I’ll Buy My Daughter a 3DS Before a 2DS

Gamers-Association editor Ridge talks doesn't really see a point to Nintendo's new 2DS.

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jackanderson19851123d ago

maybe that was their genius ploy all along... show how ugly the 2ds is so people will buy the 3ds?

also why is zanszg mad as hell and what is s/he not taking anymore?

zeal0us1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Just report Zanszg he's been spamming that same message for the last 27minutes.

jackanderson19851123d ago

yeah noticed that was just wondering why ha

Ketzicorn1123d ago

Why don't parents just put a pin code for the 3D and not tell the kids what it is?

Yodagamer1123d ago

Simple really, parents see the name 3ds and think "omg the 3d will ruin my kid's eyes" and don't do research so they don't know they can turn it off via slider or parental control.

josephayal1123d ago

Good Article, the 2ds is great for kids, n seems a bit more durable

Bakkies1123d ago

Can I become your daughter so you'd buy me one?

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