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Bethesda: Nintendo has to 'do what Sony and Microsoft' have been doing for us

In a bold statement, Bethesda's Peter Hines says Nintendo didn't give third parties enough of a voice in pre-Wii U launch and didn't communicate with them well, explaining why Bethesda doesn't support Wii U and instead is aiming towards Xbox and Playstation consoles that do. (Bethesda Game Studios, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

zeal0us  +   311d ago
Why did Hines wait till now to talk about Nintendo? Like months ago a bunch of publishers and developers made an outcry against Nintendo.

If developers like Bethesda felt the system need a stronger processor or more RAM they should've went to Nintendo and demand that.

If WiiU was on par with X1 or PS4, I still believe Bethesda wouldn't develop on it. They would blame low WiiU sales as the reason.
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LOL_WUT  +   311d ago
Nintendo has to approach them not the other way around! lol ;)
Misaka_x_Touma  +   311d ago
why would Nintendo approach a developer who never have the interest in developing for Nintendo nor did they even talk about developing for Nintendo if they ever made a Powerful system again during 7th gen era.
AbortMission  +   311d ago
It's hilarious how these drones damage control by acting like Nintendo and 3rd parties are bickering school children with the "bully" (Bethesda) having to make amends to the child being bullied (Nintendo)

This is the business world. If Nintendo wants support, they have to open communication lines with 3rd parties like Bethesda. Bethesda doesn't need/want Nintendo since Bethesda - like many 3rd parties - can just take their games to other consoles and PC. Which is why Nintendo is the one who has to approach Bethesda/3rd parties and convince them that their system is the best.
Th4Freak  +   311d ago
@Misaka_x_Touma Looks like you have no idea of how to run a business. Nintendo is the one interested in sell Consoles, Bethesda have 5 other platforms to publish their games and if they have no interest on Nintendo, they have to approach to Bethesda, talk and reach a deal, that's how business is done.
JP1369  +   311d ago
Misaka_x_Touma -

They should approach devs because that's what you do to repair relationships and show them that you aren't arrogant and out of touch.
Case in point: Sony this gen compared to last.

"So repair relationship with a developer who never had a relationship with them. WUT? "

They've worked together before:

And yes, you try to repair bad relationships, as it would be a bit stupid to attempt repair of a functioning relationship, now wouldn't it. As others have said, you have no business sense at all. You don't expand your reach by only be nice to those that are already in bed with your company. That only ensures that you will be sleeping alone eventually, and less than 200,000 sales in a quarter makes Nintendo seem pretty lonely.
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zeal0us  +   311d ago
If what you are working with isn't adequate enough for you, you demand something more doable and keep demanding until you get it.

Any way I'm done beating a dead horse and Bethesda crying foul this late into the stage isn't going change anything.

With all that said I wonder when and if the WiiU sales will the third party support improve or will we see the same thing as we now(crappy ports and ports with missing features).
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gaffyh  +   311d ago
In this interview they basically confirmed that they won't make any games for Wii U, unless Nintendo moneyhats a game.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   311d ago

"They should approach devs because that's what you do to repair relationships "

So repair relationship with a developer who never had a relationship with them. WUT?

" Looks like you have no idea of how to run a business. Nintendo is the one interested in sell Consoles, Bethesda have 5 other platforms to publish their games and if they have no interest on Nintendo, they have to approach to Bethesda, talk and reach a deal, that's how business is done."

They are intersted in getting back the developers and publishers who help make the successful.

The Reason why the have collaborated with
Sega, Capcom, Namco and Atlus.
Ubisoft, Disney, Activision and WB Games who are aiding.

Nintendo is aiming for their early years success and Nintendo like profit.
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jcnba28  +   311d ago
Sony never went to Bethesda for advice when they were developing the PS3 yet they still brought games to the PS3. They are still bringing games to current gen. Their argument is nothing but BS.
JP1369  +   311d ago

And how popular was Sony with devs last generation? Do you really think you hear about every visit Sony reps make to various developers? The answer is, no, you don't. But, if you pay attention at the beginning of every generation, you do hear more about these visits. And wouldn't you know it, MS and Sony make a lot of them. Also, you're wrong:


If they're willing to work with a publisher to get DLC working, don't you think they're at least communicating from the very beginning? How else do the deals get made? Bethesda doesn't need Nintendo's stillborn console to survive, but Nintendo does need support from studios like them to compete.

From the link:
“We work with all of our partners to try and solve their problems. We have a big, broad dev support team that works closely with Bethesda—and with all of our partners—to work with them to solve that any sort of issues they have along the way,” Sony VP Adam Boyes told Kotaku.

Sony, at the height of its arrogance, was still more likely to work with developers than an increasingly isolated Nintendo.
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MWong  +   311d ago
I might get a lot of hates for this, but I have a feeling in at least 3 consoles from now Nintendo will go the way of SEGA. Only difference is they will continue producing handhelds.

Nintendo has lost touch with 3rd party publishers/developers and this has been going on since the GameCube. Some 3rd party publishers come aboard, while Nintendo continues to soley focus on their 1st party lineup. The only 3rd party publisher that seems to give any time to the WiiU is UbiSoft. Who knows how much longer that will last as next-gen consoles take center stage.
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SilentNegotiator  +   310d ago
"why would Nintendo approach a developer who never have the interest in developing for Nintendo nor did they even talk about developing for Nintendo if they ever made a Powerful system again during 7th gen era"

That is a STUPID argument.

Nintendo should approach the top developers because they were trying to make a system for developers (or at least, that's what you might have thought from watching E3 2011). Nintendo should be seeking new partners for their new system that doesn't have the attractions that their last system had. Bethesda is perfectly successful with what the output they have for their products (PC, PS, Xbox) and have no need to go around begging to have input with companies that show no interest in them or any third parties.
gedden7  +   311d ago
Dude you are sooooo talking the truth... This has little to do with system power or sales.... Its all about game politics and propaganda...
aawells07  +   311d ago
"They would blame low WiiU sales as the reason"

Thats still a good reason to not develop on it and a reason that a lot of devs use all the time.
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clouds5  +   310d ago
They can't use that argument and develop for xbox one or ps4 exclusives at the same time. They aren't even out and no one knows how well they will sell. Wii u at least has a small and growing install base.
The only consequent Dev in that regard is rockstar releasing gta v only for ps360.
miyamoto  +   311d ago
scissor_runner  +   311d ago
He wanted input on Nintendo system, plus they could have passed along some secrets.

What is funny is ms listened to publishers... we almost got a drm internet console like the pspgo. Or almost like it.

I wonder who in the pc realm is reaching out to these guys? Who does it in the mobile sector?

also something tells me zelda will be up against skyrim, its not official yet but I can promise you way less bugs. Sony didnt listen to devs until the ps4, technically they still didn't listen. Their moves are strictly political. Im sure these developers know the down falls of using gddr5 as main memory. Yet no one is going to complain because everyone likes money hats.

their code isnt good enough to let them in on what is happening. Sony only spoke with them because ms fanboys used this very studio to point out how inferior the ps3 can be.

plus these guys are very close to be irrelevant.... everyone is making huge worlds now, their gimmick is gone, and no one cares.
Ol_G  +   311d ago
glad there are some people left with common sense
SilentNegotiator  +   310d ago
1) Why would Bethesda approach a company they have no history with and tell them how to make their hardware?

2) Uhhh...well if you have TWO dealbreaking issues (bad support, bad sales) and one of them goes away, the other does not become any less legitimate of a concern. OF FREAKING COURSE publishers are going to dodge a console with terrible sales.
MEGANE  +   311d ago
Nintendo are the ones that are suppose to now the needs of developing. Seems that they can think outside their first party studios and their games( Mario and its 1000 variations). Nintendo made their " next gen to compete with PS3 and 360, not the PS4 and XBOXone. Thats where nintendo fail. I think the gap its to big between the PS$ , XBOXone and the wiiu. Sorry nintendo... Maybe next gen ( 7 years from now)
yellowgerbil  +   311d ago
ok why did the end of the article turn into sony bashing?
for one thing Both sony and MS have about 5-5.5gb of ram to be used by the games, and that IS larger than 4gb TOTAL. if was originally 4gb that would mean probably only 3gb were offered to the game developers for use.
The author took a complaint against Nintendo by a developer and snuck in his own bias against Sony, you a sneaky fox
bass4g  +   311d ago
I think the whole point was that they were questioning how truly effective devs complaints were in changing Sony's decision. I honestly don't think it was meant to be a dig. It was however completely unnecessary.
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MizTv  +   311d ago
Like a sexual favor?
Misaka_x_Touma  +   311d ago
Nintendo was the strongest with SNES and N64.
GC second strongest after Xbox.
yellowgerbil  +   311d ago
2 words...
blast processing
nunley33  +   311d ago
mode 7
Williamson  +   311d ago
Not sure why the author rips into sony at the end of his article. Also sony already told us that the 5.5 gbs of ram for games was false, and they did get developers input when developing the ps4. Really sad when articles turn out like this.
sloth3395  +   311d ago
Bethesda wouldn't even meet the Nintendo quality seal of approval with how many bugs they have in their games
LOL_WUT  +   311d ago
Ah that quality seal of approval which is coming back to haunt them. Also Nintendo needs Bethesda more than they (Bethesda) need Nintendo. ;)
AbortMission  +   311d ago
Meh, that "Seal of Quality" BS died with the DS and Wii shovelware Lol
Realplaya  +   311d ago
Actually they don't. try harder though.
Ol_G  +   311d ago
Ninty never needed bethesda why now all of a sudden
sweendog  +   311d ago
Superman 64 got nintendo's quality seal of approval
yellowgerbil  +   311d ago
yep bugs like Radroaches, Fireants, and mantis'
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   311d ago
Bethesda makes a point
But what were their demands, needs, and suggestions?

-We already know that Nintendo was not going to spend all of their money on making a Gaming PC-like console (PS4&XB1's Systems are very PC-like).

-We know that to Nintendo the GamePad is very important.

-We also know that Nintendo wanted a cheaper console and that they did not want to sell at a huge loss like Sony is doing with the PS4.

If Bethesda's suggestions built the PS4 and XB1 then they would never have been listened to by Nintendo because That would have been too far.

So, then what is their to debate about?
Sorry it did not work-out, Good wishes to both?
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zeal0us  +   311d ago
I think if Bethesda and enough third party developers had suggest Nintendo to make the WiiU stronger they honestly would've. Maybe not as strong as the X1 and PS4 but would've definitely be stronger than it is now.

Oh well whats done is done. Honestly it seem like the first one to release a system its plague with problems. MS release 360 first and it got hit with the RROD. Nintendo release their system first bam poor sales and developer outcries. Hopefully Nintendo learn from all.
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LOL_WUT  +   311d ago
If they couldn't do it for their own internal studios what makes you think they'll do it for some other 3rd party developer? The thing is they have to go asking around what developers want instead of waiting for developers to come to them. Why can't you understand this? ;)
awesomeabe1998  +   311d ago
Bethesda wanted Nintendo to do what Sony and MS did:
Suck their Di**.
Ol_G  +   311d ago
hahahahaha so true
AbortMission  +   310d ago
And yet you still have no games on your Wii u Lmao
MEGANE  +   311d ago
"We also know that Nintendo wanted a cheaper console and that they did not want to sell at a huge loss like Sony is doing with the PS4".... I personally dont think sony can aford to make the same mistake they did with PS3, but if you can provide and article that states that, I will shut my mouth!.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   311d ago

Selling for a loss is not a horrible idea/ or a mistake for a huge company like Sony w/ a 10year plan- but it is a gamble.
Most of the dev. cost for PS3 was about the Cell Chip- they hoped to be able to use the chip in other things but Sony had a rash of misfortunes (like fires) that hurt the hardware side and the console got off to a slow-start. (Also games and services).

Every article that I read about the PS4 says that they will not be selling for a "Major Loss" - in comparison to the PS3 $200 to $300 loss range (depending on yr and SKU).

So, What does "Major Loss" mean? Less than 300? 200? 100?

Why should you shut your mouth on an opinion sight? It's not like you a trolling or being repetitive.

All of those points I listed fall into one another.
-The WiiU GamePad is expensive but Nintendo wanted the GamePad AND Nintendo wanted an affordable Console...

Sure, as someone suggested yesterday, they could have gotten rid of the GamePad but that is not what Nintendo wanted to do.
(Same argument could have been made for the Wii).

So, in order for Nintendo and Bethesda to get what they both wanted and needed-
-The WiiU would either be more expensive to create
-The WiiU wouldn't have the GamePad just a classic controller or Wiimote.

Speculation of course, because like I said above, "Bethesda makes a point- but what were their demands, needs, and suggestions?” I also, would have been surprised if what ever they suggested would not have added more in cost to the WiiU.

Anyway, “peace” to Bethesda, to Nintendo, and to you.
nunley33  +   311d ago
The ps4 isnt being sold at a huge loss,the ps3 was. I hope ninty makes a system similar in power for their next system.They should invest some of the wii cash into making a real online network like psn&xbl. Then they won't miss out on big multi plat games. I want to see a zelda that's like the wiiu demo they showed. I like you zero-suit samus avatar, i love metroid.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   310d ago
@Nunley33 and Locknuts

I agree with some of your points-
every article just says it will not sell for a "MAJOR Loss" it is not clear what "Major" is for Sony.

it would be more certain if they sold at a profit from the start-
-BUT selling at a loss happens all of the time (even at Grocery Stores) and it works because people buy other things.

I am not predicting DOOM for Sony.
I think they will have a good Gen. I am going to buy one much later in the Next Gen.

The System after WiiU will come out in 5 to 6 years while Sony and MS will have another 10 years.

I don't think that the Next Nintendo System will be "outrageously" faster than PS4 and XB1-
maybe just more efficient.
-I just expect another Controvertial addition.
?Occulus Rift glasses?
nunley33  +   310d ago
that seems likely and i wouldnt care as long as i can make a online account and have their nintendo network on par with psn & xbl. oculus rift you say interesting, smells like that nintendo on will be a thing lol.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   309d ago
When you said, "oculus rift you say interesting, smells like that nintendo on will be a thing lol."

Do you mean Nintendo-On like Microsoft was proposing? Having XB1 always on-line.


Do you mean a beefed-up Nintendo Online System?


Did you mean "...on Nintendo this will be the new thing." (?)

-Also remember- Nintendo had "Virtual Boy" long ago.
Your words were kind of confusing. So, Virtual Boy/ Occulus Rift has always been the goal.
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nunley33  +   309d ago
@ couldhaveyelleduiiw. no sorry for the confusion, "Nintendo On" was a fake video console introduced in a 6:21 second video released on the internet in 2005 shortly before E3. search youtube and you'll see it.it's a pretty cool video. It was pretty convincing and fooled alot of people where it did look official. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Locknuts  +   311d ago
PS4 won't sell at a huge loss. If they lost money again like they did in the current gen, shareholders would vote them out of the videogame industry!
clouds5  +   310d ago
I completely agree. If I look at the wii u and try to look at it from a devs perspective, alot of ideas about how to use the gamepad in new and innovative ways come up. I don't think about graphics but about gameplay! That's where Nintendo systems always shine. So there will be less polygons and lower resolution textures - I don't care! With a console I just wanna have fun.
A Bethesda open world game would be absolutely amazing on the Wii U imho. With an interactive map and inventory on the gamepad. Also you could use it for drawing magic signs on it etcetc. If I want amazing graphics I use my gaming PC. From a console I expect something completely different. Something that the wii u absolutely delivers. There was already so much potential with the wii motion/pointer controls (and some games like Metroid Prime or RedSteel II were amazing with it) and now add the amazing touchscreen gamepad...
I instantly have so many ideas how the gamepad could be used in fun and great ways in existing franchises but also for completely new game ideas. (Btw the gamepad has the best analog sticks I ever used!)

And I can't understand how there are so few devs that jump on it and are as enthusiastic about it as I am! Guess it brings more money and less investment to just make another CoD or FIFA with slightly improved graphics.

But is that really how we want this ART industry to be? Well I don't.
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GeneralRaam93   311d ago | Spam
ZBlacktt  +   311d ago
I know one thing. At PAX this past weekend they had a huge line waiting to play Skyrim online. A huge line!
LonDonE  +   311d ago
what bugs me is that if PS3 and 360 could handle oblivion and skyrim then wii u would do them even better!
why cant bethesda port oblivion and skyrim to wii u as a test to see if they sell? surely it cant cost that much to just do a port compared to making a game all out?
oblivion or skyrim with game pad support would be awesome! or how about fallout 3 or vegas? seriously although i own and have played these games, i would so buy them again if they ported them to wii u, and used the whole 1gb of ram of wii u, if 360 handled both games well enough, then a wii u port optimized for the gpgpu, and 1gb of ram should run light years better then the PS3 and 360 versions of said games!

Bethesda are just lazy ass devs, simple, its why the ps3 version of skyrim ran like crap, because they couldn't be bothered to optimize their engine for the ps3 architecture!
wii u would run these games like a dream if they optimized for it!! and the game pad alone would make all those cumbersome menu systems so much better!

I do agree though its nintendo of America fault they are lazy and should be aggressively going to third parties to port to their system, better third party support would = better system sales simple but nintendo fails to grasp this concept!! shame really!
yellowgerbil  +   311d ago
first, Bethesda makes some of the most complex games out there. Of course it will have bugs, that is part of the fun. They are not lazy, they have a full plate, it takes them years to make their games, I'm sure after 3 years working on Skyrim they don't want to go back and spend even more time on it just to bring it to a failing platform like the WiiU.

Second, Nintendo has brought it on themselves. Ever since their very first system they have been screwing the 3rd party developers. It has come back to bite them and they will have to make ammends, which by the complaints by Bethesda seems they have yet to do. Not bringing 3rd parties into the fold shows how out of touch and in their own world Nintendo is, and that is why they will fail. Dinosaur is a word that describes them nicely.

Howard Moon "They call me the Sexual Dinosaur"
manaxknight1  +   311d ago
nintendo never brought anything on themselves..these rpgs have existed since snes days...its just a different genre that should stick to pc's...it would be like the US making hondas..never going to happen
BattleTorn  +   310d ago

a "genre that should stick to PC"

LOL, You do know that Skyrim sold most on consoles, right?
bass4g  +   311d ago
I wouldn't say bethedsa are lazy. If they fixed all the bugs in their games they'd be a lot smaller. It's a quantity over quality argument; they could fix the bugs in their games but they don't allocate their resources that way.

EDIT: By quality I'm not talking about the gameplay, just quality in terms of ports and bugs etc.
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SilentNegotiator  +   310d ago
"what bugs me is that if PS3 and 360 could handle oblivion and skyrim then wii u would do them even better!
why cant bethesda port oblivion and skyrim to wii u as a test to see if they sell?"

Bethesda will move on to even more ambitious projects. Nobody just infinitely ports their old games.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   311d ago
"nintendo has to do what sony and microsoft have been doing for us"
Present some decent hardware? (no offence, but the wiiu is one weak ass system. and yes, so is PS3 and xbox 360, but they came out 7 years ago!)
pissomou   311d ago | Spam
comonman   311d ago | Spam
jcnba28  +   311d ago
Any Zelda game > Any Besthesda game

nuff said.
worldwidegaming  +   311d ago
Samsung went after the US market on smartphones and TVs while sony sat on their asses...
Sony pushed into the gaming market with microsoft and pushed nintendo out of the race...
This is business plain and simple. If they wanna win they gotta step up with their best foot forward...
stragomccloud  +   311d ago
Pushed Nintendo out of the race? According to this profits data Nintendo still makes more money on average.


Once the Wii U hits it's stride it'll be like the Gamecube era all over again. Not the biggest install base, but substantial profits all around.
worldwidegaming  +   309d ago
Nintendo generally makes profits. As far as a race is concerned they stopped advancing hardware and have totally given up as far as the world is concerned.
That is ok because they still make money.
Hardcore gamers generally either buy everything
or sit in a stupid camp and talk about how cool it is to miss out on great games from the rival camp.
solboogie  +   311d ago
The lack of support for Nintendo has nothing to do with specs. Its all politics and conspiracies against Nintendo. The media only puts out Ninty doom articles and focuses on all negative dev comments.

On all Rayman review they never call out its best on WiiU they just briefly mention it. 1 or 2 sentences. I work in the marketing world Im aware at how these things work.
isa_scout  +   311d ago
What the author fails to realize is when Sony upped the Ram from 4 to 8GB it made a huge difference. The UI would've still taken up a a couple of GBs if it had been 4; so now instead of say 2.5 GB of ram we have 5.5GB of ram just dedicated to the developers. Sony and MS have both upped their game, and once next-gen starts Nintendo is really going to struggle to procure quality 3rd party games for the WiiU.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   311d ago
As usual the agenda press and the fanboys are trying to make a big deal out of this.

Meanwhile Bethesda has only published shovelware on previous Nintendo hardware.
RicardJulianti  +   311d ago
"Nintendo has to 'do what Sony and Microsoft' have been doing for us"

So.....$$$$$$ I take it?
manaxknight1  +   311d ago
nintendo don't need bethesda..take ur games to whomever take care of u...really..im not missing anything..fallout and elder scrolls meh...pc games not console games...i never buy a pc game that got ported to a console game...its stupid to do it.. thats why there are pc games and console games...and i never liked pc rpgs...they should be classified as something else like simulation rpgs or ruin ur life rpgs
bigboirock  +   311d ago
skyrim on the wii u would be awesome think what they could of did with the controller screen would be cool
RFornillos4  +   311d ago
omg, Bethesda's developed (and published) a handful of games for Nintendo... jeez, seeing the list here,


i can pretty much guess why Nintendo did not approach Bethesda. they developed and published a few games (as in "few"), and some of them if not all are even crappy games.

so really, if Nintendo had reached out to them, what is the guarantee that they'll suddenly make ports of their titles to a Nintendo console?
SilentNegotiator  +   310d ago
Oh boy, they published some bad NES games in the early 90s and developed an iffy DS game or two?!

ZOMG they're totally NOT one of the most highly praised developers of the 21st century then!!!

Sorry, but this isn't the 90s anymore (as much as I know Nintendo fanboys wish it were). Today Bethesda is one of the most praised publishers/developers around. If Nintendo has any brains they didn't not approach them because of some bad NES/DS titles.

Nintendo gets bad third party support because they don't support third parties or even consider them very well. Not because they're 'too good' for the highest rated developers.
RFornillos4  +   310d ago
i didn't say Bethesda is not good; coz i can attest to enjoying Skyrim and others.

all i'm saying is that they're record with Nintendo consoles is not good. they have a forgettable racing game made for the Wii (and NES, and DS games), but that's it; so i'm sure Nintendo approached them in some way, but may not have been a priority since they weren't really good supporters of the Nintendo consoles before.
urwifeminder  +   311d ago
The only other console that interests me apart from xb1 is the wii u will look at getting one eventually hope they stick around.
mii-gamer  +   311d ago
Bethesda hasn't exactly supported Nintendo well - so i don't blame nintendo for not approaching them. If it were me - i wouldn't bend to suck their D#ck.
Realplaya  +   311d ago
So If you listened to 50 developers guess how many would want the exact same thing prob about 5% the point is everyone has ideas about what something should or should not have. I read the comments and it's funny how some defend a developers game that needs to be patched to be playable. I'm from the old school where companies hired play testers just to make sure there were no bugs. I have never played or bought a game from this company and I may never buy or play there games.
But last I remembered there are developers going out of business because they spend to much on projects and and are not getting a high enough return. So wii U may not be the most powerful system out there wouldn't that mean that the development cost is lower so if you can shift a high enough number of games you have a better chance of making a profit. This is why Nintendo is just fine.
thomasmiller  +   310d ago
RAYMAN LEGENDS, selling well, PIKMIN 3, Selling WELL, wonderful101 sold out at pax, so yeah, who needs what ever the hell there name is, capcom just announced they are working on something big with nintendo for wii u, nintendo is going to do just fine, sorry trolls!!

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