Unpaid Intern Sued Sony and Awarded £4,600

Unpaid intern, Chris Jarvis, sued Sony and was awarded £4,600 in lost wages.

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ajames3471929d ago

It's not actually. Funny enough though, it's a little over £1,000 more of what Jarvis originally asked for.

iamnsuperman1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

You know what is odd but I didn't realise we had to be paid for an internship. I have always thought an internship was off our own backs with some companies offering money to get people on the schemes (incentives) in the first place. I always saw it as experience (like volunteering/limited work experience but its boots your CV in a certain field) not a job. You do it to have that extra thing over someone else.

Huh, learnt something today

pixelsword1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

You don't have to be paid, and in a lot of cases you're not; but if Sony said they would pay him or they made him do work outside of the understanding of why he was there (which they did make him do), he should be paid.

And good for him for not signing a gag order; if they hire mangers who commit horrendous working conditions, others should hear about it until they replace that person.

Hydrolex1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

big companies will pay interns... I was an intern at Microsoft ( ProjectManager ) this summer, made 3.5k a month 40hrs a week

UltimateMaster1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

WOW! An Intern that gets paid.
Good job, Sony.
You NEVER get to see this anywhere else.

DragonKnight1928d ago

My question is.. why is this even on the site?

How is this news in any way?

trafalger1928d ago

would you be asking the same question if this was about nintendo or better yet m$?

Shane Kim1928d ago

More accurately, how is this gameing news?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1929d ago

He can buy a ps4 with some of that.

Heartnet1928d ago

I highly doubt he would support Sony after he had to Sue to get his money..

extermin8or1928d ago

Well one dodgy manager doesn't make the whole company bad... If it did I can think of plenty of companies I'd never be able to buy from again...

AznGaara1929d ago

More than I've gotten paid of any of my internships.

andibandit1928d ago

I guess every cloud has a silver lining,

anyway a chunk of that money problably went to expenses for the case.

3-4-51929d ago

This is good for the industry and for every intern out there.

The thing is, Sony is only the 400th company or so to try this stuff.

They ALL do it and try to justify and reason why they think they don't have to pay.

It's arrogant and ignorant really.

Good thing it got settled.

Deadpoolio1928d ago

You do realize that companies do NOT have to pay internships right 90% of them you are working for FREE...It's not a job your there to learn something and get the experience

Athonline1928d ago

Based on UK law, if you are doing a set tasks, work in fixed hours, report to someone else then you are consider an employee for the organisation and you are entitled for the minimum wage.

I don't know where you get the 90% from, but when I was searching for interns all of them were paid.

Moe info:

Shadowstar1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

@Deadpoolio: That's probably true in North America, yeah, but it's bad. We shouldn't condone companies getting work from people for free, unless we want to go to a system where people never get paid directly by companies. (I'm not entirely against this, mind you, but that'd be a huge culture change.) Unless you're actually in school, unpaid internships are pretty exploitative.

Heck, while I was in school, I had a pretty sweet internship for IBM. I made something like 25k CAD (for a year long position). Don't devalue yourself or others.

Goro1928d ago

£4600 is a lot of money these days. That's about 10 weeks wages

Haules1928d ago

Thats about one year (52 weeks) wage in my country....

OhMyGandhi1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Haules, where do YOU live and what 1-800 number do I have to call to support the nonprofit that is advocating for you?

Athonline1928d ago

They are indeed, but 4600 for a 3-months intern aren't great either.

From what I remember some years ago, when I was a student: Banks offer £2500-3000 a month, while the least paid internships in international organisations I know (in IBM and Microsoft) get paid around 1400 a month.

With his legal fees and troubles, he could claim much more... but still better than nothing! And it is a big victory for undergrads students who are/will be looking for internships as the intern searching period starts soon!

Eddie201011928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Not sure he should have gotten payed if confronted them at the start and found he wasn't getting payed and then he continued to do the job. Unless he was setting them up for his lawsuit.

OK He should have been payed but I doubt he was an angel in this situation.

showtimefolks1928d ago


that's what i thought too, i guess we learn something new each day

BallsEye1928d ago

Wonder what the comments would be like if it would be MS.

andibandit1928d ago

pitchforks and burning torches everywhere.

Thisisjuju1928d ago

Now I don't know the full story but I really think this intern is an idiot for three reasons.

1. If you want to be paid, don't take an unpaid internship. He knew his contract before he started.

2. Nowadays companies always research potential employees. It is common practice to check peoples Facebook, Linked and Google peoples names. As soon as his name is Googled this story will come up and no one will employ him for his past actions.

3. References, essentially your ticket into future work. I don't see him getting a positive reference from Sony at all now.

He really shot himself in the foot going public with this one.

Neonridr1928d ago

1. It really depends on what they have you doing. What they were trying to make him do was something that they, under normal circumstances, would have to pay someone else to do. 99% of Testers at any development studio around me (I live in Canada) get paid to do their job. It's not a volunteer job, that's for sure.

2. If the company had zero morals and were only looking to screw out future employees I would agree with you, but that's hard to say for sure.

3. I wouldn't ask for a reference from Sony if I was him. He doesn't even have to list it as a job if it isn't pertinent to his next line of employment. I quit a previous job because I had differences with my boss and I didn't feel it was a good fit. I still listed it as work experience at my current job's interview, I just said that we didn't see eye-to-eye and that was it. An employer would appreciate him being honest and up front about it.

in the end he got the money he felt he deserved.

If I felt the same way as him, I wouldn't let them get away with it either.

Thisisjuju1928d ago

@ Neonridr

On point number 2, I don't believe its a case of what morals the company has, if they see you have sued your last company they are not going to be keen to hire you.

As I said I just think going public with this and putting his name out there for future employers was a mistake.

I am of the belief that unpaid internships should not exist. They are simply unfair, everyone should be paid for a days work.

However, saying that, I recently (2 years back) had the option of doing paid/unpaid internships. I chose not to do unpaid internships as I didn't believe in them and could not afford to do one, this kid could have made the same choice and he didn't.

come_bom1926d ago

Someone tarnished the pure innocent name of Sony.

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mafiahajeri1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Lol I remember my internship. Coming in late, giving them BS excuses so I could leave early getting a talk from the manager. I still got paid though! And a good report at the end of the month! LOL!

ajames3471929d ago

Haha that's pretty awesome. Wish my college internship paid, but that's what I get for interning at a non-profit organization lol

AceBlazer131929d ago

1.What does this have to do with gaming in the slightest

2.Glad the dude got his money but didn't he know what he was signing up for in the first place.

3.He probably lost any chance of getting a job there in the future a chance I wish I had.

lnvisibleMan1929d ago

'...given the job of testing the company’s games’ 3D artwork.'

Abriael1929d ago

1: besides the fact that the dude was working on the company's games?

That has to do with gaming all right.

CrimsonStar1929d ago

Lol Sony can do no wrong in your eyes can they?

AceBlazer131929d ago

Well excuse me for thinking internships were supposed to be free.This is outside gaming anyhow my preference to PlayStation is irrelevant.

IcicleTrepan1929d ago

technical internships are traditionally not free. You're thinking of doctors and nurses, but in my opinion everyone should be paid for the work they do regardless.

BallsEye1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


Woah, in my country internships are paid. Sucks for you. Free labor.

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Heartnet1928d ago

Dude did u even read the article??

They made him do work he wasnt suppost to be doing and wasnt covered by the internship.. Which is why he gets paid...

And i doubt he would ruin a chance as he wasnt in the wrong... If a company does you wrong and you sue them for compensation they cant turn around and sack your ass... They would be sued again.... Same here...

Just accept Sony Fuked up big time and get over it :)

extermin8or1928d ago

Actually it doesn't say what his contract says he was meant to be doing... Not enough detail to determine that it may well be that there was some ambiguity and what they assigned him was well within the terms. Note it never actually went to court, he might not have actually won sony just agreed to settle something companies frequently do if they cannot be bothered with the hassel and publicity a court case could bring and can't be certain which side would win.

Gekko361928d ago

@aceblazer13 The guy will get a job no problem. If he sued Sony I doubt he'd ever want to work there again. There are ots og gaming studio.

However that said I have no idea why people like yourself would ant to work for peanuts and be treated like a number at Sony.

No matter how you paint it Sony is a Jap ethos and very much work you to death for very little remuneration and all for what?

Honour?.. Fuck that, Sony can sniff my chocolatebox

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maniac761929d ago

And all he got was his lousey shirt lol.go get chemicalized lmao

Gekko361928d ago

What do you mean, go on a drug fuelled sex rampage?

chasegarcia1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Sony is a dk for not paying a college kid some money for work. Glad he got the money eventually.

ziggurcat1929d ago

his internship was an unpaid internship, so he wasn't actually entitled to any wages.

3-4-51929d ago

In order to qualify for that, you have to be working under an employee who is ALWAYS there doing THEIR work, which you are helping with.

If he was doing actual work, by him self, without being assigned to ASSIST somebody, then he was entitled to pay, because he was doing what they would have paid somebody else to do.

You need to learn before you type.

Athonline1928d ago

There isn't an "unpaid" internship. Based on UK's employment law they are illegal.

More info:

andibandit1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


Could you atleast read the article before you tell us your opinion.

chasegarcia1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Sony (the leaders in the industry) paying an intern nothing? Things like this get me mad because I know how it is trying to go college. It is expensive.

ziggurcat1929d ago

it was an unpaid internship.

it not a case of sony being cheapskates, and not paying their interns, it's a case of an idiot college student who either forgot that the internship he signed up for through is course work (3 months of experience working in the industry in exchange for course credit) or misunderstood the terms of his internship.

givemeshelter1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


in·tern also in·terne (ntûrn)
a. A student or a recent graduate undergoing SUPERVISED PRACTICAL TRAINING.

"According to Jarvis, he was suppose to work under a staff member but instead was given the job of testing the company’s games’ 3D artwork. According to The Times, Jarvis said he informed his employers that because of his work he was entitled to the national minimum wage"

Simply put... An internship is when you are working under someone being supervised while that person is working. This was not the case. He was given another job to do altogether, hence it is no longer an internship. At this point Sony owes him pay. It's the reason Sony settled plain and simple so quickly. If Sony had a case they would have fought this and won easy. Sony had no case because the job they gave this person was no longer a internship.

extermin8or1928d ago

^ and it took him 3 months to notice that...

LoveOfTheGame1928d ago

Let me put it simply for you:

If he was interning there for anything remotely related to what he was doing it was practical training.

Also, when will you people learn that supervised doesn't mean someone is constantly over shoulder. I'm sure some of you have supervisors at your work. Are they always standing next to you looking at what you are doing?

Neonridr1928d ago

"I'm sure some of you have supervisors at your work. Are they always standing next to you looking at what you are doing?"

@LoveOfTheGame - if that was the case, I think a lot of us would have been fired already, lol.

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Deadpoolio1928d ago

Ummmm most internships are FREE you are not paid to work there, your doing it for experience and college credit...The majority of internships do not pay you you are not there to make money.

Death1928d ago

Different country, different rules.