast with them all. I cant understand the hate on this game especially by people who have never played one. Im a shooter junkie and KZ can hold its on with the best of em. But hey thats just my opinion and its also my money so KZ DAY ONE FOR ME BABY!!!
demonsoul  +   730d ago
The only one who will hate this game is those who can't play it on their other console. Too bad It's exclusive to Sony.
#16.1 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
havok119  +   730d ago
Can someone tell me if 720p is still supported? Im sorry, I have never really looked into this issue.
Metfanant  +   730d ago
are you asking if you can play on a 720p television? if so, then yes
havok119  +   730d ago
Yeah thanks, I was getting worried that it would only be playable on 1080p monitors. Thanks for the help!
Metfanant  +   730d ago
as long as it has an HDMI input you should be good to go..
lifeisgamesok  +   730d ago
I'm going to own a playstation 4 for Infamous and Uncharted. I preorder a xbox 1 too but I will not purchase this game it looks like the same old same old

I want new experiences like Second Son
mxrider2199  +   730d ago
i love how you can tell the guy who is playing is a cod player no hipfire is used what so ever and kz is a run and gun game not a strafe or head glitch lols XD
Metfanant  +   730d ago
best looking next gen launch title? best looking next gen launch title
Stretch21  +   730d ago
I get that the game looks great. But from the gameplay shown so far i don't see what separates this game from a shooter like COD. All the gameplay is very much "Run and Gun".
T2  +   729d ago
uhh no, there are cloaked snipers, turrets, and bots everywhere... run around for a while and see how well you do.
Stretch21  +   725d ago
In the gameplay above, thats actually all thats being done... He runs around, snaps his gun up fires and repeats.Dont think i saw any of the things you mentioned in their
KDD10101  +   730d ago
The same PS fanboys who adore this are probably the same ones who slag of COD ghosts. This is like COD ghost's but a lot more sluggish.
isa_scout  +   730d ago
You're completely wrong. Killzone is very much a skill based game. My K/D ratio in Black Ops 2 MP is 1.67, and my K/D in Killzone is a 1.18. It was a lot higher until a week ago when I thought I'd start playing it again(bad decision) got my ass handed to me. I went something around 3 kills and 24 deaths. After two days I was going positive again. Killzone is very much like Halo, if you step away for to long be prepared to take an ass whoopin.
thetruthx1  +   730d ago
Wait wait wait hold up

Are you guys seriously trying to tell me this doesn't look boring but Ryse does???

Now I know there's a legion of Sony fanboys on here

You guys said Ryse is nothing but pretty graphics but it looks to me like we just found the numero uno candidate for all looks and no substance

Ok now back to my meal lol
TheProof  +   730d ago
Oh look one of those dumb comments with no substance. Do your homework Jr. All hands on previews have been more excited about the controls and overall gameplay than the graphics.

It's funny you say this without even mentioning that most of the hands on previews for Ryse talk about how shitty the controls, camera and overall gameplay are. I really don't even know why you are comparing the two. One is a proven franchise and the other is could potentially be one of the worst games to come put next gen.

Depserate fanboys crack me up.
#23.1 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
thetruthx1  +   730d ago
@The Proof you didn't prove me wrong lol

What is so great about this gameplay?? Please inform me I wanna know why Sony fanboys think this is the holy grail of shooters

Does it have great vehicular combat like Halo?
Does it have destruction like buildings collapsing in BF4?
Does the multiplayer feature mechs and humans that can scale rooftops?

What is so special about what I just observed with my 20/20 vision?

I must know what separates this game Battlefield 4 has better textures

Oh and I don't think this is too much of a proven franchise compared to Halo
#23.1.1 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(9) | Report
davidj88  +   730d ago

''You guys said Ryse is nothing but pretty graphics but it looks to me like we just found the numero uno candidate for all looks and no substance ''. Is this you conceding that Killzone SF looks better than Ryse as you yourself called it ''numero uno''.

Boring or not i thought we established from that Ryse video was somewhat subject to opinion....what i didn't see in the video above was anything sluggish or unresponsive, the animations looked fluid and the hits were registering which is more than can be said about Ryse.

You can't blame the ''legion of Sony fanboys'' as you put it for the impressive gameplay and visuals you witnessed above, please point out to us the graphical issues or gameplay issues as people surely did with Ryse.......if you can.
bsquwhere  +   730d ago
Comes on a Sony article and complains about how many Sony fans there are. You win a Darwin award ya moron.
T2  +   729d ago
There's really no point in replying to a two bubble troll like thetruth, ironic name, but since you had to bring up Ryse...
KZ is a proven franchise, a space-age shooter, with real skill trees, skills like disguise, cloaking, turrets, bots, as well as guns, attachs, etc...
you obviously have never played it. it it isn't your cup of tea, halo-esque shooters arent' your thing, then just say that.
it's a proven franchise and your drivel about ryse doesn't change anything. Ryse is a kinect-ported, 360 ported, kinect2 ported, xbone ported game which has not been getting favourable reviews as of yet.
hazardman  +   730d ago
This game is gonna be on Heavy Rotation on my PS4. Looks amazing and gameplay looks great aswell.
Hakoom  +   730d ago
Best FPS game
Mr-SellJack  +   730d ago
Man people are naive,comparing this game to battlefield 4
At the end of the day every other shooter will get a higher review and be enjoyed by the crowd more
Kz,Halo,COD had higher scores this gen which guarantees their future games will proceed
EA is crap,destroyed its games..there's a reason y none of its full games has a score beyond 90 on metacritic except ME3 which was pretty horrible,hated and bashed by the fans and ignored by game of the year awards
$65 games,everything consists of shooting except the sports/party games,generic as hell,micro-transactions,overpr iced dlc,unacceptable stories worse than mediocre,hype talk,Origin,ruining devs,strict,
DeadSpace2 was the last good thing to come out of them
Hell I even prefer Activision than EA atleast it has 3/4 of those things
#26 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TheProof  +   730d ago
Some of the negative comments on this story are pathetic. You got people who never even played the damn game saying that it lacks depth and hasn't improved on anything despite all of the hands on previews saying sa otherwise. People are just talking shit because they're insecure fanboys who for some reason feel threatened by this game. If you're gonna talk shit about a game at least do your homework and read up about the game before you say things like it lacks depth and whatnot.

God I hate fanboys. Especially the ones that make no sense and have no substance in what they're saying.
#27 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
T2  +   729d ago
90 percent of people talking sht in this article are xbox fanboys. The other 10 percent prefer something like bf with vehicles and destructible environments, but any idiot knows you can just say "i prefer bf because of x, y, z" , without making some lame comment about "this looks uninteresting/lacks depth" , proving they have never played kz. The trolls are easy to spot in these articles, they never have any details to back up why they don't like something, they just repeat what they heard someone else say.

I will be getting both.
thinktwice  +   730d ago
I loved the other 2 games but I guess I was expecting a lot more it seems pretty empty and boring this one! and yes the graphics are good but they could be a lot better and not just vibrates more detail more plants more trees more obstacles more objects on the screen just the game could be a lot better but I guess this is how it's going to be.
first1NFANTRY  +   730d ago
Alot of disgruntled M$ fanboys in here. If you don't like the game then just move along.

ot: KZ has always been my favorite sci fi shooter ever since the first one on PS2. KZ2 was my first multiplayer experience and boy was it awesome. Shadow Fall looks like it will be going back to what made KZ2 a great online game. I'm really looking forward to slaying some ISA scum.
jaixvx  +   730d ago
Can you pick what the objectives are in warzone??
hazeblaze  +   730d ago
I'd like to know this too... I'm not sure about objectives, but you can certainly pick the style of play down to the weapons and abilities, which is cool.
jaixvx  +   730d ago
I saw that. I really liked the operation mode in kz3 best mode. So hopefully warzone is operation but on a custom level.
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