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Gearbox Developing Two New Projects for Next Generation

Gearbox Developing two New ip’s for Next Generation (Gearbox Software, Next-Gen)

Tctczach  +   313d ago
What happened to the Nazi killing game?
tanookisuit  +   313d ago
You mean... Brothers in Arms: Furious 4?
skazwaz  +   313d ago
Borderlands 3 and "the game they said they'd make so some one would fund them so they can make borderlands 3"
cunnilumpkin  +   313d ago
dear gearbox

you lost us at duke nukem

and you fu@king lost yourselves at alien CM

no one cares about anything you make, you freaking hacks

borderlands is WAY over rated
Der_Kommandant  +   313d ago
I'm not falling again.
r21  +   313d ago
BL3 and you get my money day 1.
ForROME  +   313d ago
After ACM, count me out, they are officially boycotted as a company for me.

Dont even get me started on Duke Nukem.
Master-H  +   313d ago
One's probably gonna be awesome, and the other would be a scam to fund DLC plans for the first game.

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