Most Anticipated Games for September 2013

"The month of September is a little front heavy with my most anticipated release as there are three games I have an interest in picking up each of this week and the next. The biggest release of the month, Grand Theft Auto 5, comes out in mid-month, with only one other game of interest following it. Keep reading to see what games I am most looking forward to this month in chronological order of their release date." - JPS

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lol there are other games coming out in september aside from gta?

xxPillsxx972d ago

lol how was it living under a rock?


so you......couldnt tell i was being sarcastic?

buynit972d ago

i dont know what i was thinking.. I bought sr4 and should have got dmc! Gta needs to save me!

buynit972d ago

Now why wouldnt sony release the kingdom harts on vita... this is the dumb shit sony keeps fucking up on with handhelds!

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