Get Console Versions of Diablo III For $45 at Toys R Us

Hardcore Gamer: Diablo III's console release has been eagerly anticipated since it was first announced, and TRU has the lowest price yet on it. For $45 on the PS3 or 360, you can get this game. Free shipping was listed before, but isn't now, which will add $5 to the overall cost.

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tdogchristy901931d ago

I LOVED diablo 2: Lord of distruction. I sank 100 of hours unit it. However, given the concerns with d3 and the fact it's been almost 10 years I'm not sure if I should jump back in via consoles. Maybe it's best to let my sleeping dog lie.

Any insight on d3? Thanks.

sorane1931d ago

It's nothing like the great D2. Save your money. Too many core flaws that can never be fixed. One thing it taught me was to never pre order a game again.

grimmweisse1931d ago

For a console game it should provide some entertainment, as it supports offline and local co-op, not mandatory online and auction house.

Plus dungeon hack and slash games have been missing in consoles for a while. I reckon it will sell well on consoles regardless of all the hate from PC version.

But if you're someone going into the game after enjoying D2 you will probably be sorely dissappointed, you better off playing Torchlight on PC if you can.

CarlosX3601931d ago

Now, that's a tempting offer. I want to get the console release.

1931d ago