The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki Gets 13 Minute Long Gameplay Video, Samurai & Dragons Crossover

The Japanese release of The PS3/PS Vita JRPG by Nihon Falcom The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki is drawing near, with just three weeks to go, and things are getting heated.

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ashiksorel1902d ago

Hmmm...while I love it when there are new JRPGs coming out; the whole school setting thing doesn't jive with me.

Though if more information comes to light of the battle mechanics I will definitely see into this.

Hicken1902d ago

I've always liked the school setting.

Don't care, Legend of Heroes is an awesome series.

Otoshigamisama1902d ago

I really hope that the new Sony Studio will pick this up and localize this game its gorgeous!! The West are missing out on good RPG games most are all in japan,smh I wish I knew Japanese.

Majin-vegeta1902d ago

Like they said.Want a game??Let us know.

Chaos_Raiden1902d ago

Please localise it in English, Sony or any interested companies.

dark-kyon1902d ago

i need this game in NA.

fsfsxii1902d ago

My sega saturn will have a new game finally.