Xbox One was almost called Xbox Infinity, Microsoft's Penello reveals

The original Xbox was once known internally as the "Microsoft Entertainment Activator" and "Real Performance Machine", among other things. A little more sanely, the manufacturer once dreamed of titling its third Xbox console "Xbox Infinity".

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-Foxtrot1813d ago

Better name in my opinion

Septic1813d ago

Ah so the infinity rumours were true. I much prefer infinity but where do you go from infinity?

-Foxtrot1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Xbox Beyond

"To infinity... and beyond!"


Damn Bigshot beat me too it....great minds think alike I suppose

SouthClaw1813d ago

Gotta say it... "and beyond"?

Maddens Raiders1813d ago

Right. Presuming they would come out with a console in the next 7 or 8 years what would they call it after Infinity? Maybe the "Eternal"? I don't know Infinity is pretty much all encompassing and persistent. I do like the sound of it though.

slimeybrainboy1813d ago

To me One is a tangible entity, it's a thing it's real it's a box.

Infinity is a concept, it's ongoing it's intangible, it's a service.

One = Console
Infinity = Service

One makes more sense in my head.

badz1491813d ago

Why is it suddenly an issue with "where do you go from infinity?"

M$ has shown that it doesn't really care about logic in naming since the jump to "360" and then back to "ONE" (and goes to 180 in the process too lol), right? Nintendo too with going to 2DS from 3DS (although it's more about the meaning of "2D" itself rather than literally going backwards). Infinity sounds like the better name IMO too. It's not like the next xbox (if any) is going to be named XBox TWO! THAT would be dumb!

dantesparda1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )


That's cuz your brain is slimey, boy! Just kidding, but Xbox Beyond or infinity sounds better to me. Im sorry but One sounds stupid and arrogant. Like your "the one", like you're the sh!t

spicelicka1813d ago

I don't think it matters, there's no law saying they have to go higher. I mean they already went backwards from 360 to ONE so....

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Maddens Raiders1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Yeah I agree, but it sounds awfully close to Comcast's "XFINITY".

edit/ @4logpc - Yup I failed to mention that as well. That would've definitely put a hair in the soup.

4logpc1813d ago

Comcast also has a new X1 platform. THey would of been screwed either way ha.

JackOfAllBlades1813d ago

And it looks like a Tivo HD

ginsunuva1813d ago

Also Xbox One and Comcast are direct competitors.

come_bom1813d ago

Xbox Infinity would be a much better name... Xbox One is such a bad name. Microsoft looks like they're trying to make the X1 fail with so many bad decisions.

Maddens Raiders1813d ago

Uncanny isn't it? I posed this same possibility weeks ago. As if there were agent's inside the XBOX division purposefully positioning the new system to fail. Like some sort of financial sabotage.

hollabox1813d ago

Don Mattrick effect, he went from an innovator to an arrogant business man. Don's first project he started from scratch with MS instead of building off someone else success. Almost ruined the brand with his lies and policy stance.

My_Outer_Heaven1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Infinity makes so much sense name wise when considering the predecessor was called the 360.. i.e. 360 degrees being a full cycle that loops around and around and around with an infinite possibility.

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Ripsta7th1813d ago

Yup way better , X1 makes me think backwards 0_o

MadMen1813d ago

Infinity and the symbol are MUCH better than the current name, bad move MS.

Axonometri1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Yeah, this is a marketing nightmare blunder. A Kindergartener could of told them this. In fact I know a couple that did.

Another Microsoft big change on the Horizon? lol unfortunately too late

MasterCornholio1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Yeah i like it a lot better as well.

XBOX Infinity: Infinite power with the cloud.

Sounds a lot better then XBOX One: All in one.

P.S And i already stupid cloud processing really is but you cant deny that XBOX Infinity is much better than XBOX One (which reminds me of the first XBOX)

EdoubleD1813d ago

Much better name. Xbox One is a stupid name for a console in it's 3rd generation.

EXVirtual1813d ago

Now that would've been a better name.

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