Xbox One and External Drives: Not Happening

SpawnFirst reports in about the Xbox One: external drives will not be supported, per Major Nelson/MS.


The story has been corrected to show that the external drive capability will not be available initially at launch, but will be introduced sometime after the Xbox One launches.

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black0o1929d ago

it's so clear that SONY rushed MS with X1 .. i think MS weren't ready for 2013 release but they cant afford to gve SONY a head start

XB1_PS41929d ago

Ps4 doesn't support external hard drives for games, either.

Eonjay1929d ago

I don't think its too terrible but it does give some cause for concern. Microsoft is the world leading software manufacture. Why don't they already have an Xbox One driver for external USB storage. Did they just start building the OS?

This is probably why we don't have a launch date.

tokugawa1929d ago

500GB is enough for a long while.

Deividas1929d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Everyone knows that, but PS4 internal drive can be upgraded from day 1 to lets say a 2TB. While Xbox...cannot.
Which is exactly what Im doing, I already have a HDD im replacing my PS4 with on November 15.

And I dont think anyone really cares that much about this personally, its just ALL the things that you cant do as soon as you get your xbox is piling up and up, eventually will, but clearly see they are rushing the hell out of this product to get it out there.

Cupid_Viper_31928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I rarely comment on XBox One articles, but here's something I noticed.

The minute people start talking about low preorder numbers for Xbox One games and stuff, the XBox crowd conveniently start talking about about how all of their family and friends aren't preordering retail copies, but are going to download it straight onto their hard drive, hence low preorders on retail copies.

Now the conversation is again conveniently being switched to suit their argument once more. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that you can't have "both ways" with "XBox One" (pun intended, see what I did there?)

If none of you guys are preordering the retail copies of games and are going to be downloading them, then that 500GB is going to be full by this time next year.

So you guys have to pick one, either admit that not enough people are preordering the launch games because of lack of interest. Or admit that 500GB is not enough.

Battlefield 4 potential 25GB
COD: Ghosts potential 15GB
Watch Dogs potential 50GB
Ryse potential 25GB
Forza 5 potential 50GB
DR3 potential 25GB
KI3 ?????
The Division Potential 25-50GB
AC IV Potential 50GB

That short list has the potential to eat up between 250-450GB of your hard drives, and thats before movies, and musice and stuff.

The Last of Us is 27 GB on the PS3 and that a current gen game. Battlefield 3 is 12 GBs, again, current Gen. Ghost Recon Future Soldiers is also 12 GBs and current gen.

I Imagine next gen games will be even larger in size and after about 15-20 of them, 500GB is done.

pedrof931928d ago


Actually yes. You just can't instal games on that thing. And it makes sense since games that are installed in external hard drives take more time to load than those that are installed on internal hardrives. If you are not happy with your internal hard drive size you can always switch to another, a feature that cannot be achieved in X1.

Thatguy-3101928d ago

Just throwing it out their the new ps4 dualshock bundle at amazon is already sold out :)

NatureOfLogic1928d ago

Ha, another after launch promise. Rushed console ftl.

EXVirtual1928d ago

Xbox-For your life you must run.

UltimateMaster1928d ago

Well, I've misled some people thinking that it was... better fix that.

Personally, I would see the PS4 as having the most people that would buy a digital version over a physical version for many reasons.

First, you can use remote play to play any PS4 games on your Vita and technically, you can only have 1 disc at a time. "Assuming no one's home to change the disc" Whereas the HDD can hold multiple games.

Second, you can upgrade your HDD on the PS4 to a 3TB, giving your far more space to enjoy your games.

Xbox One would be kind of in the middle of Digital/Physical copies of the games.

And the Wii U will have a stronger Physical Copy of Disc support given the fact they have a very low memory. Sure you can always use SD cards, but, really?

gaffyh1928d ago

I don't understand how MS is so behind. They launched a year earlier with the 360, so should have had more time compared to Sony to develop their next console. How can they be this behind???

This is a feature that is available on 360, I can't believe that they can't get such a simple thing working?!

I actually feel sorry for them, it's not a major issue, but it's like, give us some good news already!

Cupid_Viper_31928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


(My opinion)

I think the reason why MS is so behind is because they were counting on Sony not releasing the PS4 until next year.

The way MS probably saw it, the PS3 had yet to hit the $200.00 price point, and had recently surpassed the 360 in total lifetime sales. So they assumed that Sony would not want to halt the PS3's momemtum and announce the PS4. Also, with the amount of AAA games that were to hit the PS3 (think back in January and February of this year, we were anticipating, GOW Ascension, TLoU, GTA5, GT6, Beyond 2 Souls, etc.), all signs pointed to that Sony would ride the PS3 for one more year.

Sony themselves acted like they would play into MS's hand with Kaz himself publically stating that: " we will not go before our competitor, etc " And then...

So yeaaaa, MS probably figured that they had more time. And now, just as most PlayStation fans claimed this entire gen, MS knows for sure that there is absolutely no way they can afford to give Sony and the PS4 a year or even 6 months headstart, which is why they have to move heaven and Earth to come out at around the same time at the very least. The one thing they probably miscalculated (which baffles me TBH) is that Sony has a track record of supporting multiple consoles at once. The PS2 for example, sold a third of its total number (50 million) after the PS3 hit the market. And if Sony continues to be Sony, they're predicting the PS3 to sell another 40-50 million units after the PS4 hit the market, hence why the PS4 is releasing this year, and the PS3 is $200.00 officially.

Again, my opinion.

trafalger1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

1. the ps4 does not allow games to be installed on external hard drives. wii u i don't know if games can be installed on them but they do support external hard drives? the xbone is not confirmed yet if games can be installed on it because at launch it will not support external hard drives

2. the xbone does not allow the internal hard drive to be replaced, it is locked to the system. the ps4 does allow the internal hard drive to be replaced. not sure about wii u

3. the xbone will allow unlimited cloud storage. essentially allowing you to store all digital content, including full digital games bought. i dont know how much storage they will allow on the ps4, right now on the ps3 it is only 1 gb. the wii u i dont know if they offer any cloud storage

my feeling is when m$ does allow external hard drives they will either only be approved by m$ or sold only through m$. meaning more costly than your average hard drive.

gaffyh1928d ago

@Trafalgar - PS3 has 1gb of CLOUD SAVE storage. Actual game storage is unlimited, just like it is on the Xbox 360, because you can delete and download games multiple times. That is nothing new on the Xbone.

TrollCraftTales1928d ago


I think that is the case too, but if I were MS, I would still try and release the X1 this year to 1.get a head start and 2.put pressure on Sony to release a console NOW... So I would think that MS would at lease be a little ready, instead of taken completely off guard...

Ritsujun1928d ago

Xbone180 - More 180's Await

ABeastNamedTariq1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


Did you just say that full digital games can be installed to the cloud? Did I misread that? If I didn't... Come on now.

Ex: MGS 4 was about 50 GB on PS3. MGS V will probably be just as big.

Do you honestly think you can install/have a FULL game on the cloud? A potentially 50GB game? I think you need to reevaluate your statement.


Gaffy's statement confuses me. Whaddya mean actual game storage is unlimited? Aren't these big, huge games we're talking about? If I'm wrong, I'll totally eat my hat.

MrBeatdown1928d ago


Actually, according to IGN, Xbox One requires disc games to be fully installed.

So the issue of game file sizes applies even to those with discs.


"3. the xbone will allow unlimited cloud storage. essentially allowing you to store all digital content, including full digital games bought."

Store all digital games in the cloud? Unless Microsoft is letting you play your game directly from the cloud storage, that's not exactly a "feature". It's just the ability to re-download your game from the store, like you can from any store that sells digital games. MS isn't going to waste money and space letting people upload massive game files to personal cloud storage for later access when they can just be re-downloaded from your download history.

trafalger1928d ago

my mistake about full games. yes it does make more sense that you will have to still download it to the system.

Maddens Raiders1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I've said it so many times now. I believe the X1 was rushed as a response to the early February reveal of the PS4 by Sony. MS has been in free fall reaction mode ever since it seems. Changing this reversing that, etc.

I will eventually pick one up but am staying as far away from launch models as possible.

GuyManDude1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I'm seeing a couple of posts saying you can put a 2TB or 3TB hard drive into a PS4. While the hard drive is upgradeable, the hard drive has to be 9.5mm thick. Currently, the largest 9.5mm hard drive is 1.5TB (Travelstar 5K1500). Just thought I'd bring that up so that people who plan on buying a PS4 this year aren't trying to figure out which 2TB and 3TB drives fit. Obviously they will continue to get bigger over time, but for now 1.5TB is as big as they get (which is plenty big in my opinion).

Personally, I'm getting a PS4 day one (already have my pre-order at Best Buy) and upgrading the hard drive to either 1TB or 1.5TB. Haven't decided yet.

Death1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

This has been the way Microsoft has been since day one with the 360. Behind the times? No, just the way they protect their data. It is a security measure they use to fight piracy and duplicated data.

Less games preordered on the XBoxOne. If their are less Xbox One's pre-ordered, chances are there are less games pre-ordered too.

At one time the Vita was tearing up the pre-order charts. How'd that work out? Pre-orders are nice, but don't really mean much until they become actual sales. If those sales are not steady, they are meaningless.

p.s. Metal Gear filled a Blu-ray, but was only 9 gigs on the HDD for a full install or roughly the size of a DVD9, if it was trully on a 50 gig disc it had a lot of redundant data.

strigoi8141928d ago


you have to understand that that article you post was about "games" cant be saved (not files, game saves, music, movies) to the external HD...but this one state external HD cant be used at all for XB1 for a while

glennco1928d ago


Pretty thorough trolling. Are you lost dude?

Every single xbox article is full of PS trolls. If you would take a step back for just a moment you would realise the people who want to read this article out of interest in the console don't give a shit about your opinion.

What is it with the SDF? Is it because the PS brand is such an image conscious brand and as such attracts image conscious consumers. The same consumers who think what brands you own dictate how cool you are. It is like the Xbox brand even existing is a threat to you somehow going by the hatred and passion with which people are trolling.

Why do you care? We do not care about you or your console of choice. Go away.

insomnium21928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


" It is like the Xbox brand even existing is a threat to you somehow"

Well yeah. Without Sony MS would've gone full force on all the DRM stuff they wanted. Mandatory online checkin, game installs (with no way to change the internal HDD no less), used game fee etc.

So yeah it's easy to say MS truly is a cancer in this industry. They already brought us timed DLC BS and pay to play online so it's not like they haven't already damaged the industry in a big way as it is.

And it's not like they don't want more control over you and squeeze you for every penny. Sony is the only one standing in the way of total nazi-like control of MS in the gaming industry. Everyone saw what MS tried/wants to do.

I hope the US pre-order numbers hold true and MS is in a SERIOUS asswhooping this gen. People need to tell MS that once you lose trust there is no way to bounce back like they try with all the 180s. XBone needs to die a painfull but quick death imo. MS you blew it, sorry.

LonDonE1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

no you are completely wrong, the MGS4 10gb install was the data install, not the whole game!
before the install was patched in along with trophy support, mgs4 would install a chunk of data before every chapter, which took time, and so konami patched it so that instead of installing the needed data before every level players had a choice to install all the required data in one go, and then just play the game, but this install is by no means all the game!

Its just essential data required for the game, and so installing it allows the ps3 to access it quicker! since the ps3 blue ray is just x2 speed! MGS4 uses a 50gb dual layer blue ray!

You must be crazy if you think they could cram the whole mgs4 game into a 10gb install!!
This is just essential data, the rest loads of the blue ray disk as you play!!
Its like with mass effect 2, their is a mandatory install, for essential data but the rest loads off the disk, actually near enough all ps3 games do this, they have a mandatory install which is essential data which the ps3 needs access to allot and fast, and then the non-essential data loads off the disk when needed! this is nothing new, but just because they have installs doesn't mean the total game size is the size of the install!! LOLOLOL

gaffyh1928d ago

@ABeast - Basically, what the Xbone does that trafalgar is talking about, is it stores your games in the "cloud". All that means is that you can download and install the game whenever you want from XBL, same as you can do on PSN right now. It is NOT a streaming service like Gaikai or Onlive.

So all "unlimited cloud storage" means is that you can buy as many digital games as you want and download/delete them whenever. Although the save storage for Xbone I believe is actually unlimited, and that is the only new thing.

MWong1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Yea, a 500GB especially if you're going to only use digital downloads is not going to work. However, M$ will probably release a bigger proprietary HDD.

@ black0o
I didn't really want to believe it, but yea the XBone seems to be rushed.

@ sofresh412
The PS4 might not support external drives for games, but the thing is you can upgrade your PS4 HDD. You can also use an external HDD at launch, but the real catch is they haven't announced mandatory installs.

jcnba281928d ago

How can you troll about Xbox One here when PS4 won't allow games to be downloaded onto external harddrives either? Fanboy much?

ThanatosDMC1928d ago


Here's a couple of 2TB 2.5" HDD:

Quick search from newegg.

W1ldWolf1928d ago


Those drives from Newegg are 15mm thick, I would be surprised if the PS4 would accept a drive that size. 9.5mm has been the industry standard for awhile now. I am not sure the specs of what is in the PS4 but I would not assume that a drive that big would fit imo...

clouds51928d ago

So people are whining that XboxOne/PS4 doesn't support external drives and at the same time cry about wii U supporting them instead of internal drives?

What do you want? I personally prefer the Wii U way. If I only buy games on disc 32gb is enough for patches and virtual console games. If I want the eshop i just use an external drive that i already have or can get really cheap.

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zeal0us1929d ago

Sucks because 500gb can get filled up fast with games, music and movies.

AngelicIceDiamond1929d ago

Yeah if your downloading games and movies every 1hr. No matter because there's another solution

Studio-YaMi1929d ago

I'm sorry but saying "free&unlimited" while referring to a Microsoft application or feature is HARDLY believable.

I wouldn't get my hopes up,it will most probably cost something when it's released,you can quote me on that.

wishingW3L1929d ago

and it's not upgradable either!

Are_The_MaDNess1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

you know thats how things work right now right? they already have all the games on the "cloud" only thing new is the game saves. new for MS atleast.

the hole unlimited cloud thing is just PR BS. you can get storage for your saves but each user wont use more than 1-2 GB of saves anyway (and thats like 500 saves or something)

achievements is already linked to the account so i really dont see what the hole PR thing with the cloud will be.

i mean taking load of the Machine onto the cloud? how much? prob just matchmaking and on the fly updates. unless they are going to stream things live. witch most people dont have the speed for.

the cloud my ass.

also, what if i want to download everything so i dont have the HDD writing all the time (it wears down the HDD (esp after a few years of reading aswell))

CynicalKelly1929d ago

Don't worry, it's not available at launch but it will be eventually. There is no way you can fill 500gb by the time they fix this.

Are_The_MaDNess1928d ago

want to bet?
if the Download Speed from the service is up to par with my ISP speed then i should be downloading over 10 MegaBytes a second, thats 36GB an hour...... will take less than 3 days if i have the content for it.

AngelicIceDiamond1928d ago

Its free for everyone

@Studio IGN has a point here.

"Pair this new option with the console’s 500GB hard drive and the average gamer should have more than enough storage space for most of the system’s lifespan."

@Madness Blah Blah typical fanboy "its fake", "Its BS" "not real" PR prank" whatever everything you say is garbage.

I don't listen to fanboys. I win this debate once again. I win you all lose. 500 gig is more than enough for the average person. Plus free unlimited cloud storage is a plus. So I win and all of you lose this argument.

Agent-861928d ago


Wow, real mature there bud...."I win you all lose". What are you, like 12 years old? You don't listen to fanboys because you are one. However, I'm primarily a PC gamer (though I have a console as a sidekick) and can tell you 500gb can get filled pretty quickly with the size of games and movies these days. And please don't give me that "power of the cloud" crap. Games still need to be installed to a HDD and movies play better from the HDD than streaming from the cloud (better resolution and no stuttering).

Are_The_MaDNess1928d ago

lol at calling me a fanboy, do you really think you can upload anything you have on the HDD onto the cloud? no! you cant. as for games, they already have that on the service just like they have now. just now they do it will all the titles, or atleast we hope they do.
500GB is way too small with games like:
BF3 taking up 34.2GB with all the DLC
Batman Arkham City 16.8GB
Assassins Creed 3 17.6GB
Max Payne 3 30GB
GTA 4 with DLC over 25GB
GTA 5 18GB
Unchated 3 87GB
Infamous 2 15GB

this is just a few, and games isnt getting smaller with the higher res textures and the higher polly mesh counts either.
heck my Skyrim folder is over 60GB.

do you really think people wont fill it up? its using Blu-ray after all and you have to install everything.

500GB might be enough for the casual gamer that buy COD and Fifa every year and a few games here and there.

with such a large push towards digital sales and indie games all around it sad that we are limited to such a small space.

ABizzel11928d ago

The only people who say a 500GB won't get filled up quickly are Xbox and Nintendo gamers. Any PC gamer has at least 2 HDD in their PC and an external handy, and PS3 gamers who have PS+ know that 500GB HDD can't hold all the games you download, and you're constantly deleting things to make room.

500GB is not enough, and any game looking to use PS+ in full and download plenty of games needs to upgrade to a 2TB HDD when the PS4 launches.

Kayant1928d ago


In the very same article it tells you what the space is for XBL content only meaning not personal files (Movies, Games) because they already have a service for that --> Skydrive.

Which means it's just for game saves and nothing more the rest are already on MS's servers or are stream from their servers.

TrollCraftTales1928d ago

You really think it is unlimited cloud storage? So lets say 100 mil XBOnes are sold, out of that 50 mil ONLY download online, so MS has enough server space to store constant downloads of anywhere from 10mbs to 100gbs from 50 mil people? I think not, unless they have a CRAZY amount of server space... even then it could get filled up by next gen... There HAS to be a catch with that...

kingPoS1928d ago

@ AngelicIceDiamond

I'm sorry but just don't understand why you can't replace the local HHD on the Xbox One. Wouldn't It be better if a swappable hard drive was a solution too?

ForgivenZombie1928d ago

You can change the hdd in the ps4, we just don't know how far you can upgrade

H0RSE1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


I owned an original xbox and have had 3 different 360's (none because of RROD)and I have never once stored a single movie or song on my HDD - that's what I have a PC for, and I'd wager many others do the same. I stream all my music from my PC to my 360, and I watch movies only on my PC. However, I could stream them as well If I chose.

To put 500gb into perspective, my current PC has a 500gb HDD, and between games (I have over a dozen installed), movies, applications, and the OS, I still have not filled it in over 6 years. Unless you are hording everything and never updating/cleaning out files, 500gb can last a lot longer than you think.

My console is for playing games and socializing with friends, and in that regard, 500gb will do fine, especially considering external drive capabilities being introduced later on.

Mr1Y1928d ago

I thought they said they would support external harddrives later on, so it wasn't out of the question ? If they don't that sucks

jcnba281928d ago

Yeah, sucks for PS4 gamers too.

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stuna11928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

All Mocrosoft is doing right now is ensuring that the Xbox1 and it's owners have no choice but stay online! But of course no one can see it, sheesh.... It's so obvious Stevie Wonder can see it.

Key words being used, Cloud based gaming, Drivatars, Day one patches, Unlimited online storage, Half finished games that require online to make the games complete, examples would be Forza 5, and KI. Another game that people are banging on about, but not realizing the true intent of the gameplay! No single player mode, Yes you guessed it "TitanFall".

Outside of watching TV, everything that is the Xbox1 is online! What can be done without online? Nothing! Even FTP are behind the Xbox1 pay wall.

If people look at things from a different perspective that people would see the policies haven't changed, they've just been modified! The policies are just being enforced through the games themselves. Just last week wasn't a spokesperson for Microsoft quoted as saying, the are still committed to the original policies of the Xbox1!?

No external drive forces a reliance on the cloud, and where is the cloud? Online.

I expect the apologist to rush to the defense of something like this, but really Is there a defense for this?

500 GB will fill up quicker this generation than last, both use Blu ray disc! Kinects 2.0 will be intergrated into a lot more games, that why there won't be a kineticless sku. There are just to many things pointing to Microsoft instituting a lot of their original policies when they feel the time is right.

Death1928d ago

Yeah. The whole online thing kind of took off in the 90's. I think most of us get the "everything is going online" trick. Back when online was an option on the PS2 with a special adapter called a modem, Xbox gamers were required to have broadband and a paid subscription to play. Sony fans laughed and said the Xbox was doomed. 2 generations later and Playstations are broadband equipped and have paid online subscriptions. Same with the HDD's everyone is all excited about. Guess who had them first as standard equipment?

HammadTheBeast1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Just saying guys, don't spread that bullshit about unlimited cloud storage.

If it is unlimited, what is the purpose of an HDD if they cloud can just hold everything? You guys seriously think that you can just upload all the stuff you want to the cloud, and never have to buy a HDD again?


You think you can just install games, music, movies to the cloud, and just stream it off? Lol lata.

Agent-861929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Guess people forgot about Onlive and all the lag it had streaming games over the internet. Just think about how bad it would be with next gen games and their even higher graphics. Games will still need to be installed to a local HDD and 500gb can fill up fast with an active user.

H0RSE1928d ago

I'm not saying it is true or jnot, but in response to your question, "You guys seriously think that you can just upload all the stuff you want to the cloud, and never have to buy a HDD again?"

If unlimited cloud storage was indeed true, it still wouldn't make the need of a HDD obsolete, since the cloud relies on internet connection and a HDD does not - this goes for both PS4 and X1.

donman11929d ago

Must the be a slow day for gaming news. As I would be surprise if they did allow for external drive integration.

Magicite1928d ago

MS officially said that they started working on X1 in 2010 Q4.

FamilyGuy1928d ago

"at Launch"

Why would the article poster skip that part, it's not like the headline was too long. Flame starter.

I was about to go off lol, they clearly stated they'd support external drives. I'm actually a bit surprised that it's a problem for launch, all current media-center devices have supported external drives for years now.

What could the issue be? :/

bganci1928d ago

IT IS HAPPENING but will not be available at launch.

DonFreezer1928d ago

Guys move on to the ps can't install game son external hard drive article please. At least Microsoft will allow you to do that in a later date.

PSVita1928d ago

But like the ps3 you can upgrade the actual Hard drive with ANY 2.5 HDD.