Eight Xbox One controllers can be connected to the console at once

Eight wireless Xbox One controllers can be connected to the console at once, Microsoft has revealed.

The figure was confirmed on the Xbox One website, which also revealed that each controller carries a 30 foot wireless range.

The number is double that of Xbox 360 which only included support for four simultaneous controllers.

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The_Infected1057d ago

Wtf is the point of that? That's 4 to many.

iamnsuperman1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

For the possibility of 8 player co-op even though that is as likely as Half Life 3 being released

edit: Does FIFA 13 support 7 players (I never realised it did but I am see conflicting box arts. I lost my copy. To be fair I never had enough controllers. Those things cost so much). If it does that means Half Life 3 is confirmed. Heard it hear first folks

slimeybrainboy1057d ago

True. I would never use it. I'd probably not use more than 2 but hey, the more the better right?

At least Octomom is probably delighted.

MariaHelFutura1057d ago

Yep. Like I said below

The PS3 supported 7 controllers.
It was useless, no games support 7 players offline.

Ripsta7th1057d ago ImmatureShow
pandehz1057d ago

Oh you had to do it didnt you.

Now its perma-delayed.

MariaHelFutura1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )


If you want to spend the upwards of $400+ on controllers and battery packs to play Fifa w/ 7 people on the Xbox One a few times, be my guest.

thrust1057d ago

Friends can brings there ones around!?!?!

MariaHelFutura1057d ago


True and fair enough. Like I said though not many games (almost none) will support 7-8 controllers. But you are correct.

ironwolf1057d ago TrollingShow
Baka-akaB1057d ago

I dont see how it can be spun as a negative . Who cares if they are few , some games do allow it .

Team Sports games like said above ... or even simple stuff like just activating one pad per user in a fighting game tournament setting , instea dof passing it along , between each individual personal setups and prefs (like using a stick or special pad)

badz1491057d ago

I have 5 PS3 controllers myself. Played a lot of 2v2 FIFA with my brothers. And when some friends come over, sometimes we play 3v3 or 3v4 matches which are totally hillarious every freakin time! Oh...I use my 2 Logitech F510 to make it 7. It has been awhile though since the last time we played with that many people. Not sure if the F510 is still supported by the PS3. I better check it out after this.

Nevertheless...this is good news.

ShinMaster1057d ago

PS3 did it, but almost no games used it.

AngelicIceDiamond1057d ago

Sorry I don't see the point in having 8 controllers 4 is just fine.

Maybe it will benefit side scrolling arcade games, who knows but I don't see the point really.

Old_Prodigy1057d ago

Lets see how they fit that into my 37" television.

tokugawa1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

lol how ridiculous.

a one up on sonys pathetic decision to include 7 lol

ffs 8 controllers totally pointless . unless fifa supports it. or something like a modern day gauntlet

IcicleTrepan1057d ago

Yes it's 8 controllers but due to bandwidth if you wanted all of them to also have headset to chat on it becomes 4 controllers as wireless chat takes up an extra slot out of the 8. So I don't think it's really designed that way to use 8 controllers although you could, it's more so four wireless controllers can use chat headsets at the same time.

thechosenone1057d ago

And the PS3 supported 7 but were there ever any games that actually supported that many players? Nope.

minimur121057d ago

Lol wtf, I can't see the reeason other than to p*ss off the one person trying to controll the video

kingPoS1057d ago

Xmen arcade was a blast when family and friends brought their own DS3's over.

I'd like to see more games like that, but with online being championed on the Xbox One I'm not sure it'll fare any different than the PS3 in that regard.

Dir_en_grey1057d ago TrollingShow
Ritsujun1056d ago

That's perfect for family games and birthday parties of lil kids. [email protected]
Nintendawg's in danger! ROFL.

Linzoid1056d ago

I'm a PS3 guy only and I was gutted when they cut the controllers from 8 to 7. Used to love the 4 v 4 on PES and FIFA.

Having 8 controllers is a brilliant feature, even if only a handful of games support it.

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trafalger1057d ago TrollingShowReplies(5)
Mystogan1057d ago

This would be awesome for dungeon crawlers or Fifa games.

This is very good.

Mykky1057d ago

It's not really new though. Just played 7 players Fifa earlier today on PS3.

Kurt Russell1056d ago

Or a Royal Rumble on a wrestling game! :D

frostyhat1231057d ago

Are you really complaining because the feature is unnecessarily good?

timotim1057d ago

For devs to create 8 player games? Just a guess. Party games like "Your in the Movies" can benefit from this a lot...4 was never enough because everyone wanted their own. Then theirs downloadable games, Indie games etc...

whoyouwit041057d ago

only because PS4 can't do it.

stuff1057d ago

Using bluetooth, the ps3 could support up to nine devices at any given time (7 controllers, a headset, and a keyboard). What makes you think the PS4 will be any different?

KONAAs1057d ago

fifa suports 7 players and its fun if theres a BBq and u play with ur mates,

joe901057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

This will be good for Fifa,WWE,Tiger woods,Quize games and any other same screen games.

dark-hollow1057d ago

Don't expect 8 players split screen co-op , but it can be used for games that all players share the same screen like bomberman and geometry wars.

ZodTheRipper1057d ago

Why not? PS3 already has splitscreen games which use 3D TV's where every player can only see his own screen. That's what I call next-generation local multiplayer ;D

achmetha1057d ago

so 16 AA batteries. SOB.

Cueil1056d ago

or 8 charge packs... or just plug the things into a hub

JetsFool35001057d ago

A game like madden or 2k that has only 2 camera angles throughout the game can support 8 people

AddictiveGamer1057d ago SpamShow
tordavis1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

We used to play Bomberman on Sega Saturn with 10 controllers and Fire Pro Wrestling with 6 controllers. Please stop the madness!

UnholyLight1057d ago

Well forgive me for not reading all the comments to see if someone else mentioned it....but it's possible that 8 controller cap may actually mean you can have 4 players each using SmartGlass while playing?? That would also seem logical.

Volkama1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

Just need Sony to say the PS4 can take 9 or more now, and then Maria can use the bigger number to pad out that list he or she pastes everywhere :p

pad out... no pun intended

FamilyGuy1057d ago

8 player co-op was used in sports games like Soccer and Basketball during the PS2 era. Multi-tap you know?

Glad to see some real news pop up, positive news at that.

Thisisjuju1057d ago

Its probably a pointless feature, BUT, better to have it than not to have it.

Hopefully some Dev's can make use of it.

bromtown1057d ago

$525 can be connected to Microsoft's wallet :D haha...

Be good for party games though, and sports titles. Other than that, unnecessary but better to go too much than too little I suppose.

Deadpoolio1057d ago

Thats awful expensive to get 7 other controllers, at $92 dollars a controller.....thats $644 dollars...$60 per controller and $25 per play and charge kit since they seem to be unable to give you a battery and think for some reason their crappy batteries are worth $25 now

UnholyLight1055d ago

Where do you figure $92 per controller?

Rageanitus1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

Sports games mainly.... though I myself don't really like sports games.

Maybe a smash bros type of game

360ICE1056d ago

Omg, just be happy. You already know the price tag. How many times have I played locally with more than four people on PS3? Like, maybe ten times over a six year time period, but I still appreciate that I could actually do it those times.

sentury1111056d ago

I probably won't be using it, but it's nice to know that it's possible if the need arises.

tigertom531056d ago

doesn't have to be a controller it could be wireless headset, tablet connected by smart-glass, or any other device...

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yewles11057d ago

Gotta one-up 'dat Sony...

MariaHelFutura1057d ago

The PS3 could have 7 devices/controllers connected to it.
It's was useless, no games supports 7 players offline.

jr85prix1057d ago SpamShow
ErryK1057d ago

@jr85prix While Maria comments a lot or in an instant, she at least has the elegance and grace of using proper English...

Rai1057d ago

actually I remember one of the WWE games did. I tried it out with my friends.

creatchee1057d ago


An elegant and/or graceful troll is still a troll.

AddictiveGamer1057d ago SpamShow
T21057d ago

All sports games support 4+ players and all are fun with those extra people , esp nhl

ArmrdChaos1057d ago

It's just the typical MO that many display on this site. They look to knock others down so that they can feel taller. It's really nothing more than ego. Just laugh, shake your head, and move on...nothing to see here, carry on. I would imagine all of you consider your time more valuable than that.

ErryK1057d ago

@creatchee Depends on how you look at it.

360ICE1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Plenty sports games do. And, of course, PixelJunk Racers. Everyone plays PixelJunk Racers. You're useless.

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ape0071057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )


CrimsonStar1057d ago

Why not???... Even if the feature is unlikely to be used , the more features the better . I know back in the day if super smash brothers had this feature it would have been the bomb .

Deadpoolio1057d ago

It's not really a feature but I guess IF you have to look for positive things about the One80....Sony has had that since 2007 and there are NO games that support 8 players

Studio-YaMi1057d ago

It's not a feature to look up to but who knows? maybe they'll try to implant it into more video games this gen(although I doubt it).

So this is NOT a negative thing really.

GarrusVakarian1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

I don't think i ever had use for 4, let lone 8, but can't complain with extra features i guess.

Hicken1057d ago

Yeah, it's not really a negative, but given how unlikely it is to be frequently used, not exactly a big positive.

Bundi1057d ago

4v4 Fifa match. How's that not a big positive?
8-way quiz games?
How about wrestling games? 2v2v2v2?
4way split screen for co-op driving + shooting games with one driver and one shooter per screen? Okay this time Ne is reaching a bit but still. Great positives.

tiffac0081057d ago

^In an age where almost everyone plays multiplayer online. Its not that big as it use to be.

I mean its cool but not a game changing feature, especially since Illumiroom is deemed to be too expensive.

If Illumiroom was available then you can make a strong case for this.

Hicken1057d ago

If this were the PS2/Xbox/GC/DC generation, it'd be awesome news.

But that was generation six.

Gen 7 almost entirely erased the notion of local multiplayer, instead opting for the online multiplayer "everybody has a console" landscape. As a result, precious few games have the ability to have more than four players on a game at a time.

With Gen 8 set to continue that trend- somewhat unfortunately, I might add- this winds up being a nice additional feature, but not much in the way of a major plus.

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