Worlds oldest Battlefield player is 74 years old

Heiner, is currently the oldest person playing Battlefield in the world.

He's clocked in over 8000 hours of game play on the PC over multiple Battlefield titles. He was at Gamescom this year showing the younger generation a thing or two about being successful on Battlefield 4.

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ZodTheRipper1927d ago

I'm sure he's not the oldest though.

user74029311927d ago

maybe not but you know how old men have that old men strength, i bet he truly is a absolute beast at battlefield. i would like him to upload videos on youtube. its a shame i wont get to play with him since he is a pc player but ill gladly watch him massacre these young hoodlums.

guitarded771927d ago

Yeah, there are a lot of old gamers out there. The actor James Best (played Rosco P Coltrain on Dukes of Hazzard) is older than that, and he's a PC gamer.

caperjim1927d ago

That's what I was thinking. There is no way he is the oldest. I do appreciate him going public though. Respect!

come_bom1927d ago

"Worlds oldest Battlefield player is 74 years old"

No he's not. I'm 75 and I still play Battlefield.

Irishguy951927d ago

You're a liar and a thief.

No really....I don't even know why I clicked on this article.

Please go to Fox network and explain to them that gaming is not just for kids. Then tell them to stop being idiots.

Gster1927d ago

I think the article was done more out of admiration for the old timer rather than a chance to mock him. There was more a spirit of fun to it with nice things said about the guy.

Gster1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

He's probably lived through more wars than Dice has created! lol nice to see him still enjoyin himself


1941 - 1945 World War II: (British Empire, United States, Soviet Union and others against fascist Germany, Italy, and Japan).

Cold War era
1945 - 1949 Chinese Civil War
1946 - 1954 First Indochina War
1947 - 1949 First Kashmir War between India and Pakistan
1948 - 1949 First Arab-Israeli War
1950 - 1953 Korean War (UN-led coalition Vs. North Korea)
1956 Suez Crisis (Second Arab-Israeli War)
1962 - 1963 Sino-Indian War
1964 - 1973 Vietnam War between US-led coalition including government of South Vietnam and coalition including Viet Cong and North Vietnam
1965 Second Kashmir War (Second Indo-Pakistani War)
1967 Six-Day War (Third Arab-Israeli War)
1969 Football War between Honduras and El Salvador.
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1974 - 1991 Ethiopian Civil War
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1982 Falklands War between United Kingdom and Argentina

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1989 - 1990 Operation Just Cause, United States invades Panama
1991 Gulf War between Iraq and UN-led coalition
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probably COD aswell, lol :p

ala_7671927d ago

Nice! 74 years guys lets me think they are rude short tempered people!

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AllyBhoy821927d ago

When I'm 74 I will be playing on my ps15 whilst sat on my commode

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